İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

newly established   (Yeni kurulmuş)

A newly established club named Motor Lublin was founded in 1962.

In 1880 he went to the newly established seminary in Münstermaifeld.

It is also being used to train the newly established Iraqi Air Force.

first established   (ilk kuruldu)

A post office was first established there in 1889.

The capital was likely first established in Amasia.

A cathedral school was first established in 1283.

office was established   (ofis kuruldu)

Rome's former post office was established in 1909.

The same year, the Mumbai office was established.

The post office was established in 1892 on 36-6-9W.

well established   (köklü)

Calvert was by now well established in British films.

By that time he was well established in the community.

Today, his international reputation is well established.

school was established   (okul kuruldu)

The first one-room school was established in 1877.

A school was established in the community in 1894.

The school was established c.1942 by K A Wyndham.

established the first

Dharmachari also established the first nunnery in Nepal.

In 1910 he established the first aviation school in Germany.

He established the first non-government girls’ school in India.

originally established

The forest area was originally established in 1956.

The rowing club was originally established at J.

The team was originally established in 1970.

established a new

By then, the writers had established a new villain, Kaine.

The crowd of 105,543 established a new NCAA attendance record.

He established a new Swami order in 2009: the Nayaswami Order.

established during

The town of Coca was first established during Roman rule.

Tarbes Cathedral was established during the 12th century.

Cooperatives were first established during this timeframe.

established itself   (kendini kurdu)

The family established itself in Belgrave Square.

The West German government established itself in Bonn.

Hine joined the Reform Party when it established itself in 1909.

already established   (zaten kurulmuş)

Racial segregation was already established by law.

All are already established artists.

The Xhosa were already established in the area and herded cattle.

formally established   (resmi olarak kurulmuş)

The congregation was formally established in 1906.

The reserve was formally established on June 22, 1970.

It was formally established on May 25, 1994.

established themselves   (kendilerini kurdular)

Bundesliga, and quickly established themselves at this level.

They established themselves in Jackson County in the city of Ashland.

Insurgents led by Maqoma established themselves in the forested Waterkloof.

firmly established   (Sıkıca kurulmuş)

At that point, determinants were firmly established.

Everyone must have an ideal firmly established in his life.

Eliseu started 2010–11 firmly established in the starting XI.

officially established

The Faculty of Law was officially established in 1975.

The team was officially established in 1994.

Sources say the band was officially established in 2010.

established his own

He established his own practice in Bergen in 1910.

At the age of 24 he established his own business.

In 1886, he established his own business called W.G.

quickly established   (hızlı bir şekilde kuruldu)

He quickly established himself in the club's youth system.

Bundesliga, and quickly established themselves at this level.

Fort Knocks Entertainment was quickly established by June 2004.

company established   (şirket kuruldu)

The company established a partner office in Lima, Peru.

In 1993 the company established Warner Bros.

Tianpeng Media is a new media company established in 2010.

company was established   (şirket kuruldu)

The company was established as a division of E.R.

A final company was established on 17 March 1515.

The company was established in 2003.

established between

Through-traffic was established between Kumamoto and Ōita.

In all, twenty-three lines were established between 1873 and 1890.

was established between 1960 and 1963 on the same routing as today.

later established

The Philistines later established a garrison there.

He later established the Kingdom of Württemberg.

He later established the Halwai Ganapati Trust.

club was established

The club was established in 1902 as AS Perpignan.

The Senior club was established at the end of 1975.

The club was established by Highland exiles in 1861.

government established   (hükümet kuruldu)

The West German government established itself in Bonn.

The government established a name change for the inspectors.

(a US government established, USDA-overseen, organization) in 1989.

more established   (daha yerleşik)

This season has a more established atmosphere.

which was pitted against the more established "Student Canteen".

It is almost like the more established [the artist], the greater the distance.

became established

Aasen's people's language became established.

It soon became established in the area.

During the NEP it became established as a red-light district.

then established

He then established a medical practice in Boston.

It was then established under the new management in 2065 B.S.

The Tang dynasty was then established.

established diplomatic

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1996.

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1957.

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1947.

not established

Until 1935, the emblem itself was not established.

The country's NPC was not established until 2003.

The site had not established an external backup system.

journal was established

The journal was established in 1967 as "Drug Intelligence".

The journal was established in 1934 and is published monthly.

