early evening   (夕方)

The Ora is a south wind, which starts at noon and blows until the early evening hours.

The parade lasted more than two hours during the afternoon and early evening following the inaugural ceremony.

They are diurnal, and are particularly active in the early morning and in the later afternoon or early evening.

same evening   (同じ夜)

on April 3, 2018, the same evening as her 27th birthday.

She was captured the same evening in unclear circumstances.

He was included in the squad against Rochdale the same evening.

morning and evening   (朝夕)

In the Red Sea, they hunt in the morning and evening.

Visitation to this temple is limited to morning and evening.

The temple opens each morning and evening at specific darshan times.

during the evening   (夕方)

Alberto had conspicuously admired Maria during the evening.

For even more atmosphere, the windows were lit from behind during the evening meals.

This raga is performed during the evening and it is currently assigned to the Marva thata ("set").

late evening   (夜遅く)

They typically only feed on carrion in the late evening hours and at night.

There is no late evening service, and no service on Sundays or bank holidays.

Red foxes prefer to hunt in the early morning hours before sunrise and late evening.

evening classes

There are evening classes for the sports academy.

In his spare time, he took evening classes to further his education.

She and Régny attended evening classes together from Eugène Claudius-Petit.

evening news

By 19, she was a co-anchor for the local evening news.

He became the station's weekend evening news anchor in January 2006.

However, afternoon and evening news relays of the BBC remained unchanged.

evening before

A visitation is often held the evening before the day of the funeral.

The 2011 edition was seen on the Sunday evening before Labor Day for six hours.

She had sailed from Cherbourg the evening before and had not yet taken any prizes.

following evening

The following evening, Simone arrives at Marcello's shop.

The following evening "Glorious" was sunk, with great loss of life.

The wreck was sunk by gunfire from the U-boat the following evening.

evening hours

They typically only feed on carrion in the late evening hours and at night.

The Ora is a south wind, which starts at noon and blows until the early evening hours.

In the early morning and evening hours there can also be blue and ochre tones as well.

every evening

But Sevanthi (Saritha) watches the sky every evening in hope of rain.

A qualified MBBS doctor visits college every evening and checks the sick cadets.

He watched movies every evening for four to five hours and was deprived of sleep.

previous evening

Speer arrived there the previous evening and accepted Todt's offer to fly with him to Berlin.

The three pilots had been drinking together at the Speak Easy restaurant the previous evening.

The previous evening, he had let the community know that his birthday party had been cancelled.

later that evening

The ceremony aired later that evening on USA Network.

The ceremony aired later that evening on the USA Network.

He died later that evening.

evening gown   (イブニングガウン)

She obtained a score of 9.8 in the evening gown and swimsuit competitions.

These finalists then compete again in evening gown, stage interview, and production talent.

Historically, pageant competition consisted of interview, evening gown and talent categories.

afternoon and evening

They take place in the morning, late afternoon and evening.

This traffic pattern is reversed in the afternoon and evening rush.

However, afternoon and evening news relays of the BBC remained unchanged.

evening session   (夜のセッション)

Wickets continued to fall regularly through the day, and Australia was eventually dismissed for 322 during the evening session.

In September 2007 OSE established evening session for Stock Index Futures and Options.The trading hours is from 16:30 to 19:00 (JST.

Going into the evening session with a 16–9 lead, Trump won two straight frames to win the match 18–9 and claim the 2019 world title.

next evening

The next evening, Pyotr and Pugachev talk in private.

The plan began the next evening.

The next evening the Twins struck back, taking Game 2 by a 7–2 score.

each evening

There was one studio which broadcast for 45 minutes each evening from 8:00 to 8:45 pm.

Laurie wrote regular reports for "Peace News" and kept a diary, completed each evening.

The network originally broadcast for seven hours a day, each evening from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

evening show   (イブニングショー)

Denis continued to host the evening show bilingually on CKGM until 1980.

After several months, he moved into an evening show on sister FM talk station KXOA .

made the spontaneous decision to play the early song "Pool Pass" at the evening show.

evening service

There is no late evening service, and no service on Sundays or bank holidays.

The "FrontRunner" was extended to Pleasant View station on September 29, 2008, offering morning and evening service past Ogden.

However, the evening service continued on to 1946 at which time it was replaced by a private bus service provided by the cinema.

evening newscasts

Today, she anchors the KRON evening newscasts on a fill-in basis, and continues as a reporter.

Beginning as a disk jockey and announcer, he expanded his work into gathering news and giving evening newscasts.

KTVB-DT2 simulcasts the main station's morning newscasts on weekdays, along with weekend early evening newscasts and its 10 p.m. show nightly.

evening newscast   (夕方のニュースキャスト)

The station broadcast its daytime local-origination programs from the mall and also its early evening newscast.

Kalber was coaxed back to broadcasting in 1984 by Chicago station WLS where he anchored the 6 p.m. evening newscast until his final retirement in 1998.

In 1993, KXLN debuted Houston's first Spanish-language morning news program, "Houston Ahora", as well as an innovative late evening newscast called "15 Minutos".

evening when   (夕方)

There is a legend that one evening when he was to read the homily, the candle he was holding went out.

It disappeared from the dispatch box one evening when Hope's wife was out at the theatre for four hours.

This was the case that evening when each of the incident flights were the responsibility of different controllers.

evening dress

Black evening dress and formal dress in general were worn less and less.

She found it to be inelegant for her evening dress and uncomfortable to wear.

Women's evening dress included trains and tiaras or feathers in their hair (often both).

evening prayer

This begins around sunset when Rehras (evening prayer) is recited.

In the Church of England, the rubric appoints them to follow the third collect at morning and evening prayer.

People gather in mosques for evening prayer and stay after prayers in valley or sides , discussing social and cultural issues.

evening meal   (夕飯)

After the evening meal, most Cantonese restaurants offer "tong sui" (), a sweet soup.

Hammond gives Ellen a pair of ruby earrings, which she wears while serving an evening meal.

Cuisine varies by region, but a large, one-course, evening meal is common throughout the country.

evening wear   (イブニングウェア)

She is the founder of the Pamella Roland, an evening wear line.

The first two sometimes in turn divided into day and evening wear.

Events may include sportswear, swimwear, evening wear, talent, interview, writing skills, and modeling.

until the evening

Sporadic fighting lasted until the evening.

I did not see Booth to speak to him, after the sale, until the evening of the assassination.

Senna was so upset that he went back to his Monaco flat and was not heard from until the evening.