İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

even though   (buna rağmen)

But Bahattar is calm even though she drives crazily.

Nurses are unemployed even though their help is needed.

He claimed that he was even though he was 18.

even more   (hatta daha fazla)

This holds even more so with stocks, oil and gold.

These episodes made me long for Elliott even more.

You’d think he would probably need one even more.

even when   (bile olsa)

Brienne refuses, even when threatened with a hanging.

This is also a multivalued function, even when is real.

The connection can be made even when the tubing is wet.

not even   (hatta değil)

They may not even know a language besides English.

One cannot even begin to describe their delights."

We cannot even think of such a day - God forbid".

even before   (Hatta önce)

even before the Tides became an Orioles affiliate.

The poem became very popular even before his death.

Some Khitans migrated into western areas even before.

even further   (bundan da öte)

The R8 was restricted even further to only 520 bhp.

He achieved even further critical success with ' (1976).

This allowed Goanet to expand even further.

even greater   (hatta daha büyük)

Large calderas may have even greater effects.

A second return to Italy brought even greater prestige.

Thus Cobb's totals may be even greater than is recorded.

sometimes even   (bazen bile)

and sometimes even a block of French chalk.

He easily contacted them, sometimes even offering them drinks.

The dispute has led to much acrimony, and sometimes even to violence.

even today

So it still fulfils its original purpose even today.

This is all a matter of considerable controversy even today.

The Maronite perseverance lead to their existence even today.

even during   (sırasında bile)

Barrikada remained open even during the Siege of Leningrad.

Top-ranking males tend to be aggressive even during dominance stability.

The value of the battleship has been questioned, even during their heyday.

even better   (daha iyi)

"Fear of Flying" (2000) fared even better at No.

In 1898 the Duquesnes decided to build an even better team.

We are working hard to get even better."

even larger   (daha büyük)

Heritability may also occur at even larger scales.

Claims have been made indicating even larger sizes.

Fragments of trilobites suggest even larger record sizes.

even higher   (hatta daha yüksek)

The day side has an even higher temperature in excess of .

Some bottles have an even higher deposit.

Depending on the application even higher temperatures are used.

even the most   (en bile)

Nevertheless, even the most polar and salt-like of carbides are not completely ionic compounds.

While many European aircraft were innovative, even the most successful had small production runs.

Fans of even the most obscure films can communicate online with each other in vibrant communities.

even less   (daha az)

There is even less enthusiasm for moral reform.

Prices can then drop to 15 euro or even less for longer stays.

Partial tears are seemingly even less common than complete tears.

even worse   (daha da kötüsü)

In 1910 the violence was even worse than usual.

The serious offerings fared even worse.

In the 1910 elections the violence was even worse than usual.

even then   (o zaman bile)

The track was evidently in horrible shape even then.

Altyndepe was a major center even then.

And even then its influence continued.

even without   (olmadan bile)

And to a large extent that happens even without our involvement.

Lowering the temperature increases optical albedo even without clouds.

Or, even without multiplying the food, whoever ate her food, would be satiated.

perhaps even   (belkide)

These express intent or desire, perhaps even pleading.

It is as common or perhaps even more common than vasovagal syncope.

This theme is similar (perhaps even homage) to scenarios in Walt Kelly's "Pogo".

did not even   (bile değil)

This did not even grant freedom to those in slavery.

He did not even spare the residence and factory of Indigo planters.

Until that time, the concept of an NP-complete problem did not even exist.

became even   (eşit oldu)

They became even closer friends during this time.

He became even more influential after his death.

The rivalry became even more intense during the 1992–1994 seasons.

even within   (içinde bile)

The caudal vertebra number may vary, even within species.

Street fairs vary greatly in character, even within one city.

There are many minor variations, even within the same regions.

even   (- hatta)

19,000 litres) of water – even more with a trailer.

He wisely says nothing in reply – even when the headmaster confesses his love for him.