The journal was established in 2005.

established through

It was established through the Haryana Act No.

VVTA was established through a Joint Powers Authority in 1991.

This SEZ has been established through Government Regulation No.

established diplomatic relations   (kurulan diplomatik ilişkiler)

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1996.

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1957.

Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1947.

established around   (etrafında kurulmuş)

The Arab diaspora is established around the world.

The town was probably established around 500–600 AD.

It was established around 2004 by artist Jeffrey Rowland.

organization established

The organization established a $4,000 need-based scholarship fund for members of the gay community.

The organization established ties with radical groups such as the Students for a Democratic Society.

Pension Rights Center The Pension Rights Center is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization established in 1976.

established within   (içinde kurulmuş)

In 2016, Kunyu was established within the boundaries of Hotan Prefecture.

After the end of the war, SR Macedonia was established within SFR Yugoslavia.

In November 1990 an Oromo Marxist-Leninist Movement was established within the OPDO.

school established   (okul kuruldu)

In 2019, the school established a pilot eSports program.

It was the first private law school established in Puerto Rico.

Opened in 1894, it was the second high school established in the city.

become established   (kurulmak)

have become established in the south-western corner of the Park.

This is being implemented as new Transmetro lines become established.

Having become established in European universities, this usage spread around the world.

soon established

1862, and soon established the Poe Mining Company.

His art soon established the publisher's house style.

A Civic Guard was soon established to defend the city.

recently established

The Mahavira Hall was recently established in 2015.

In 1924, Takehiko and Iwaya Sazanami became consultants to the recently established .

He was officially made headman or leader of the recently established Nyamwezi colony.

long established   (köklü)

He came from a family long established in Yorkshire.

Its boundaries were created on 16 October 2003 for the "long established name."

The boundaries were formally gazetted in January 1999 for "the long established name".

station was established   (istasyon kuruldu)

Kamalapur railway station was established in 1969.

A ranger station was established in the area in 1913.

The light station was established in 1832.

established several

They established several reform schools and orphanages.

She established several charity organizations to help women.

They established several Catholic Churches in and around Malom.

established their own

Anne's and established their own parish.

That’s how other Kuk Lee’s students established their own schools.

The settlers cleared the land and established their own farms on it.

initially established

It was initially established with 100 inductees.

It was initially established on the grounds of Iowa State College.

The administrative unit was initially established by Federal Law No.

established here   (burada kuruldu)

Some Germans established here in the 16th century.

Ioannis Kapodistrias was briefly established here.

In 1427 King Ladislav established here some Székelys.

established a reputation

There, he established a reputation as a formidable debater.

Webb, like his predecessor, established a reputation as a maverick MP.

He soon established a reputation as a player of eccentric character parts.

established to provide   (sağlamak için kurulmuş)

Communes and co-operatives have been established to provide essentials.

The same year, Camp Kaweah was established to provide additional capacity.

Primarily the bank was established to provide agricultural and commercial loans to investors.

established along

In the past, numerous mills became established along his course.

It was the first regular mail service established along the trail.

Between 1960 and 1963, SR 341 was established along its current routing.

district was established

The district was established on December 22, 1899.

The district was established on November 6, 1975.

The district was established on 28 March 1916.

park was established

The park was established in 1849 in the city Centre.

The park was established in 1964 and covers approximately .

The park was established in 1983, during the Sydney housing boom.

college was established

The college was established in 1947 by the Hon.

The college was established in June 2017.

The college was established in 1962.

municipality was established

The Kythrea municipality was established in 1915.

Barguna municipality was established on 23 July 1973.

The municipality was established in 1919–20.

established when   (ne zaman kuruldu)

Gairo District was formally established when it was gazetted in March 2012.

Wanging'ombe District was formally established when it was gazetted in March 2012.

Njombe Urban District was formally established when it was gazetted in March 2012.

established church

Puritans, unlike separatists, did not leave the established church.

He favored an established church, but allowed for a degree of religious toleration.

The Church of Denmark is the established church through the Constitution of Denmark.

previously established   (önceden kurulmuş)

A monthly news website of the same name was previously established at .

It was founded by the Okgwa Foundation, which had previously established middle and high schools.

The trio had previously established Konectbus in 1999 before selling it to the Go-Ahead Group in March 2010.

established its own

Kremnica Mint established its own coin shop in 2006.

