İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

narrowly escaped   (zar zor kaçtı)

Yazdegerd himself narrowly escaped to China.

Smith and his partner narrowly escaped.

In his youth he narrowly escaped being killed by his own horse.

escaped slaves   (kaçan köleler)

Numerous accounts were recorded during this period from escaped slaves.

Thousands of escaped slaves followed him as he entered Savannah on December 22.

His cries under the torture could intimidate other escaped slaves in the marshes.

barely escaped   (zar zor kaçtı)

Scipio was wounded and barely escaped with his life.

Mstislav barely escaped, but many of his men were killed.

Tate barely escaped recall, but city councilman Tim Fuller did not.

escaped from prison   (hapishaneden kaçtı)

On 23 December 1946, she escaped from prison.

Soon afterwards, however, he was set free, or escaped from prison.

After they escaped from prison, they rejoined Poundcakes' teammates Letha and Titania.

escaped death   (ölümden kaçtı)

He narrowly escaped death and fled abroad, but his grandson was killed.

Her parents and brother escaped death by fleeing to Mandatory Palestine.

Falk himself narrowly escaped death, and was trapped in the debris of the explosion for hours.

escaped through

They escaped through a vent in the roof and departed Alcatraz.

In September 1962, 29 people escaped through a tunnel to the west.

They also tried to arrest Moore, but he escaped through the harbor.

having escaped

The others were listed as MIA, although many would turn up later, having escaped on their own.

By 622, Muhammad had migrated to Medina with a group of his followers, having escaped the forces of Quraysh.

Matt takes them to the warehouse, where they find Wormwood's room empty (with the pair inside having escaped).

later escaped

He later escaped and joined the French resistance.

Captured by the French at Gerona in 1809, he later escaped.

He also fought for the British and later escaped Russia in 1921.

then escaped

Easterbrook then escaped over the railway bridge.

The team then escaped by jumping from a ten-story window.

The attackers then escaped in a vehicle.

escaped capture

One person who escaped capture came and told Abram what happened.

The three Yugoslav ships that escaped capture were used to create a KJRM-in-exile.

The rear guard was the only contingent in the rebel army which sensed the danger and escaped capture.