every year   (毎年)

Sibley Park hosts the event every year since 2012.

A sports day is organised, every year in December.

Older bulls are in musth for 2–5 months every year.

every day   (毎日)

Around 16,000 commuters use the station every day.

There are 6 passenger trains available every day.

The willingness to f—kin' try anything every day.

almost every   (ほとんど)

It fits almost every circumstance I can think of."

Ants have colonised almost every landmass on Earth.

It has been played at almost every show since.

held every   (毎回開催)

This drawing was held every week in Springfield.

The Emirates Singapore Derby is held every mid-July.

Labour Women Conference is held every two years.

every other   (ほかのすべての)

At one stage every other building was a bordello.

Each team plays every other team in their pool once.

every time

The water seeped out every time, and Prunella cried.

I rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel.

"It was four hours every time they put on the makeup."

once every   (一度ごと)

A single female can reproduce once every 2–3 years.

The competitions now take place once every two years.

They complete an orbit once every 71.69 days.

nearly every   (ほぼすべて)

She even played fiddle on nearly every track for them.

They were present at nearly every WAAKE-UP!

The planes machine-gunned nearly every rooftop in the town.

every four years   (四年ごと)

The national chairman is elected every four years.

They play each other only twice every four years.

Elections have been held every four years since 1992.

every two years

She has been re-elected every two years since then.

The species produces one generation every two years.

every week

This drawing was held every week in Springfield.

Visions Weekly has 25,000 copies in print every week.

That's like four-and-a-half minutes every week.

every game

He truly was the fans' connection to every game."

He played in every game on defense, starting in 12.

In all he managed to play every game for the season.

every single

They are included in every single communication act.

McCain led in every single pre-election poll.

Since May 18, Obama swept every single poll.

every month

Board meetings are generally held every month .

The fourth day of every month was sacred to Aphrodite.

DTDC handles 12 million shipments every month.

every night

Ultimately, Trump decided not to speak every night.

Ironically, our shows were selling out every night.

I went home every night and screamed at everybody."

every major   (すべての主要な)

Kurangadevi is ritually consulted on every major aspect.

They served in every major combat theater during the war.

Kanamits now have embassies in every major city on Earth.

every aspect   (あらゆる面)

Christians engage in every aspect of Syrian life.

He stated that every aspect of the game is bad.

I honestly love every aspect of this business.

every three years   (3年ごと)

The exemption rules are revised every three years.

Elections occur every three years during the spring.

COPs are held at least every three years.

place every   (置きます)

The census of lions takes place every five years.

The Bayswater Road Art Show takes place every Sunday.

The mating takes place every one to two years.

held every year

The event has been held every year for over 30 years.

An annual Car Festival (Ratha Yatra) is held every year.

The Raymond Stampede has been held every year since 1902.

every five years   (5年ごと)

The census of lions takes place every five years.

After that, Parliament was elected every five years.

General elections are held at least every five years.

virtually every   (ほぼすべて)

There are food stands on virtually every street corner.

Gordeeva/Grinkov won virtually every competition they entered.

Ken also regularly appears in virtually every paddling magazine.

every season

It has a distinct normal climate in every season.

Grass surface is also getting worse by every season.

The Lady Cardinals have competed every season from 1973.

every episode

He is assisted in every episode by a sergeant.

At the end of every episode, one contestant is evicted.

Vendetta appeared in every episode except for episode 14.

played every

Grosso played every minute of the five game campaign.

Ward played every game during the 2005 season.

They played every other Western Conference team twice.

elected every

The national chairman is elected every four years.

After that, Parliament was elected every five years.

Half of the Senate is elected every two years.

every person   (全ての人たち)

She takes a Polaroid of every person that she has sex with.

Article 2 protects the right of every person to their life.

Nevertheless, every person elected speaker has been a member.

every few

However, batteries need to be replaced every few years.

This varies from once every few years to a month every year.

New stories are added every few weeks.

every hour

The pictures show this for every hour on equinox day.

The Channel comes out with updates every hour.

A cuckoo which popped out every hour was added in 1905.

every summer

Langeby attracts thousands of visitors every summer.

Annually the Ilinden festival takes place every summer.