In 1998, Bermuda established its own Basketball Association.

In 1976, Indonesia reciprocally established its own embassy in Helsinki.

established new

She returned to Germany and established new influential relationships.

They set up THE WALL art projects in Ulladulla and established new studios.

Despite these tensions the Board took over a number of existing schools and established new ones.

established near   (yakınında kuruldu)

An industrial oil belt, better known as Black City, was established near Baku.

In 1843, the Woolpack Inn was established near modern Digby; it burnt down in 1887.

Cemeteries of the Mierzanowice cultural population were established near the settlements.

established artists

All are already established artists.

Lata pada' was one among the several established artists of the Vidyalaya.

The effort gained the attention of established artists such as Diego Rivera who intervened.

town was established   (kasaba kuruldu)

The town was established in 1986 by Jacques-Andre Istel.

In 1616 (the year the town was established).

This town was established on June 15, 1879.

not been established

An exact occurrence rate has not been established.

It has not been established from which time period it comes.

The safety of the vaccine in pregnant women has not been established.

party was established

The party was established on 20 October 2012.

The party was established in 1898, and was named after Francisco Bilbao.

The party was established on 14 October 2008 as a split from Future Together led by Philippe Gomès.

established as part

It was established as part of a JNF rehabilitation project.

It was established as part of the Group Settlement Scheme, being group number 85.

RCAF Station Chatham was established as part of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.

program was established

Its engineering program was established in 1847.

A pre-med program was established at the Extension School in 1980.

The program was established in 1983 at the Sonmiani space facility.

airline was established   (havayolu kuruldu)

The airline was established and started operating in 1980.

The airline was established and started operations in 1956.

The airline was established in 2003 and operates 12 aircraft.

system was established   (sistem kuruldu)

The Searcy public school system was established in 1870.

The Territorial Defence system was established in the early 2000s.

The University of Distance Education system was established in July 1992 in Yangon.

museum was established

The museum was established as a nonprofit in 2010.

In 1976 the museum was established here.

The museum was established in 1938, and opened to the public in 1945.

subsequently established

Huber schools were subsequently established in UK and Spain.

Mason subsequently established himself as a regular member of the first team.

The company was subsequently established as Allergologisk Laboratorium København.

established a small

Great Britain established a small colony on the island in 1805.

He then established a small clinic, where he tended to the local population.

The Spanish colonists established a small town, which was made a capital city in 1775.

eventually established

A new capital at Rawalakot was eventually established by Pakistan.

He eventually established himself within the Manly community as a Storekeeper and Land Agent.

Translator Richard Zenith notes that Pessoa eventually established at least seventy-two heteronyms.

village was established

The village was established around 1200.

The municipal council in the village was established in 1961.

The Kurds village was established as a result of the settlement of the Kurds of the Musanlı tribe.

having established

Stover is borne home by his classmates, having established himself as a name in the class.

He surprised the Spanish and having established the blockade, divided his fleet into the usual three squadrons.

Despite this, he returned to Sistan near the end of 909 having established the authority of al-Layth in the eastern provinces.

established before   (daha önce kurulmuş)

The popularity of the hotel was established before the 1920s.

It was established before the Kalhora reign of Sindh (1701 to 1783 AD).

Two U.P Schools one for boys and one for girls were established before Independence.

established a school   (bir okul kurdu)

Worsley established a school at Dunkirk.

He also established a school of religious study in Parliament Lane.

He later moved to Atlanta where he established a school in late 1996.

group established

Human Resource (band) Human Resource is a Dutch electronic music group established in 1990.

The group established an Artists' Salon and also mounted displays for French colonial exhibitions.

The latter is the same name as a media group established by foreign mujahideen fighting in the Bosnian War.

established his reputation

These works established his reputation.

He established his reputation as a critic by his independent novels.

Newman first established his reputation in the industry as an assistant director at MGM.

established a number   (bir numara oluşturdu)

In the spring of 1844, the family re-crossed the river and established a number claims on the west bank.

During the Wars, the Parliamentarians established a number of successive committees to oversee the war effort.

While at the University of Minnesota he established a number of records and earned All Big Ten honors in the High Hurdles.

team was established   (takım kuruldu)

The team was established on 13 October 1905 as "1.

The team was established in 1967 by Revd.

