Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

eventually became   (cuối cùng đã trở thành)

Legaic eventually became a key convert of Duncan's.

It eventually became a run-down apartment building.

He eventually became an authority on smelting iron.

eventually led   (cuối cùng đã dẫn)

This eventually led to the banning of the TNRT.

That eventually led to the nomination of Ray Garland.

This eventually led to a rift between the two artists.

eventually become   (cuối cùng trở thành)

The roadway that would eventually become US 82 Bus.

The roadway that would eventually become SR 50 Bus.

This would eventually become the "Misa Criolla".

eventually becoming   (cuối cùng trở thành)

She married secondly, Jerry Foster, eventually becoming widowed.

"Left Alternative"), eventually becoming a member of its anarchist wing.

It was rebuilt and enlarged, eventually becoming the Cross Street Chapel.

eventually won   (cuối cùng đã thắng)

The more local name "Colonels" eventually won out.

Smith's old buddy Tony (TNT) Tubbs eventually won.

He eventually won the suit and received a lump sum.

eventually released

On August 30, 2004, he was eventually released.

It was eventually released on 14 December 2006.

They were eventually released in South Africa.

eventually moved

The cabaret was eventually moved to a prime time slot.

His job eventually moved him to New York City.

Appeals eventually moved the case to the Supreme Court.

eventually lost

The Razdas eventually lost track of the Macugowskis.

She eventually lost the competition to Justin Warner.

Toronto eventually lost 7–3 on aggregate to Santos Laguna.

eventually made

She eventually made a comeback as concert artist.

He and Oshins eventually made his mother relent.

Bowman was eventually made a producer on the series.

eventually settled   (cuối cùng giải quyết)

She eventually settled on one act with six scenes.

They eventually settled in King George, Virginia.

The family eventually settled in Beare Green, Surrey.

before eventually

The Corbetts moved frequently before eventually settling in Troy, New York.

He joined the Marine Corps at age 18 before eventually moving into finance.

Again with Somerset in 2008, he started 8 games before eventually becoming the closer.

eventually sold

It was eventually sold to BMG Rights Management.

The firm was eventually sold to the Reading Railroad.

It was eventually sold to Charles Gebhardt of Gawler.

eventually returned

Mundhra eventually returned to the Indian film industry.

She was defeated, but eventually returned.

(Chu eventually returned to power in 653.)

eventually went

The sale eventually went through for $4.9 million.

The second male lead eventually went to Tab Hunter.

The female lead eventually went to Sophia Loren.

eventually came

They eventually came face to face, shocking Avery.

This line, too, eventually came under Reading control.

However, he eventually came well short, recording 30 reps.

eventually decided

Chou's agency eventually decided against his proposal.

They eventually decided to separate, but not officially.

It was eventually decided to fire at 16:15 on 9 October.

eventually found

He eventually found his place as a central midfielder.

The men were eventually found close to death.

They were eventually found by a Royal Navy rescue party.

eventually took

Her trips eventually took her out of the country.

The final eventually took place on October 30.

The son eventually took the surname of his mother's new husband.

eventually left

Zanuck eventually left Fox to return to producing.

He eventually left Afghanistan again for Moscow.

However it was eventually left off the final release.

eventually reached

The group's membership eventually reached 91 officers.

He eventually reached Adinapur fort in Nangarhar district.

Hutton eventually reached 81 as the opening pair put on 168.

eventually replaced   (cuối cùng đã thay thế)

This approach eventually replaced all other systems.

They were eventually replaced by small mortars.

It was eventually replaced with Solo Talent.

eventually lead   (cuối cùng dẫn)

Severe ataxia may eventually lead to the need for a wheelchair.

Without this, tail recursions can eventually lead to stack overflow.

An incorrectly fitted saddle may eventually lead to muscle imbalance.

eventually finished

He eventually finished the season ranked world no.

He eventually finished 4th in the first semi final.

She eventually finished well beaten behind Fridoline.

eventually joined

Many of them eventually joined Hromadske.TV.

Adler left the band and eventually joined up with Guns N' Roses.

He eventually joined Toei, where he also served on the board of directors.

eventually forced

The company was eventually forced into bankruptcy.

In the end, Hormuzan was eventually forced to surrender.

Adalbert was no longer welcome and eventually forced into exile.

eventually leading

The Kempeitai went on an all-out search for Li and other Force 136 members, eventually leading to Lim's capture.

Two new laboratories were added in 1967 eventually leading to two labs for each of the three science disciplines.

She "stumbled into computer animation by accident", eventually leading to her career in feature film cinematography.

eventually signed

They eventually signed with EMI / Columbia Records.

