evergreen forests   (常緑樹林)

The habitat consists of submontane evergreen forests.

The habitat consists of dense upland evergreen forests.

Conover for its abundant evergreen forests.

evergreen tree   (常緑樹)

It is an evergreen tree that grows quickly.

Growing to , it is a small, upright, evergreen tree or large shrub.

It is an evergreen tree growing 15 to 30 m tall with a trunk diameter of 35 to 60 cm.

evergreen forest   (常緑樹の森)

In Laos, they have been observed in extensive evergreen forest.

This bat lives in evergreen forest.

The evergreen forest is situated by the river "Goain" and linked with the channel "Chengir Khal".

evergreen shrub   (常緑低木)

It is an evergreen shrub or small tree 3–8 m tall.

It is a small evergreen shrub growing up to tall.

It is a large evergreen shrub growing to tall and wide.

evergreen trees   (常緑樹)

English holly ("Ilex aquifolium"), one of the few native evergreen trees, can found in southern Wales.

They are evergreen trees or shrubs from southern hemisphere of gondwanan origin, native to the temperate rainforests.

The northern part of the region features Himalayan foothills ("Dooars") with densely wooded Sal and other tropical evergreen trees.