The EU is an important – even an ‘influential’ – actor in international environmental negotiations.

became even more   (daha da fazla oldu)

He became even more influential after his death.

The rivalry became even more intense during the 1992–1994 seasons.

But as soon as she grew accustomed to the idea, "it became even more fun.

even among   (Hatta arasında)

Several orthographic mistakes are common even among native speakers.

Confusion between the two names was common even among contemporaries.

At the school, Ged's skills inspire admiration even among the teachers.

even know   (Hatta biliyor)

They may not even know a language besides English.

She commented, "...people don't even know the story.

A lot of people didn't even know we had a third album."

even earlier

Finds of Roman coins point to even earlier habitation.

It begins about noon, or even earlier.

Research of the 21st century has established even earlier dates.

even more so   (daha da fazlası)

This holds even more so with stocks, oil and gold.

But it was even more so for Muslims."

Although Magruder had been conservative about his attack, Sumner was even more so.

possibly even   (muhtemelen)

It is contemporary and possibly even identical to, "Equus sivalensis".

In other cases, a third party might read, bill, and possibly even collect for the service.

The central scoria cone may be only a few thousand years old, possibly even of historical age.

even went

He even went so far as "[...defending] Italian policy."

1 in the UK and even went Top 10 in the US.

Protesters even went as far as calling EA the anti-christ.

without even

He would sign a contract without even reading it."

To own me without even talking to me or paying any money to me?"

The rest of the German capital ships were without even this innovation.

even number   (çift sayı)

172 is an even number, a composite number and a deficient number.

If there's three cans, he'll throw one away because it has to be an even number."

stearic (C16) and oleic (C18), meaning that an even number of carbon atoms comprise them.

never even   (asla bile)

Many never even visited the colonies they owned.

I've never even streamed from that account."

It is said that he has never even been touched in a battle.

even made   (hatta yapılmış)

Sometimes the children were even made into Saints.

Financial issues befell the squad before they even made the grid.

The player himself even made several unsuccessful trips to Moscow.

even bigger   (daha büyük)

Indio is even bigger than and presumably better than a movie."

He also released a single "Overdose" which sprouted his career even bigger.

The Cheetah Girls travel across the globe and receive an even bigger surprise.

even going

As a result, JVC cut its budgets and restructured its video division - even going as far as shelving the VHS project.

In fact, Bryson recounts how he really was uninterested in getting up before noon, thus not even going to school very often.

In this version, George and Kathy calmly leave the house, with George even going back into the house to grab some pairs of clothes.

even smaller

However, some ssDNA viruses can be even smaller.

miles, while Kruszwica County was even smaller, with 6 sq.

Nearby was an even smaller village of the same name — Filibeller-i Küçük.

even stronger   (daha da güçlü)

The association with wealth is even stronger.

This effect is even stronger for poor women.

Since then the club has become even stronger at every level.

even so   (yine de)

As the Will of God is in Heaven, even so let it be."

It turns out the clock's ticking is incredibly loud, even so it can be heard upstairs.

The religious text: "For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive."

even lower   (Daha da alçak)

In 2012 it was believed to be even lower.

In December 1983, a new dietary programme for 1984 set even lower allowances.

All of Demon Hunter's subsequent releases would be dropped even lower to Drop B.

even used

Maple even used to distribute LeapFrog kids' DVDs.

It was even used during the height of the Durrani Empire.

They even used elephants to carry heavy guns across the mountains.

even now   (şimdi bile)

Her lifestyle, even now, is exotic to the others.

It sits there and makes me sweat even now".

Kulasekharapatnam even now has a light house in near Manapad.

even longer   (daha da uzun)

[..] China, in any case, possesses missiles with even longer range.

What that meant was holding off Ben's debut as Spider-Man even longer."

The National League went even longer without an MVP award to a pitcher.

even considered   (bile düşünüldü)

Some of his papers are even considered to be those that established the field.

He even considered running for president of the United States as an independent.

