helped establish   (確立を助けました)

It helped establish the new MGM as a major studio.

He helped establish the United Irishmen in Belfast.

In 1889 he helped establish a dental school at Guy's.

establish a new   (新しいを確立する)

She wants her eldest son Hasan to return home and establish a new life.

In 1999, Seacology began work to establish a new national park around Mt.

They agreed to establish a new district to commemorate the battle at Bang Rachan.

helped to establish   (確立するのに役立ちました)

She helped to establish the Screen Writers Guild in 1933.

These connections helped to establish Emmett as a martyr figure.

", from Queen Mary whose patronage helped to establish the series.

order to establish   (確立するために)

in order to establish a unified and viable identity.

On January 1, he issued an order to establish the Special Section.

Surveys started before the tests at Maralinga commenced in order to establish a baseline.

decided to establish   (設立することを決めた)

The Norwegian Polar Institute decided to establish a summer station.

The yearly meeting decided to establish a retreat center on the property.

In 1925, Ovanes Ohanian, decided to establish the first film school in Iran.

able to establish   (確立できる)

No plants had been able to establish themselves there.

Ubaid Allah, in the meantime, was able to establish friendly relations with Amir.

Italy was one of the countries that was able to establish diplomatic relations with Azerbaijan.

establish themselves   (定着する)

No plants had been able to establish themselves there.

The following batsmen were unable to establish themselves at the crease.

not establish   (確立しない)

Mills did not establish himself in the team in 1985–86.

Courts such as the magistrates court cannot establish precedent.

He did not establish himself as a top division regular until 1991.

sought to establish   (確立しようとした)

He instead sought to establish a self-sufficient community upon socialist principles.

After resigning from the EPA, Pruitt has sought to establish an energy consulting business.

Huntsman sought to establish himself as an anti-negative candidate and take the "high road".

help establish   (確立するのを助ける)

More experimental research is necessary to help establish causation.

Cohen went on to help establish the widespread practice of nocturnal adoration.

He also uses his influence to help Jewish refugees and to help establish Israel.

attempt to establish   (確立しようとする)

After a brief attempt to establish a kingdom, the country became a republic.

Franco also used language politics in an attempt to establish national homogeneity.

So this, in effect, was Le Gros' attempt to establish himself as the artistic leader of the Eternal City.

used to establish   (確立するために使用)

SSH can be used to establish a secure tunnel between the hosts.

can be used to establish the required higher temporal resolution.

Several well-known criteria can be used to establish a probable diagnosis.

establish itself   (定着する)

helped establish itself as America's home for the genre.

"» It took about ten years for the club to finally establish itself with fans.

William Buckley, who was asking for the Sisters to establish itself in the USA.

attempted to establish   (確立しようとした)

Uraq attempted to establish Agalaq as Kazan khan.

They attempted to establish relations with foreign powers.” (Ker, p305).

William Clayton Bowman attempted to establish an urban Universalist presence in Atlanta.

began to establish   (確立し始めた)

Azzam and bin Laden began to establish camps in Afghanistan in 1987.

In 2011, construction work began to establish a campus in the Halban area.

He began to violate the constitution and slowly began to establish a dictatorship.

establish their own   (自分で確立する)

Renowned capoeira "mestres" often teach abroad and establish their own schools.

The remaining CPLP countries are free to establish their own transition timetables.

When two are kept together, they will often establish their own territory as they mature.

tried to establish   (確立しようとした)

The English, led by Stamford Raffles, then tried to establish an intervention in Sambas but failed.

In other ports, they tried to establish permanent warehouses or sell their goods in open-air markets.

During World War II, he cooperated with the Nazis and tried to establish a Ukrainian section in the Wehrmacht.

efforts to establish   (確立するための努力)

Kamaraj and Bishnuram Medhi (Governor) took efforts to establish IIT Madras in 1959.

His efforts to establish a school of architecture at Vanderbilt University were unsuccessful.

When Lynne began her relationship with Peter, she made efforts to establish a friendly connection with them.

establish new   (新しいを確立する)

He also allowed the abbey of St. Foy to establish new buildings in Morlàas.

Through the years, many cultures have influenced to establish new types of music.

"They not only accomplished that but then went on to establish new records up to .

failed to establish   (確立できなかった)

However, the album failed to establish her popularity.

He failed to establish chlorine as an element.

However, it failed to establish cross-media ethical standards.

establish the first   (最初を確立する)

In 1925, Ovanes Ohanian, decided to establish the first film school in Iran.

He donated to establish the first library at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati.