He has maintained residency on there every summer since 2000.

every state   (すべての州)

It occurs in every state of mainland Australia.

It is endemic to Australia and can be found in every state.

There are people from nearly every state, and Dutch, Swedes, etc.

every possible   (可能な限り)

Ideally there will exist an authority file with every possible subject/thema.

With the win, Bowman has finished in every possible position in a NASCAR Cup event.

The magazine publishes stories and poems that explore otherness from every possible angle.

every man

Durant tells him to arm every man in town and send for Cullen.

When the baby was four, the king had every man give him a gift.

In these years four women emigrated from England for every man.

every member

He always remembered the names of every member of the audience.

The first was a general tax was levied on every member of a family.

But Vetvix zombifies every member of the Pet Force except Garzooka.

each and every

Bright worked each and every day to pay for his education.

Neeru has performed in almost each and every town and city in Punjab.

The play was getting more and more successful crescendo-like with each and every.

every song

Each and every song is as solid as stone."

Davis co-wrote every song on the album.

He co-wrote every song released except a bonus track in Japan.

every way

The community is integrated in every way possible.

Consequently, the galaxy now looks "normal" in every way.

The building was made modern in every way.

every morning

At that point the show was broadcast every morning.

He would also compliment Kahoko every morning.

A limited number of tickets is also sold every morning.

won every

The truck won every year from 2006 to 2018.

The United States won every match in which Bello started.

There, OG won every series to advance to the grand finals.

every level

had become common at every level of society.

Turkish influence appears at every level.

Since then the club has become even stronger at every level.

every part

After Kim's debut, Han controlled every part of Kim's career.

make one universe in which I and every part are ultimately important."

During every part of this recording, we had some sort of drink in our hand.

every ten

There are lines going across the field which mark every ten metres.

every ten minutes) for at least one year and preferably two or more.

Wet sponges were used to cool the pieces every ten or twelve rounds.

every second

NOTE: Originally broadcast every second Friday night.

Someone throws one ball every second at a man.

Females mate only every second or third year.

takes place every   (毎回行われます)

The census of lions takes place every five years.

The Bayswater Road Art Show takes place every Sunday.

The mating takes place every one to two years.

every point   (すべてのポイント)

The identity function has degree one at every point.

For every point scored a team moves forward one square.

Then almost every point of "A" returns to "A" infinitely often.

municipality for every

The municipality is a net importer of workers, with about 6.3 workers entering the municipality for every one leaving.

The municipality is a net importer of workers, with about 5.3 workers entering the municipality for every one leaving.

The municipality is a net importer of workers, with about 3.1 workers entering the municipality for every one leaving.

every match

In the 2003 World Cup he started in every match.

England went on to lose every match at UEFA Euro 1988.

Weston credited God in every match he played.

every minute   (毎分)

Grosso played every minute of the five game campaign.

But every minute it lasts, it fills you with great happiness.

He said he is still grateful for every minute the others held out.

not every

), though not every size may have been fabricated.

It is not every day we take over a new vessel."

However, not every review of the game was favourable.

every country   (すべての国)

Not every country allows permanent residency.

Many have settled abroad in almost every country of the world.

Fables can be found in the literature of almost every country.

every one entering

The village is a net exporter of workers, with about 8.6 workers leaving the village for every one entering.

The village is a net exporter of workers, with about 7.4 workers leaving the village for every one entering.

The village is a net exporter of workers, with about 5.8 workers leaving the village for every one entering.

published every

The newspaper is published every Tuesday and Thursday.

The magazine is published every Thursday.

The paper is published every Wednesday.

run every

During the peak, services run every 15 minutes.

played in every

He played in every game on defense, starting in 12.

In 2010/11 season, he played in every game.

Zug played in every game of the 2009 season, starting nine.

every bit   (少しずつ)

This means every bit in memory is part of a byte.

Men were fat in those days and every bit mighty giants.

The pavilions were every bit as magnificent as the bridge.

every opportunity

They attacked at every opportunity before the declaration.

She grasps every opportunity with both hands, wherever it leads her.

