erupted between   (之间爆发)

In January 2007, fighting erupted between Hamas and Fatah.

This platform was erupted between 300,000 and 100,000 years ago.

Politics and power struggles erupted between management and Geffen".

controversy erupted   (争议爆发)

Minister in 2014, controversy erupted over his educational qualification.

Shortly thereafter, the U.S. media picked up the story and controversy erupted.

When the Kikuyu controversy erupted in 1913 Henson once again found himself at odds with Gore.

erupted when   (何时爆发)

In January 2018, a scandal erupted when a recording of Netanyahu's visit to a Tel Aviv strip club was leaked.

Outrage have erupted when the management tried to get the ancestral house of national hero, Jose Rizal, from Calamba before.

Controversy erupted when the Bengals claimed Wyche had resigned, relieving the team of any future payments, but Wyche stated he was fired.

war erupted

- 1977 - 1990s: During this period, the Lebanese war erupted.

When war erupted in early 1861, Potter was still stationed in Texas.

In 1162, open war erupted again.