Ram Raj Pant led the initiative to establish the first institution for legal education in Nepal.

wanted to establish   (確立したかった)

The British also wanted to establish a British resident in Kumasi.

The village dates to 1261 AD, when Lord Sinclair wanted to establish a chapel in the area.

John Kirby Allen and Augustus Chapman Allen wanted to establish a new town upstream from Galveston Bay.

establish his own   (彼自身を確立する)

He stayed until 1949, when he left to establish his own practice.

In 2010, Greenwood decided to establish his own record label, Rainwater Recordings.

In 1996, Dr. Dre left Death Row Records to establish his own label, Aftermath Entertainment.

attempts to establish   (確立しようとする)

His attempts to establish education fail spectacularly.

However, attempts to establish military alliances were unsuccessful.

During his attempts to establish truth, Sathyam faces various troubles.

difficult to establish   (確立するのが難しい)

However, consistent transatlantic signalling was difficult to establish.

The distinction between cure and enhancement can also be difficult to establish.

The impact of the predation of wasps on economic pests is difficult to establish.

helping to establish   (確立するのを助ける)

He was part of the original ensemble of Melbourne-based theatre company Red Stitch Actors Theatre, helping to establish the company.

After his retirement from playing Clarke became a part of the Ulster coaching system, helping to establish the province's academy system.

He was dedicated to the Methodist Church, helping to establish Grace Methodist Church in Winnipeg and serving as president of the local YMCA.

plans to establish   (設立予定)

There were plans to establish private operations along the line.

In 1940, he strongly supported Egyptian plans to establish the grand mosque in London.

The state-owned company has ambitious plans to establish plants totalling 63 GW generation capacity by 2032.

worked to establish   (確立するために働いた)

Father Jonah worked to establish a mission parish in Chico, California.

Born in South Arcot, Venkatakrishna Reddiar worked to establish cooperative societies.

He worked to establish the administrative structure of the Antiquities Service, with local inspectors.

trying to establish   (確立しようとしています)

Unlike most exploitation directors, they were not trying to establish a reputation.

Estrada's manager said he was trying to establish a new and separate identity from "CHiPs".

Two laboratories trying to establish a single shared reference frame will face important issues involving alignment.

managed to establish   (確立することができた)

Through his extensive playing career, Ortiz managed to establish his coaching career.

This season under manager Esad Karishik they have managed to establish themselves in the middle of the table.

In the 15th century the Cirksena dynasty managed to establish its authority in practically all of East Frisia.

did not establish   (確立しなかった)

Mills did not establish himself in the team in 1985–86.

He did not establish himself as a top division regular until 1991.

Nevertheless, women who did not establish a solid contract remained unprotected.

effort to establish   (確立するための努力)

He is known for his effort to establish stereoscopic movies in the 1920s.

He also pioneered Litton's effort to establish a plant in Springfield, Missouri.

CARD made an effort to establish a research culture and develop leadership at the IOE.

establish a permanent   (パーマネントを確立する)

The Opposition Party seeks to rebuild the Texan army and establish a permanent government.

In 1958, Gammon Construction Limited ("Gammon") was formed to establish a permanent presence in Hong Kong.

Initial missionary efforts in 1879 were short-lived and failed to establish a permanent presence in the city.

establish and maintain   (確立し、維持する)

Thus, he struggled to establish and maintain his authority.

Instead, they may establish and maintain whatever tariff regime applying to imports from non-parties as deemed necessary.

The object of the firm was "to acquire options and rights in regard to wireless telegraphy and telephony, to establish and maintain stations, etc."

unable to establish   (確立できません)

The following batsmen were unable to establish themselves at the crease.

He also said that he had been unable to establish at that point how many Windrush cases had been wrongfully detained.

establish an independent   (独立した)

The council was granted the executive authority of the Lithuanian people and was entrusted to establish an independent Lithuanian state.

Huelle studied Polish philology at Gdańsk University and, in 1980, participated in the efforts to establish an independent student organization.

In the 1973 Constitution, the interim "Batasang Pambansa" (National Assembly) was mandated to establish an independent central monetary authority.

agreed to establish   (確立することに同意した)

Berry met with the two Philadelphia owners and agreed to establish a team.

They agreed to establish a new district to commemorate the battle at Bang Rachan.

A meeting was held on this topic, and the attendees agreed to establish a sports club in Abha.

establish a local   (ローカルを確立する)

Some have helped Chery establish a local supply chain.

1771 et seq) "shall establish a local school wellness policy by School Year 2006."