He began to pray and study the Bible diligently, and even considered a career in the ministry.

even years

They remained unopened, even years after the flight.

The whole process varies from a few days to even years.

Ann Arbor holds mayoral elections to 2-year terms in even years.

t even   (hatta)

This was a kid who didn’t even smoke or drink.

I couldn’t even breathe," she said.

Re-signing wasn’t even a question!

t even   (eşit değil)

This was a kid who didn’t even smoke or drink.

I couldn’t even breathe," she said.

Re-signing wasn’t even a question!

become even   (eşit olmak)

Since then the club has become even stronger at every level.

Tariffs have become even higher.

Godzilla finally arrives to assist Jet Jaguar and the odds become even.

made even

The connection can be made even when the tubing is wet.

The decision was made even though there was no precedent that it relied on.

Foreign born blacks, 9% of the black population, made even greater strides.

so even   (hatta)

The rules are simple, so even young children can play.

It does so even at cytotoxic levels.

They decided to do so even though they knew that to appeal was forbidden.

even death   (ölüm bile)

Failure to do so meant possible imprisonment, exile, or even death.

This results in vicious battles where injury and even death can occur.

The resultant collisions often led to serious injuries and sometimes even death.

even older

TB from Tvøroyri is even older, founded in 1892.

The site is even older, as seventh century rock carvings attest.

Apache 2.4 dropped support for BeOS, TPF and even older platforms.

does not even   (bile değil)

He is so forgotten that he does not even have his own Wikipedia page."

His professional boxing record does not even contain a birth date for him.

So back out he went, for a group of shows that the official chronology does not even attempt to label.

even small

Fuel is handled in such a way that even small spills are minimized.

Even these armed flyers are no match for even small warriors though.

Vampirism is highly infectious, and even small touches can eventually cause conversion.

maybe even   (hatta belki)

Whether it can, or maybe even should, find an audience is another matter."

It is being dated somehow later, maybe even more than hundred years later.

The Amsterdam GP qualifier will go down as the most controversial event of 2006, maybe even in K-1 history.

break even   (başabaş)

We're budgeting the WNBA to break even this year."

The company expects to break even in six years' time.

All these songs were written in break even times in my life.

even more difficult   (daha da zor)

The situation in Britain was even more difficult.

The ARVN 3rd Regiment had an even more difficult time.

Further surgery in both eyes made drawing even more difficult.

continued even

The arrests continued even after 22 June 1941.

The shop continued even after his death.

The litigation continued even after Pleasant's death in 1904.

get even

As the record progresses things get even more dynamic.

We are working hard to get even better."

And things get even more complicated over the next few months."

even closer

They became even closer friends during this time.

1 Florida earlier and Kiffin's team came even closer this time.

After Wilson's first wife died in 1914, the President was even closer to House.

even more important   (hatta daha önemli)

It became even more important in the 15th century, with the invention of printing.

Nuclear power will play an even more important role in China's future power development.

The railway hub became even more important later in 1938 when another branch to Kaniv was added.

even harder   (daha da zor)

He started running even harder last spring and summer.

A particularly bad experience in the Chicago World's fair makes things even harder for Buddy.

Veslemøy has to fight even harder with her demons, and is once again taken into the mountains.

even through   (olsa bile)

It can grow on poor, rocky soils and it flowers even through drought conditions.

The entire reserve could quickly disappear, even through unregulated deforestation.

The south side was proposed for possible future development even through the late 1990s.

even a single

And we have not received anything indicates a denial, not even a single word."

However, it was a landslide flop for the film not to have won even a single award.

This panel's circumstances were criticized for including not even a single Ainu person among its members.

nor even   (hatta)

But this is not true nor even confirmed.

The intellectual content in a physical book need not be a composition, nor even be called a book.

There is, however, no documented evidence for this story, nor even that a British prince was involved in the shipwreck.

becomes even

The sky becomes even darker after the execution.

This time, he becomes even more lethal and starts targeting Sivaji.