He eventually signed for the club on 30 July.

and eventually signed with Reprise Records.

eventually ended

The program was eventually ended on June 8, 2005.

The weekly segment eventually ended in 1995.

The streak eventually ended at 127 games on March 5, 2014.

eventually dropped

He was eventually dropped from the panel in 2012.

The criminal case against him was eventually dropped.

Charges against those students were eventually dropped.

eventually reaching

Federer saved a break point in the next game, eventually reaching a tie break.

This epoch featured a general warming trend, with jungles eventually reaching the poles.

Sidna Allen and Wesley Edwards then left Virginia, eventually reaching Des Moines, Iowa.

eventually agreed   (cuối cùng đã đồng ý)

Savage eventually agreed to take on the role.

However, she eventually agreed to record it.

The powers eventually agreed that Laupepa would become king.

eventually becomes

She eventually becomes Toni Topaz's girlfriend.

Ravi eventually becomes disinterested in his education.

Kathir eventually becomes a successful restaurant owner.

eventually defeated

Galway were eventually defeated by 2–22 to 2–10.

He was eventually defeated by Hank Pym.

The rebels were eventually defeated by British imperial forces.

eventually abandoned   (cuối cùng bị bỏ rơi)

The quarries were eventually abandoned in the 1680s.

This system was eventually abandoned.

C&NW eventually abandoned the Minnesota Prairie Line tracks in 1982.

eventually fell

Borman eventually fell asleep, and then awoke feeling ill.

They got close and eventually fell in love with each other.

These ideas eventually fell from favour.

eventually began

Industry eventually began to show some interest and in 1936.

They eventually began dating and married on October 26, 2014.

The two eventually began dating.

eventually resulted

Their regularly conflicts eventually resulted in the Battle of Red Ford.

This cooperation amongst friendly Dutch shipowners eventually resulted in a full merger.

He approached Carl Sagan about his idea, which eventually resulted in the Pioneer plaque.

eventually gave

Most eventually gave up Judaism altogether.

He eventually gave up playing in 1956.

The family eventually gave up, assuming she had been lost or died.

eventually closed

They produced no copper and eventually closed.

The company eventually closed down in 2001.

and the business was eventually closed on 31 December 1906.

eventually married

His mother eventually married Salvatore "Babe" Panaro.

She eventually married one of her admirers.

They eventually married and had four sons.

eventually got

Aero Club and eventually got permission to use the P.W.S.

He eventually got his card back after befriending the boy.

Alexander Cohen eventually got the rights.

eventually turned

He eventually turned into a film producer himself.

The script was eventually turned into "Kull the Conqueror".

They eventually turned to the East Coast and finally Boston.

eventually finds

He eventually finds the group when they battle against Ōba.

The water from the Ebor eventually finds an outlet in the Clarence River.

The robber eventually finds out where Damian lives and ransacks his house.

eventually published

The book was eventually published in ten languages.

The score was eventually published by Edition Peters.

It was eventually published by Schott Music.

eventually grew

The city of Basel eventually grew around the "castra".

The crowd eventually grew to 10,000 according to some sources.

It eventually grew to 51 ranks consisting of nearly 4000 pipes.

eventually losing

Anderlecht after just six minutes but eventually losing the match 2–3.

Boxing As a boxer he fought Kid McCoy, knocking him down but eventually losing the bout.

It reached the final of the Federation Cup in 1987, eventually losing 0–2 to Mohun Bagan.

eventually died

Weeper eventually died between 1942 and 1946.

Huang eventually died of sickness at the age of 85 in 1953.

He eventually died on November 29, 2013.

eventually revealed

This May is eventually revealed to have symbiotic powers.

The real killer was eventually revealed to be Scotty Baldwin.

Media eventually revealed Lori Drew's name and published her photograph.

eventually settling   (cuối cùng giải quyết)

The Corbetts moved frequently before eventually settling in Troy, New York.

He moved north after high school, eventually settling in Brooklyn in early 2000.

When he was sixteen years old, he left home, eventually settling in California in 1849.

eventually developed

A 75 MHz range-only set was eventually developed and designated Type 79X.

From these implications, Wegner eventually developed the "ironic process theory".

At first, he did not reciprocate, but eventually developed feelings for her as well.

eventually killed

Gottschalk's son Henry eventually killed Kruto in 1093.

Patroclus was eventually killed by Hector.

Shivaji Maharaj eventually killed him.

eventually able   (cuối cùng có thể)

They were eventually able to capture 14 Mauser rifles.

Against all odds they were eventually able to score a goal.