In 1918, the All-Russia Extraordinary Commission and the Soviets managed to establish a local Cheka apparatus.

made to establish   (設立された)

During his time, efforts were made to establish coffee growing in Java.

It was reported that a gift of A$30 million was made to establish the Institute.

In response, efforts were made to establish its pedigree by inventing a tradition after the fact.

establish a national   (国民を確立する)

1970s have been the period in which solid initiatives were put into force so as to establish a national defence industry.

In 1998, Sun Media sold the "Financial Post" to Hollinger, whose CEO Conrad Black had been seeking a way to establish a national newspaper.

She also managed the women's team at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin and helped to establish a national coaching scheme after World War II.

intended to establish   (確立することを意図)

Smith intended to establish the New Jerusalem in North America, called "Zion".

Meares intended to establish permanent fur trading posts on the Pacific Northwest coast.

He stated that the U.S. government intended to establish an embassy in Havana and improve economic ties with the country.

establish a school   (学校を設立する)

The plan to establish a school publication was initiated in 1927.

His efforts to establish a school of architecture at Vanderbilt University were unsuccessful.

It would be almost 70 more years before their efforts to establish a school of higher education would be successful.

first to establish   (最初に確立する)

In March 1919, the Reichsernährungsamt was the first to establish the "Reich Ministry of Food".

He was the first to establish that influenza is an RNA virus and was awarded his DSc by the University of Sydney in 1959.

His films were the first to establish the basics of coherent narrative and what became known as film language, or "film grammar".

establish whether   (確立する)

The book takes pains to establish whether each Lovecraft story "belongs to the Cthulhu Mythos" or not.

Insurance claims may rely on information from an investigation to establish whether the accident is covered by a policy.

He attempts to establish whether they were used at the start of the Joseon Dynasty reigned by King Taejo (r. 1392–1398).

establish its own   (独自に確立する)

Parliament's Standards Committee published a bill to establish its own Standards Commissioner.

Not until the end of the nineteenth century did the guitar begin to establish its own unique identity.

In the future, the municipality has plans to establish its own football team and create recreational spaces.

establish diplomatic   (外交を確立する)

The new Soviet government was anxious to establish diplomatic relations with China.

Italy was one of the countries that was able to establish diplomatic relations with Azerbaijan.

Morocco was the 2nd African country to establish diplomatic ties with China since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949.

establish what   (何を確立する)

It was here that Kishi would establish what is now known as the Kishi Colony.

Their homegrown roster helped establish what became a top independent promotion in later years.

This can help to establish what information is needed in the database, and what can be left out.

establish contact   (連絡をとる)

Since then, the Sadlermiut continued to establish contact with Westerners.

They discover that Zar is an unusually strong telepath for a Vulcan; he can establish contact without touching the other person.

In September 1509, Sequeira tried to establish contact with the Sultan of Malacca but failed, leaving behind 19 Portuguese prisoners.

plan to establish   (確立する計画)

However, there is no current plan to establish the U10.

The plan to establish a school publication was initiated in 1927.

After his return to New York, Baldridge presented Governor Bellomont with a plan to establish an English colony at Île Sainte-Marie.

attempting to establish   (確立しようとしています)

On the same day, the ARF accused Pashinyan of "attempting to establish one-party rule in Armenia".

The expedition's ship, "Deutschland", became trapped in heavy sea ice while attempting to establish a shore base at Vahsel Bay.

Dorieus was later defeated and killed at Eryx in Sicily (around 510BC) while attempting to establish a foothold in Western Sicily.

decision to establish   (設立する決定)

A complicating factor was the decision to establish the Giles Weather Station in the Rawlinson Ranges.

Sam Houston fought bitterly against Lamar's decision to establish the capital in such a remote wilderness.

Jenkinson influenced the University of London's decision to establish an archives diploma course, and would later present its first lecture.

government to establish   (設立する政府)

Bellows's aim was to convince the government to establish a civilian auxiliary branch of the Army Medical Bureau.

The Center and members of the Chávez family donated properties of La Paz to the federal government to establish the national monument.

This amended ordinance made it essential for the government to establish the separate metropolitan session courts for metropolitan areas.

seeking to establish   (確立しようとしている)

Gent was seeking to establish himself as a printer in his own right, so that he had the means to marry Alice Guy.

He and his wife would spend a great deal of their resources seeking to establish their family, through advantageous marriages of their children.

During the infamous March Days, Bolsheviks and Dashnaks seeking to establish control over Baku streets, were faced with armed Azerbaijani groups.