When he finds this out he becomes even more determined to be his own man.

even having

He descends into a silent stupor, Patsy's father even having to feed him.

The death of Viktor Tsoi was a shock to many fans, some even having committed suicide.

It is well used and stocked (even having a visitors' book) but it is not easy to find in bad conditions.

because even   (çünkü bile)

I wouldn't say it's political because even the characters themselves, they're unaware, oblivious to the politics of it.

This was because even full pay was often barely sufficient to cover the living expenses of an officer and any dependents.

However, the most important offering was food, because even though the Ka was separated from the body it could still starve.

even took

The flight experienced trouble before it even took off.

He even took part in battles.

It even took place in the original murder location, the "Magnolia" hotel.

even faster   (daha hızlı)

Then they go off at the same time and even faster.

This contest moved along even faster than Game 3.

When the latter was out, Chapman began to score even faster.

even going so

Fenby was a devout Catholic and Delius hated Christianity, even going so far as to say that Fenby should not go to the local chapel but visit one further away.

Because all coloring was done by hand, the patron could request simple, cheap color, or more expensive, elaborate color, even going so far as silver or gold gilding.

Labeling requirements initially operated on a state level with some states even going so far as to require that cocaine and cocaine-containing products be labeled as poison.

even later   (daha sonra bile)

Some Sanskrit sources have him ordain even later.

3:4–8/4:4–8 could be seen as even later.

ET instead (or even later), depending on the option of the station).

even make   (hatta yap)

They may apprehend a suspected person or even make an arrest if necessary.

Our spirits soar and we find we can even make jokes; taels I win, heads you lose.

Some nights she would even make $6,000, an incredibly large sum of money at the time.

even started   (hatta başladı)

At one point, Bonds even started to break down in tears.

Some local leaders even started using royal titles for themselves.

Rene Russo began rehearsals with the chimpanzees a month before principal photography even started.

even against   (karşı bile)

In some cases, it has created cultures arrayed against each other or even against themselves.

Cases were taken out against Muslims, against other dhimmis and even against members of the dhimmi's own family.

At 1.89 m, Goretzka's high-jumping ability helps him to win aerial battles even against the strongest and tallest defenders.

become even more   (daha fazla ol)

Their straits become even more dire when Ned is stricken down by illness.

Systems of surveillance and control are going to become even more perverse.

By the early 1970s, the AYF had become even more dynamic and continued to grow.

even numbers

Almost all natural fatty acids, therefore, have even numbers of carbon atoms.

Where marks are numbered red marks have even numbers and green marks have odd numbers.

According to Davis, "Its great triumph was to prove that the sum of two even numbers is even".

even up

A few weeks later, at Bristol, Allgaier ran well all race, even up in the top 5 at one point.

Imitations of the ducat were minted in almost all European countries, some even up to modern times.

Beginning at age eleven, Nin wrote journals prolifically for six decades and even up until her death.

more even

First match The second match was a more even affair.

Honey buzzards flap with distinctively slower and more even wing beats than common buzzard.

On 25 February 2018, the network and timetables were restructured again for more even and reliable services.

even get   (hatta al)

On occasion, Smothers would even get in physical altercations with fans.

They may even get down on their hands and knees and crawl to where they have to go.

South of the road the 5th Brigade remained pinned down, unable to even get started.


Australians are the butt of Kiwi humour (and vice versa) — even at the highest diplomatic level.

"There is a logical argument for both methods — even in conjunction — but one's purpose defeats the other."

References to fire were cut from earlier episodes — even the original master tapes were altered permanently.

even tried   (hatta denedim)

He even tried driving a car along the dirt road beside the ranch.

The agents even tried to turn both victory and defeat into sales opportunities.

Jim—who hasn't even tried to practice driving yet—steals Yard's pickup truck one evening.

even played

She even played fiddle on nearly every track for them.

He even played the trumpet while in the army.

He even played one game that year, accumulating 17 penalty minutes.

even called   (hatta aradı)

Furthermore, it is not even called Houtweg anymore.

