İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

especially when   (özellikle ne zaman)

Eddie has taken this task to heart, especially when testing alcohol.

This formula is useful especially when working with Fourier transforms.

This is sometimes thought to occur especially when memories are similar.

especially during   (özellikle sırasında)

The trail is popular, especially during the warmer months.

It is loved by many Japanese, especially during the winter.

Some storms can be severe, especially during the spring months.

especially among   (özellikle arasında)

Illiteracy is still high, especially among women.

There is a degree of child marriage, especially among Muslims.

It became a force in its own right, especially among the working class.

especially important   (özellikle önemli)

Three of these addresses were especially important.

This is especially important to the stacking process.

Octave relations are especially important in this work.

especially popular   (özellikle popüler)

Her "Fūko to Yūrei" series is especially popular.

It is especially popular around the Christmas season.

"Three Men in a Boat" was especially popular.

especially true   (Özellikle doğru)

This was especially true of the class (3) sayings.

This is especially true of Danish and Norwegian.

This is especially true in the eastern lowlands.


Leavitt then launched an attack on corruption in all forms – especially corporate.

This sacred space – especially the area beneath the "tumpang sari" – is often left empty.

Another significant seaport was Pola (Pula, today part of Croatia) – especially for the navy.

especially around   (özellikle etrafında)

Bitter fighting took place, especially around Magnolia Cemetery.

Some of these expressways are elevated, especially around the city center.

Jennie describes herself as "quiet" and "shy", especially around strangers.

especially known

It is especially known for its mineral waters.

For something else, however, Schumacher was especially known.

Kiryu is especially known in the area for saw-tooth roof structures.

especially useful   (özellikle kullanışlı)

This makes it especially useful for film-based projects.

This is especially useful when using existing library code.

This is especially useful when the requirements change rapidly.

especially because   (özellikle Çünkü)

They gradually became a pride of Tachov, especially because of its condition that they are in.

The village was a local trade center, and remains so especially because of the trade of timber.

The film was below average at the box office, especially because it was a typical A center movie.

especially through

Contacts were mediated especially through the eastern Lau Islands of Fiji.

Denmark High has been noted for a large agriculture presence, especially through FFA.

The essence of sanctity is love, and we become love by experiencing love, especially through contemplative prayer.

especially well   (özellikle iyi)

He is especially well known for his "project method of teaching".

The castle is especially well known for its surrounding rococo garden.

The "Annales" approach was especially well received in Italy and Poland.

especially common

Woodcarvings and sculptures are especially common.

They are especially common in the Nordic countries.

It is especially common to see Rattlesnakes in the area.

not especially   (özellikle değil)

The device may be not especially popular.

As a young girl, Mathilde was quiet and gentle, but she was not especially good-looking.

"Servius" was an uncommon name, although not especially rare; it tended to run in families.

especially regarding   (özellikle ilgili)

Critical reaction varied, especially regarding the book's ending.

The role of women has recently received attention, especially regarding their religiosity.

More evidence was available by 1865, especially regarding the relationships of aromatic isomers.

especially along

Pemphigus is endemic in the rural areas of Brazil, especially along inland riverbeds.

The city centre is packed with cafés, especially along the river and the Latin quarter.

Barley, wheat and millet are grown where water is sufficient, especially along small rivers.

especially given

The mission was considered a complete success, especially given several previous failures of Venera probes.

There was some public unhappiness about the song's association with the campaign (especially given the team's subsequent loss).

The truth, especially given the freelance talent involved, is more likely to be that someone thought it a good idea at the time.

especially between

The following list may be incomplete, especially between 2008 and 2018:

First Nations women in particular suffer from diabetes, especially between ages 20–49.

The unity of the church, especially between Jew and Gentile believers, is the keynote of the book.

especially interested

Allegedly, he was especially interested in the Triberg Waterfalls.

He is especially interested in describing lonely or isolated women.

Caudill was especially interested in diagnosis and treatment of mental issues in Japan.

became especially

Such calls became especially intense during the 1990s.

