managed to escape   (逃げることができた)

However, he managed to escape from the young hero.

In 1959, Lama Gönpo managed to escape from Tibet.

The only exception was Su Yu, who managed to escape.

able to escape   (逃げることができる)

Fletcher and Jaffe are able to escape captivity.

The victim was able to escape unscathed by screaming.

The girl is able to escape undetected from the house.

manages to escape   (なんとか逃げる)

He manages to escape the attack along with his team.

Sebastian barely manages to escape and the two fight.

Joe counterattack, Firefly manages to escape yet again.

trying to escape   (逃げようとしている)

Conner's peripheral is killed while trying to escape.

The nurses see them trying to escape, and call for the M.P.'s.

While he is trying to escape, he discovers he has psychic powers.

not escape   (逃げない)

So you cannot escape from sorry destruction.'

Othon, however, does not escape death from the disease.

No matter how brutal the man may be, she cannot escape".

tried to escape

Those who tried to escape were caught and killed.

In July 1913, she tried to escape jail but was caught.

In March 1868, 238 prisoners tried to escape.

attempt to escape   (逃げようとする)

In her attempt to escape, she crashes her car and dies.

He was drowned in an attempt to escape.

The mass suicide was an attempt to escape execution by the Nazis.

tries to escape

Jake goes to find the assistant, who tries to escape.

Junior shoots Hartigan in the shoulder and tries to escape.

As Cain tries to escape, RoboCop wounds and apprehends him.

order to escape   (逃げる)

In order to escape the law of God, you must pay this money.

mountains and heavily forested territories) in order to escape foreign rule.

His family moved from Poland to Cologne, West Germany, in order to escape communism.

manage to escape   (なんとか逃げる)

The women manage to escape and Elizabeth goes with them.

Pluto, Dina and Bruno manage to escape.

Using their different tactics, they manage to escape the room.

escape through

"To Kowalski, it was still a hole to escape through.

Then Holmes and Watson escape through the garden and over the wall.

The sound could escape through numerous small openings above the platform.

escape route

Engdahl created an escape route for Nazis from all parts of Europe.

An escape route was outlined, but due to inactivity, remains inoperable.

Many of Duffié's men were captured the next morning as Chambliss cut off their escape route.

attempted to escape

Some people attempted to escape by the roof.

Others attempted to escape the country.

Galloway attempted to escape the room by climbing out the window.

attempts to escape

He attempts to escape but is shot by a dying Coughy.

As Tomas attempts to escape prison, Cardo kills him.

He attempts to escape on the dory, but Wake destroys it with an axe.

escape attempt   (逃亡の試み)

"", he started a mass escape attempt.

In 2012, the 50th anniversary of the escape attempt, Michael Dyke, the Deputy U.S.

His escape attempt led to the installation of a pulse rate meter in the lock area.

try to escape

The two try to escape but get separated along the way.

To the attackers' surprise, Voss did not try to escape the trap.

People try to escape the town, but some are shot by armed sentries.

attempting to escape

Faust continues attempting to escape and tries to get one over on Krenner.

The real Gavin spends much of this time attempting to escape his new prison.

The painting depicts a variety of frightened animals attempting to escape a forest fire.

fire escape   (ファイアエスケープ)

Finally, Lee corners Wei on a fire escape platform.

Eddie tries to escape Ron catches him and throws him off the fire escape to his death.

An external steel stair opening off the attic and first floors acted as the fire escape route.

unable to escape   (逃げられない)

Two were wounded, and unable to escape capture.

Celia is unable to escape or to cry out as he strangles Mme Dauvray.

Unfortunately Xiaolei seems unable to escape from his life of petty crime.

way to escape

It appears Cordelia found a way to escape without Elaine.

Together, they must figure out a way to escape and survive.

Riddick kills Abbott and proceeds to find another way to escape.

escape plan

An escape plan is agreed, should Theseus survive.

Giuseppe commits to Arcangeli's escape plan.

Dean tells them his escape plan.

escape attempts

He made several failed escape attempts during his incarceration.

Miller was Associate Warden during numerous escape attempts at Alcatraz.

This practice effectively stemmed the escape attempts using passports, but passports were not the only way to escape.

escape pod   (脱出ポッド)

With the help of Persis, Soong leaves the ship in an escape pod.

He ejects in an escape pod, landing in Manhattan just before the plane crashes.

The scene depicting a Klingon escape pod required the construction of a new set.

escape routes

Codes of practice lay down minimum illumination levels in escape routes and open areas.

A police official said that all escape routes had been covered by officers but none apparently saw Davis leave.

The tunnel has 15 emergency refuge areas located every with escape routes that lead to the north and south portals.

escape from prison   (刑務所からの脱出)

Meanwhile, Lambodar tries to escape from prison and gets admitted to a hospital.

Two convicts, one white, one black, escape from prison while handcuffed together.

Three criminals, Arjun, Kali and Shyam Singh, escape from prison and kill Karan Singh.

did not escape

Tuitātui had to flee to Eua, but did not escape his fate.

Even his family did not escape attention.

But the piece did not escape criticism.

time to escape

This gave her and Toshihiko enough time to escape together.

The fighters briefly rebel giving Jake Raye time to escape.

Finally the saw drops before the performer has time to escape.

escape when   (逃げるとき)

The three hundred managed to escape when thick mist appeared at night.

Ellen lowers her gun and allows her to escape when she learns that Anna is pregnant.

"U-373" had a lucky escape when she was attacked by a British Vickers Wellington of No.

escape before

The five of them escape before it collapses.

Davidson helped others escape before fleeing through a back door.

In all cases the alleged assailant would escape before help arrived.

chance to escape

If they emerge from a window, they will have a chance to escape if grabbed.

It is designed to cause pain to the attacker, hopefully allowing the victim a chance to escape.

The Legion's volunteers were not merely motivated by the chance to escape imprisonment and earn money.

escape back   (逃げる)

Nelson managed to escape back to Louisville.

Aashfaq helps Meethi escape back to India and bids her a tearful farewell.

Agents Naujocks and Göttsch both managed to escape back to Germany after the murder.

narrow escape

Triton makes a narrow escape, having been blown into the swamp.

Bond had a narrow escape as the ball passed straight through his hat.

The narrow escape problem is that of calculating the mean escape time.

make their escape   (逃げる)

He is stabbed through the chest by Kili as the dwarves and Gandalf make their escape.

During that stop, they dig through the tornado wall, aging in reverse as they make their escape.

Blackberry realises that they can float across on a wooden board, and thus they make their escape.

escape velocity

At 200 AU from the Sun, the escape velocity from the Sun is 2.98 km/s.

Such stars may have velocities so great that they exceed the escape velocity of the galaxy.

The escape velocity from Earth's surface is about 11 200 m/s, and is irrespective of the direction of the object.

opportunity to escape

"Harmony" took the opportunity to escape.

Witness accounts claimed that the rest of the group had ample opportunity to escape and were treated quite well.

In the current, oxygen-rich atmosphere most hydrogen is converted into water before it has an opportunity to escape.

escape persecution   (迫害を逃れる)

She decided to flee Tunisia and once again return to France to escape persecution and imprisonment.

To escape persecution, many Inspirationalists moved to Hesse, the most liberal German state at the time.

In 1940, Tempelsman and his family emigrated to the United States to escape persecution by Nazi Germany during World War II.

no escape

The boundary of the region from which no escape is possible is called the event horizon.

On the contrary, the end of those who follow the wrong way, is the fire of Hell from which there is no escape.

This time there would be no escape, and after being brought before Shah Tahmasp he was executed alongside Muhammad Muqim in 1574.