The composer Georges Auric even called the work "Mendelssohnian."

Sometimes Gamla is even called the "Northern Masada" or "Masada Golan."

even though many

SK moved on to the playoffs even though many people had the team written off since it had a stand-in.

It quickly gained significant Poland-wide popularity; even though many people still did not own TV sets.

On 3 November 2008, he said that severe part of the bear market is over, even though many short-term risks exist.

even managed

The PAIGC even managed to acquire a significant anti-aircraft capability in order to defend itself against aerial attack.

Armia Krajowa field agents even managed to obtain pieces of the fired rockets, by arriving on the scene before German patrols.

He continued to appear regularly for the club until the end of the season and he even managed to score his first goal for Iraklis, in a match against OFI.

used even   (hatta kullanıldı)

Therefore, h-BN lubricants can be used even in vacuum, e.g.

It can be used even when it is not connected to the network.

Today, the Athanasian Creed is rarely used even in the Western Church.

even possible   (hatta mümkün)

It is even possible to make acausal IIR systems.

It's even possible to play solitaire against your own deck.

Occasional intermigration and intermarriage between the two groups was even possible.

even became

In subsequent years Tolstoy and Pushkin even became friends.

He even became King of Portugal in 1385, after the 1383–1385 Crisis.

He was consumed with the murders of Jack the Ripper and even became a suspect.

even wrote

Filmmaker Adam Green even wrote a screenplay to "Aquaman".

According to Suetonius, he even wrote a book on the subject of hair care.

S. Srikanta Sastri even wrote an erudite and scholarly foreword to one of Ta.

even a small   (küçük bile)

In the village of Pyrgi, there is even a small Museum of Mastic.

Thus, if the condition number is large, even a small error in "b" may cause a large error in "x".

Because of its shape the Ear has extremely good acoustics, making even a small sound resonate throughout the cave.

even included

These plans even included a possible removal of the Main island.

It even included a U.S. Post Office.

His poetry was even included (without naming the author) in a popular reader.

becomes even more

This time, he becomes even more lethal and starts targeting Sivaji.

When he finds this out he becomes even more determined to be his own man.

At one point, Nietzsche becomes even more adamant about his Polish identity.

even beyond   (hatta ötesinde)

It spread even beyond the Indian subcontinent to Central Asia and China.

These cults were portals of a uniform socialization, even beyond mainland Greece.

Equal elements of musical tradition are common through much of the Australian continent, and even beyond.

even if not   (olmasa bile)

Each distinction listed below has at least one "nafka minnah", even if not specified here.

Casuals had to work and sleep in solitary confinement, even if not convicted of an offence.

And even if not – these parties don't know themselves who they are, they have no ideology."

even fewer   (Daha da az)

Tellurium also forms iodides with even fewer iodine atoms than diiodies.

He has made a will, bequeathing his few possessions to his even fewer friends.

The Book Pahlavi script, an abjad, had only twelve letters at one point, and may have had even fewer later on.

even suggested   (hatta önerdi)

Sabra (1978) even suggested he might have been an adherent of Shia Islam.

Josyf Velamyn Rutsky even suggested granting him the title of Bishop of Halych.

Some Kosovo Albanians even suggested that Albanians were "Aryans of Illyrian heritage".

even able   (hatta mümkün)

We are not even able to formulate the problem coherently.

Some agents are even able to induce denaturation at room temperature.

The dogs had given up, and they were not even able to make it to the nearest roadhouse.

even more successful

While Kournikova had a successful singles season, she was even more successful in doubles.

This Korean version, adapted by Kim Min-ki, became even more successful than the original in Berlin.

Ken Anderson replaced Carter as Cincinnati's starting quarterback in 1972 and was even more successful.

even offered   (teklif bile)

The Soviet Union even offered Kenyans scholarships to study in the country.

They even offered him a much higher salary than the one he received at Gladstone.

The company even offered three-minute airplane rides to attract prospective buyers.