building was erected   (建物が建てられました)

Tilson and a one-room frame building was erected.

The present-day station building was erected in 1911.

The present building was erected on the site in 1744.

monument was erected   (記念碑が建てられました)

A monument was erected outside the Bukhara museum.

In April 1957, a monument was erected at the mass grave.

The monument was erected in memory of Rev.

genus was erected   (属が建てられた)

The genus was erected by Hervé de Toulgoët in 1981.

The genus was erected by Hervé de Toulgoët in 1959.

The genus was erected by George Hampson in 1900.

buildings were erected

The first permanent buildings were erected in 1949.

Several more buildings were erected on the farm.

The asylum steadily grew, with more buildings were erected.

church was erected

A second church was erected in 2014.

It was used until 1810 when a new church was erected in the town.

The first stone church was erected in 1733 by a Franciscan Friar, Fr.

building erected

It is a one-story, gable-front, frame building erected in 1866.

The new building erected in 1608 was severely damaged in the shelling.

He had a building erected and then lived in the Rue de Seine in Paris.

erected between

The mill was erected between August 1845 and spring 1846.

The walls of the monastery were erected between 1749 and 1769.

1400-m long the second stage was erected between 1958 and 1961.

erected around   (周りに建てられた)

The clock tower was erected around 1800–50.

Marker stones were erected around Roos Tor.

His house was destroyed and a wall erected around where it had stood.

erected during

The City Hall was erected during the Renaissance period.

The monument was erected during 1694, but removed during 1773.

The structure was erected during the reconstruction of the Sorbonne, between 1885 and 1901.

erected near   (近くに建てられた)

A 400-room barracks was erected near Urga.

A danger sign was erected near the site later the same year.

In 2009, a bronze statue was erected near Magarikari in his honor.

buildings erected

This was especially true of buildings erected for social purposes.

Along the western wall too there is evidence of buildings erected adjoining the curtain wall.

In 1833 the estate was bought by the local département as a mental asylum, and many new buildings erected.

memorial was erected

In 2012, a memorial was erected in Niš in his honor.

A memorial was erected in honour of the Cradock Four.

In 1994, a memorial was erected for the three murder victims.

newly erected

The newly erected school (with a schoolmaster's house) remained until 1833.

In 1912, it was transferred to the newly erected genus "Elaeophora" Railliet and Henry 1912.

The Gaoua Catholic parish Church of the Sacred Heart will be the cathedral for the newly erected Catholic Diocese of Gaoua.

erected a monument   (記念碑を建てた)

In addition, the state of Michigan erected a monument in downtown Monroe in 1904.

The comune erected a monument for this unknown airman on a hill in the comunale cemetery.

In 2004, the Abner Doubleday Society erected a monument to Doubleday in Iron Spring Park, Ballston Spa, near his birthplace.

monument erected   (建立された記念碑)

There is a monument erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The murder site now has a monument erected from public money, and the grave is at Davidstow churchyard.

The arc corner surveyed by Mason and Dixon is also within the park, and is marked by a monument erected in 1892.

statue was erected

The statue was erected to commemorate Deng's 100th birthday.

A memorial statue was erected in her honor in Florence in 2002.

In 2009, a bronze statue was erected near Magarikari in his honor.

first erected

The building was first erected in 1725 as a home.

It was first erected in 2010 by Stefano Zoia.

A chapel of ease to All Saints was first erected to serve Westham in 1880.

erected a new

He also erected a new temple to the god on the Palatine hill.

He tore down the original mill and erected a new one that would last for 75 years.

In 1513, Peder Månsson, later (1524) Bishop of Västerås in Sweden, erected a new church.

originally erected

It was originally erected by Powell in 1979 to house species from Africa.

The Arch of the Centuries was originally erected around 1680 at Intramuros, where UST was originally established.

The monument underneath was the one originally erected by the said John Parry to the memory of his Father Edward Parry”"

tower was erected

In 2003, a new transmission tower was erected.

The clock tower was erected around 1800–50.

The tower was erected in 1956, it is tall and made of reinforced concrete.

plaque was erected

The plaque was erected following a popular vote.

A memorial plaque was erected in the crypt of St Paul's Cathedral.

A plaque was erected in their memory in 1988 in the local hospital at No.

erected in front   (前に建立)

A stone tablet was erected in front of the tomb in 1654.

The monument of "Majit Gafuri" was erected in front of the theater.

A wire fence has been erected in front of the stone wall to discourage deer.

erected along

Retaining wall was erected along the bank.

A fence was erected along the sides and rear of the building.

Bradshaw appeared in person as the first signs bearing the new name were erected along the highway in November 2005.