She became especially noted for her work as a miniature painter.

This became especially evident during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–05.

especially within

Generally, senior senators will have more power, especially within their own caucuses.

He is sometimes also known as "Aodh Ruadh II" or "Red Hugh II", especially within County Donegal.

The Treaty of Lausanne ceded to Turkey large areas that belonged to Ottoman Syria, especially within Aleppo Vilayet.

most especially   (özellikle)

Many local mills used Fourteen Mile Creek for power, most especially Tunnel Mill.

The Montenegrin mafia is known to operate illegally in Serbia, most especially in Belgrade.

This was especially so of the Lestranges, and most especially of the Knockin branch of the family.

especially near   (özellikle yakın)

It is mountainous, especially near the eastern border.

It is generally less rough in the eastern half, especially near the center.

These refer to the cross-sectional shape of the neck (especially near the nut).

especially considering   (özellikle dikkate)

Fairbanks has been the home of a wealth of bands of an incredible variety, especially considering its small population.

The war was a victory for Persia, especially considering they were outnumbered, and this gave much needed confidence to his forces.

It was a relatively small army when compared with other contemporary countries, especially considering the Commonwealth's huge area.

especially noted

She became especially noted for her work as a miniature painter.

He was especially noted for evocative ecclesiastical sculptures.

Telz was especially noted for its ability to develop its talmidim in lomdus.

especially strong

It was especially strong in the Boer republics.

This enemy was especially strong in the defense and could not be taken by surprise.

The demoscene grew especially strong in Scandinavia, where annual gatherings are hosted.

especially due

They are also used for meat, especially due to the rapid development of their kids.

In recent years private jet pet travel gained some momentum especially due to the discounted flight sales.

He became world-famous especially due to his monumental Anatomy of the Artist translated into various languages.

especially against   (özellikle karşı)

He was especially against the buying of titles and noble land by the upper bourgeoisie.

He struggled especially against the paganism and sorcery still prevalent in the Byzantine Sicily.

There was a great deal of discussion in 1865 about bringing treason trials, especially against Jefferson Davis.

especially notable

The Somerville depot is especially notable.

This is especially notable when Mace yells to him, "This is your life!

Johnsen is especially notable for writing the first book on skiing published in America.

especially women

Her poetry focuses on urban people, especially women.

Clothing, especially women's clothing, varies by indigenous group.

This watershed moment left Nord cold and distrusting of everyone, especially women.

especially high

Odell's sighting is of especially high interest.

Youth unemployment was especially high during the 2000s.

Unemployment is especially high among the youth population.

especially vulnerable   (özellikle savunmasız)

Children are especially vulnerable to atropine poisoning.

This makes them especially vulnerable to slavers from Essos.

Males of low status may be especially vulnerable to being childless.

especially with regard   (özellikle saygıyla)

It is controversial in various cultures, especially with regard to religious prohibitions.

They're always wrong, especially with regard to tax cuts, which they never score properly."

There is controversy over GMOs, especially with regard to their release outside laboratory environments.

especially so   (özellikle öyle)

This is especially so in severe mitral stenosis.

This was especially so of the Lestranges, and most especially of the Knockin branch of the family.

In frogs, the hind legs are larger than the fore legs, especially so in those species that principally move by jumping or swimming.

especially in rural   (özellikle kırsal kesimde)

Literacy is limited, especially in rural areas.

In practice, beatings by schoolteachers are common, especially in rural areas.

Alaska has the highest rate of sexual assault in the nation, especially in rural areas.

known especially

He is known especially for his performance as Batale.

He is known especially for his biography of Thomas Jefferson, "".

He was known especially in the Northeast United States for his anti-slavery work.

especially close   (özellikle yakın)

At the new park, the outfield area was especially close in right field.

Mastan was especially close to Mudaliar as they were both from Tamil Nadu.

Presley became close to both parents and formed an especially close bond with his mother.

especially hard   (özellikle zor)

Florida was especially hard hit by the economic shock.

I find that one especially hard to answer."