They are eventually able to retrieve it.

eventually winning

The team goes on to have an undefeated record, eventually winning the Bay Hill Holiday tournament.

In the fourth, both teams traded a pair of touchdowns with Alabama eventually winning the game 23–19.

Zemgalis started to play chess when he was eleven, eventually winning the championships of Riga and Jelgava.

eventually succeeded   (cuối cùng đã thành công)

Teuta was eventually succeeded by Gentius in 181 BC.

Bourlas eventually succeeded to regain his citizenship in 1999.

She eventually succeeded Carly Fiorina as chairman of the board.

eventually passed

The total expenses eventually passed $15 billion.

Stahelski and Leitch eventually passed on the project.

The newspaper eventually passed to the W.E.

eventually brought

The uprising was eventually brought under control.

Zomba eventually brought back the Volcano Entertainment moniker.

The language's revival eventually brought linguistic additions with it.

eventually did

CORO eventually did this, but Heilmann was absent.

Al-Fihri eventually did make another bid for power.

Even when Duckworth eventually did ask for his advice, it was not heeded.

eventually leads

Frasier consoles her, and this eventually leads them to sleep together.

As a result, his mother is assaulted which eventually leads to her death.

This work eventually leads him to imprisonment and when he is freed, nothing is the same.

eventually merged

The pantheons were eventually merged once more centuries later.

It collaborated with and eventually merged into the Conservative party.

eventually merged in 1971).

eventually acquired

MFC was eventually acquired by CLA in April, 2011.

The book eventually acquired the status of a folktale.

Copley Newspapers eventually acquired the paper outright.

eventually evolved

The tablet likely eventually evolved into the iPhone or iPad..

Their professional relationship eventually evolved into an intimate one.

Everbrite eventually evolved into a multi-purpose cleaner that kills bacteria.

eventually built

More than 400 copies were eventually built.

The firm eventually built more than 100 homes in the area.

A total of 52 A1s were eventually built.

eventually formed

Soon after it was eventually formed.

He also pursued musical training and eventually formed his own orchestra.

They eventually formed a vaudeville act, calling themselves the Mills Sisters.

eventually received

He eventually received permission for two elders.

He eventually received 5,991 votes while Blahová only 5,148.

Kerry eventually received all 178 delegates from Pennsylvania.

then eventually

The song was then eventually pitched to Pink.

Kip starts to panic and then eventually resigns from his candidate post.

Ed uses the hole for a couple gags then eventually rolls it up and keeps it.

eventually captured

The port of Quilon was eventually captured in c. 1097 AD.

She is eventually captured and imprisoned by Ottoman pirates.

Maqana was eventually captured and imprisoned on Robben Island.

eventually retired   (cuối cùng đã nghỉ hưu)

Boyett eventually retired in Redlands, California.

He eventually retired from professional football.

He eventually retired from professional hockey at age 43.

eventually accepted

After initial resistance, the terms were eventually accepted.

According to Millais' son, he eventually accepted a lower sum.

He eventually accepted a job with the New Brunswick civil service.

eventually changed

Kennedy eventually changed his mind to agree with Thompson.

On 31 August 2001, the name was eventually changed to Stadium Hang Tuah.

He started rapping under the name "JayOhVee", but eventually changed it to Joey Badass.

what would eventually   (cuối cùng thì sao)

This was the genesis of what would eventually become one of the greatest rivalries in sports.

Darge began buying records for what would eventually become his ultimate passion and career for the rest of his life.

On August 22, 1992, Misawa defeated Hansen to win the first of what would eventually be five Triple Crown championships.

eventually taken

Buddy is eventually taken to a mental hospital.

The yard was eventually taken over by the Walsh-Kaiser Company.

The brand was eventually taken over by the JUMBO Group in 2010.

eventually finishing

6 seeds, eventually finishing fourth with a loss to the German No.

Bolt d'Oro tired, eventually finishing in twelfth place, but Good Magic persevered to finish second.

Adama City briefly held the top spot late in the 2017–18 Ethiopian Premier League season before eventually finishing 5th.

eventually adopted

The Foy-Breguet telegraph was eventually adopted.

The constitution was eventually adopted in July 2012.

Cities in the region eventually adopted the Attic standard.

did eventually

When he did eventually see it, he didn't like it.

The article itself did eventually accomplish Sims's goals.

Don C did eventually make a men's size to include everyone.

eventually rose

He eventually rose to become president judge.

He eventually rose to the rank of colonel in the reserves.

Noyes eventually rose up to the position of assistant editor.

eventually bought

Brown eventually bought out Burr's share of the company.