A different editorial team was established to run the website.

finally established   (sonunda kuruldu)

Italy and Vietnam finally established relations at 1973.

He finally established the Rambhāpuri maṭha.

He finally established himself in "makuuchi" in March 1979.

university was established

The university was established in 1958.

The university was established in 1947.

A university was established by Louis I of Hungary in Pécs in 1367.

now established   (şimdi kuruldu)

There are now established services in Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea

A number of now established stars competed in the races during the season.

The two clubs had by now established themselves as South Australia's most powerful.

award was established

The award was established after his death in 1955.

The award was established by 1936 in honor of Louis Blériot.

The award was established in 2011 and includes an honorarium of .

settlement was established   (yerleşim kuruldu)

The first settlement was established in Tinputz.

A Roman settlement was established in the first century C.E.

The squadron sailed to Surabaya, where a settlement was established.

established its first

Naranjal established its first town council in 1814.

In 1986 Tzu Chi established its first Hospital in Hualien.

Yeshiva established its first graduate school, in Jewish studies, in 1936.

fully established   (tamamen kurulmuş)

By August 1920 the secretariat was fully established.

Verne had by then fully established the ""scientific romance"" as a genre.

The total student intake would be 200 for the Faculty when it is fully established.

church was established

The original church was established in 1727 as Queen Caroline Parish Church.

The church was established by immigrants from England, Scotland, and Ulster.

The church was established with the assistance of the New Light evangelist Henry Alline.

institution established

The first educational institution established in Batticaloa was Methodist Central College, founded in 1814.

Naridana Ghoshpur Sushil Kar Vidyaniketan is a Bengali-medium coeducational institution established in 1962.

The Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) is an independent research institution established in 1882 at Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

schools were established

Graduate schools were established in 1999.

Two well-regarded private schools were established in Middleton.

In 1927, three four-year administratively independent schools were established: SS.

records were established

The following records were established during the competition: The final was held at 21:50.

The following records were established during the competition: The final was held at 21:43.

The following records were established during the competition: The heats were held at 11:54.

university established

Xavier University is a Jesuit university established in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1831.

For promoting research, the university established a distinct institute namely 'Research and Extension'.

As mentioned above, Dankook University was the first private university established after Korea gained independence in 1947.

parish was established

The St. Casimir Church parish was established in 1902.

Lynchburg's oldest Episcopal parish was established in 1822.

The parish was established in 1948 and is in its third location.

established following

Lauck's NSDAP/AO was established following this ban.

P-12 college was established following a process of community consultation.

The current political system was established following the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 and the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak.

established many

The Italian established many vineyards in the region.

He has established many schools and colleges in Chandina.

Cosimo I de' Medici established many outlying offices here.

both established

It prints both established and previously unpublished writers.

Townsville and Cardwell were both established north of Bowen in 1864.

Subsequently, the Yale Center Beijing, and NYU Shanghai were both established in 2014.

established throughout

Although Islamic culture is firmly established throughout, a small minority are Christian.

The DHBs oversee the forty-six primary health organisations established throughout the country.

The method was simple to learn and teach, so schools were established throughout the South and West.

clearly established

The motive behind the attack has not been clearly established.

There are no clearly established therapeutic uses of the title compound, cerberin.

The "new prosopography" has since become clearly established as an important approach in historical research.

committee was established   (komite kuruldu)

The first committee was established by six members.

The committee was established in 1947.

A project steering committee was established to oversee the project.

family established   (aile kuruldu)

The family established itself in Belgrave Square.

The St. Quentin family established a fortification within the village.

The Anoa'i family established the "Lia Maivia Scholarship" in her honor.

having been established

It is the oldest such magazine having been established in 1926 by A.E.

Vietnamese Family Day () occurs on the 28th of June each year, having been established in 2001.

The parish of St John the Baptist is the "oldest Catholic parish in northeastern Ohio", having been established in 1823.

never established

Wireless and mobile ATM never established a significant foothold.

Anabaptism was never established by any state and therefore never enjoyed any associated privileges.

Although he scored on his debut against Brighton & Hove Albion, he never established himself in the Lions' starting XI.

established a successful

On his return from service, Eleazar established a successful farm there.

He established a successful partnership with Roy Schilling and Bill Impey.

His daughter, Shemekia Copeland, established a successful career as a singer.