"Blue lace agate" is found in Africa and is especially hard.


Tribes with non-Vedic culture — especially those of barbaric nature — were collectively termed as "Mleccha".

Both countries were mostly agricultural and great exporters to the British market — especially bacon, eggs, and butter.

"Kejawèn" (Javanese beliefs) or "Kebatinan" is an amalgam of animism, Hindu-Buddhist, and Islamic — especially Sufi — beliefs.

especially active

He was especially active in the help to handicapped people.

The movement was especially active during the years 2000-2001.

There were few positive reports in the early years, but it was especially active 1859–1914.

especially towards   (özellikle doğru)

Various poster adverts were also made to promote the brand, especially towards young women.

Clothing was a crude procedure for both armies, especially towards the beginning of the war.

The Chandos catalogue notes that Walton used the main theme throughout the film, especially towards the closing scenes.

more especially   (daha özel olarak)

They are sound-footed, which means they are acceptable on flat, hilly or more especially marginal country.

Jean Markale wrote that the Cimbri were associated with the Helvetii, and more especially with the indisputably Celtic Tigurini.

An astringent medicine high in tannins, called catechu or cutch, is procured from several species, but more especially from "Senegalia catechu" (syn.

especially large

Moving data, especially large amounts of it, can be costly.

The Anthropology Library is especially large, with 120,000 volumes.

Black Africans, Indians and Asians, saw an especially large increase in numbers.

especially difficult

Frazer’s females I found especially difficult.

Some of examples include: The process proved especially difficult for the writers when the characters had no American equivalents.

Women and minorities have especially difficult circumstances when it comes to dealing with reporting sexual assault to law enforcement.

especially in areas

Jews settled early in Brazil, especially in areas of Dutch rule.

Soon after, skiing spread across the nation, especially in areas where snow dominated the landscape.

The FidoNet nodelist started shrinking, especially in areas with a widespread availability of internet connections.

especially prominent

She is especially prominent in works produced in Athens.

Karst topography is especially prominent in the Dinaric Alps.

The rough endoplasmic reticulum is especially prominent in cells such as hepatocytes.

written especially

It was Mauboy's first major TV role and was written especially for her.

A one-off story written especially for the television series – the only Rev.

especially in relation

Philippe recalls his youth with guilt, especially in relation to Cécile.

New elements were also included, especially in relation to the rich Akkadian mythology.

The plan, called Plan" Zero," helped generate even higher inflation, especially in relation to the goods imported.

used especially

Most typical became ORO-57K for 8 rockets, used especially with MiG-19.

In English, "American" was used especially for people in the British America.

The term "narcology" is used especially in the countries of the former Soviet Union, including Russia.

especially concerning

The campaign led to numerous other controversies, especially concerning the Prussians.

Giovanni likes to taunt Heine, especially concerning Lily's death, hoping to call out the "Dog".

He often discussed literature with Eudora, especially concerning the role of women in the rural South.

especially prevalent

This is especially prevalent amongst teenagers.

It is especially prevalent in southern India.

It is especially prevalent in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

especially significant   (özellikle önemli)

Fish become especially significant around this age and size.

The effect of French weapons was especially significant in field artillery and infantry.

The Gulf of Kvarner is an especially significant area for the preservation of biodiversity.

especially in terms   (özellikle terimlerle)

Much Cretan music is improvisational, especially in terms of its "lyrics."

stative verbs) behave differently from those indexing actions, especially in terms of the person affixes they take.

National news has reported on the effectiveness of the forum, especially in terms of aiding collaboration between UK cyber companies.

especially effective   (özellikle etkili)

He is especially effective at reading his own poetry.

It is especially effective against Gram-negative rods.

This is especially effective when the programmer wants to process many vertices or fragments in the same way.

especially good   (özellikle iyi)

For two seasons he had the club positioned somewhat safely from relegation, despite not having any especially good players.

Connecticut was especially good against the pass; they allowed an average of only 165 yards per game, seventh-best in the country.