Film rights were eventually bought by Dino de Laurentiis.

ADC eventually bought by Intec Telecom Systems of Great Britain.

eventually purchased

LIN TV eventually purchased WOTV outright in 2001.

The DeVos family eventually purchased the ECHL Solar Bears in 2017.

Monet rented and eventually purchased a house and gardens in Giverny.

eventually expanded

He eventually expanded them into a set of 39 exercises.

The chain eventually expanded across the American South.

Their role was eventually expanded to fight in the Crusades.

eventually became known

These wines eventually became known as the "Super Tuscans".

The school eventually became known familiarly as the Russell Military Academy.

The national championships eventually became known as WGI World Championships.

team eventually   (đội cuối cùng)

The team eventually visited Glenswilly on 27 September.

The team eventually moved to Detroit for the 1934 season.

The team eventually made it and played in the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

eventually make   (cuối cùng làm)

She and Owen eventually make up in the season finale.

but the ship was able to eventually make port in France.

Don C did eventually make a men's size to include everyone.

eventually moving

He joined the Marine Corps at age 18 before eventually moving into finance.

Mark Cross opened its doors in Boston in 1845, eventually moving its headquarters to New York.

However, after just four months, Alston grew unsettled and decided to return to Australia, eventually moving to Illawarra.

eventually named

He was eventually named President of the PC Party.

He was eventually named AAF Offensive Player of the Week.

The town was eventually named after him.

eventually broke

It demanded equal pay with male teachers, and eventually broke away.

Breach eventually broke free of Monarch's control, only to be killed by him.

The Marines eventually broke into the west building and cleared it room by room.

eventually joining

He learned to play drums during band practice sessions, eventually joining the group.

He played in every grade of hurling before eventually joining the college's senior hurling team.

The Vishnya river flows through the town in a westerly direction, eventually joining San in Poland.

eventually find   (cuối cùng tìm thấy)

", which would eventually find their way back to Puerto Rico.

Their fun times eventually comes to an end when they eventually find trouble.

Kromah would eventually find the opening goal of the match in the 27th minute.

eventually established

A new capital at Rawalakot was eventually established by Pakistan.

He eventually established himself within the Manly community as a Storekeeper and Land Agent.

Translator Richard Zenith notes that Pessoa eventually established at least seventy-two heteronyms.

eventually earned

She eventually earned her black belt in taekwondo.

Anthony eventually earned the nickname "Little New York".

It eventually earned $468,684 in the US.

eventually given

However, the role was eventually given to Glaiza de Castro.

The award was eventually given to "Hayat Öpücüğü (Ozinga Mix)".

Two of them were eventually given back to Poland in 1955 by the DR.

eventually used

The station eventually used two notional spares.

(This approach was eventually used to define the SI unit of ampere as well).

The design was eventually used as the basis for most MIPS-based Windows NT systems.

eventually cancelled

"CHiPs" was eventually cancelled by the spring of 1983.

Zeus was eventually cancelled in 1963.

The project was eventually cancelled.

eventually gained

It eventually gained Waters her fourth No.

Hoffman's teas eventually gained wide popularity in the US, the Americas, and Europe.

The organisation eventually gained full control of some districts along the Bulgarian border.

eventually started

Wilson eventually started his own engineering business.

The race was eventually started under safety car conditions.

When he eventually started his own business, it was an immediate success.

eventually reach

The park will eventually reach Bridge Street Bridge.

It would eventually reach #34 on the "Billboard" Hot 100 in 1958.

Thus one must eventually reach the case "a" = "b", which is the only stopping case.

family eventually   (gia đình cuối cùng)

The family eventually settled in Beare Green, Surrey.

The family eventually moved to a stone house with a garden.

The family eventually left France.

eventually caught

Lemba was eventually caught and was executed in 1548.

They were eventually caught, wiring US$100 million overseas.

The "Robert Wallace" eventually caught fire and burned down.

eventually promoted

She was eventually promoted to Associate Professor.

He was eventually promoted to a supervisory role.

He was eventually promoted to Principal Clerk.

eventually transferred

Personnel eventually transferred to incoming 512th Troop Carrier Wing.

She eventually transferred to the University of Florida to continue her studies in engineering.

Oton built the first Manila galleons before operations were eventually transferred to the Bicol and Cavite shipyards.

eventually come

Somehow though, he would eventually come back.

They eventually come across old friends Lenka and Jiří.

The two eventually come across an abandoned baby in a basket.

eventually opened

The school eventually opened in the fall of 1964.

When the freeway eventually opened, it was simply labeled as I-77.

The second phase was completed and the hospital eventually opened in 1978.