He would also have one of his agents call an especially good student to talk to him, thereby gaining many new and outstanding followers.

especially the case   (özellikle dava)

This is especially the case with murders of women in Latin America.

This was especially the case concerning traditional Fijian spiritual beliefs.

This is especially the case with net services such as Netflix and Crunchyroll.

especially when compared   (özellikle kıyaslandığında)

They are strong swimmers, especially when compared to other short-haired hunting breeds.

The film was criticized for its unrealistic animatronics, especially when compared to the real ape performers.

They found the weapons ineffective and militarily useless, especially when compared to the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

especially following

The stadium was in rather bad condition, especially following years of neglect during World War II.

Subsequently, Death Row Records suffered poor sales by 1997, especially following the death of 2Pac and the racketeering charges brought against Knight.

In the fall of 2008, especially following a column he published on municipal priorities, there was an effort to draft Smith to run for mayor of Evanston.

created especially

The Asgard storyline did not exist in the manga and was created especially for the anime.

In 2007, he received one of 461 Congressional Gold Medals created especially for the spurned athletes.

especially concerned   (özellikle endişeli)

He was especially concerned that the powder on surgeon's gloves predisposed to the formation of adhesions.

Boas was especially concerned with racial inequality, which his research had indicated is not biological in origin, but rather social.

A reviewer noted Loria wrote a history of mathematics and was especially concerned with the history of mathematics in Italy and among the ancient Greeks.

especially compared

KNUS had previously had weak audience ratings for its morning shows, especially compared to KHOW.

Criticism also found the overall presentation of the game disappointing, especially compared to the NBA Jam.

She described herself as "homely as a mud fence", especially compared to her sister Eileen, though she likely exaggerated for comic effect.

especially well known   (özellikle iyi bilinen)

He is especially well known for his "project method of teaching".

The castle is especially well known for its surrounding rococo garden.

It is especially well known for its dolphinarium and, since 1994, for breeding koalas.

especially children   (özellikle çocuklar)

He enjoyed meeting the public, especially children, and was an entertaining lecturer.

People, especially children and young girls, wear Ta'wiz (Amulet) () to ward off evil eye.

Shedd officials stated that Bubba was popular with cancer survivors, especially children, and was a favorite of visitors.

especially critical   (özellikle kritik)

The intake design for Concorde's engines was especially critical.

Weiquan lawyers tend to be especially critical of the lack of judicial independence in China.

Many were especially critical of him following his remarks in the South Carolina primary, which Obama won.

especially evident

This became especially evident during the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–05.

This is especially evident with the popularity of smaller diesel engine propelled cars in Europe.

Greek influence is especially evident in classical Roman thinking on accession and specification.

especially in light   (özellikle ışıkta)

The declaration, especially in light of his earlier comment, garnered more media attention.

However, it seems doubtful that dance will be included in the Olympic Games, especially in light of efforts to reduce the number of participating sports.

The company spurred widespread debate regarding the ethics and morality of pet cloning especially in light of the fact that animals are euthanized by their owners every day.

especially associated

The dancer Loïe Fuller was especially associated with such dances.

Dry socket is especially associated with extraction of lower wisdom teeth.

As Agrotera, she was especially associated as the patron goddess of hunters.

especially designed   (özellikle tasarlanmış)

It also has the only programme of study in Germany especially designed for mothers.

The Rugby Africa Gold Cup flight case has been especially designed by Great Britain’s leading flight case manufacturer, Flightcase Warehouse.

While designated for issue to soldiers not armed with the bayonet, it was especially designed for such shock units as parachute troops and rangers."

especially in regard

However, this statute is often not practiced, especially in regard to political crimes.

A great part of his poetry shows strong and occasionally wild emotions, especially in regard to Lesbia.

But the Wittenberg men interpreted it as an approval of their Philippism, especially in regard to the Lord's Supper and the person of Christ.

especially successful

Presbyterian missionaries were especially successful.

Peckover was especially successful, fondly known as "The Bard Of The Yard".

Negotiations with Mehmed II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire were especially successful.