He was born in Park City, Utah, where his mother would take him skiing at every opportunity.

every individual

Today, every individual constantly tries to outsmart the others to climb up the social ladder.

It focuses on relationships, compassion, and every individual's right to live a life of purpose.

In such cultures, it is generally considered that each and every individual has the following rights:

every weekday   (平日)

Morning Prayer is said every weekday.

River 94.9 simulcasts "Nine News Queensland" at 6:00 pm every weekday.

Students attend form every weekday for half an hour before going to lessons.

every election   (すべての選挙)

They also won every election since the riding's re-emergence in 1990.

The Manitoba New Democratic Party has won every election in the constituency.

It voted Republican in every election from 1952 to 1988, save for 1960 and 1964.

every team   (すべてのチーム)

The match cannot be won until every team is in the match.

There are seven racing teams and every team has four ships.

B licenses could be given to every team without an A license.

every student   (すべての学生)

And every student learns lifelong habits of exercise and cooperation.

Its membership is compulsory for every student admitted into the College.

The worship included every student's liturgy, often in their native language.

every two hours

The train served the following stations: On working days, the train ran every two hours.

It is operated by First Greater Manchester and runs every two hours Monday–Saturday daytime.

On that date, service between Hoboken and Summit was cut back to once every two hours on weekends.

celebrated every   (祝った)

Founder's Day was celebrated every November 10.

The "Abovyan day" is celebrated every year in mid October.

Holy Communion is celebrated every Wednesday morning at 7:30 am.

every effort   (あらゆる努力)

Yu Zhijian made every effort to talk to students, but they mostly ignored him.

He made every effort to help the people by providing canals to irrigate the fields.

During the earlier frontier wars of 1790-1820, every effort was made to destroy them.

every kind

Eckenfelder regarded every kind of technology with suspicion.

In this exhibition you can find every kind of goats and donkeys.

Contacts of every kind with his homeland continued undiminished.

every step   (すべてのステップ)

He is surrounded by female fans in his every step.

Besson shot past Scott and gained on Board with every step.

And at every step of this trade, taxes should be collected.

place every year   (毎年開催)

BrasilCine takes place every year at Zita.

The award ceremony takes place every year in the month of December.

Congresses take place every year.

every race   (すべてのレース)

He has competed in every race from the 1996 to the 2013 Iditarod.

Nearly every race in the game is composed of two of these elements.

He started every race from pole position, but finished as runner-up.

every word

Later she forced her ten sisters to read every word.

Not all five cases are attested for every word.

They didn't make sense, so she had to memorize every word.

every child

VIPKid’s mission is to inspire every child for the future.

Some pageants do their best to make every child feel like a winner.

It's a dream come true for every child who's ever imagined they were the last ones on Earth.

every case   (あらゆる場合)

Examples for every case are known.

In these MDL cases, it is not practical to prepare every case for trial.

In every case, he chose the Dalai Lama's own objects and rejected the others.

end of every

At the end of every episode, one contestant is evicted.

It is also played at the end of every Denver Broncos home victory.

Kuttor Pooram, usually celebrated end of every march, as part of Utsavam.

every county   (すべての郡)

Obama also performed better than John Kerry in every county.

State Democrats organized parades and rallies in every county of South Carolina.

He took practically every county in Eastern Texas - large regions of which once voted Democratic.

every element

Then every element of "S" has at least one inverse.

Since "w" is disjoint from "u", every element of "w" is ranked.

More generally, every element in satisfies the polynomial equation .

every other year   (1年おきに)

They are held every other year since 1953.

Females produce litters of two to six pups every other year.

Takes place every other year, on odd years (2017, 2019, 2021, etc.)

every corner

Stimulating ideas, as usual, lurk around every corner.

In a month it had carried Walter's name to every corner of the globe.

We must eradicate evil, to extirpate it from every corner of the spirit.

every weekend

About 8,000 worshippers attend mass every weekend.

In 2009, the company began publishing the "Sunday Express" every weekend.

During the summer, fishing tournaments are held here nearly every weekend.

every other team   (他のすべてのチーム)

Each team plays every other team in their pool once.

Each team plays every other team in its division once.

females for every

Nadia has a sex ratio of 947 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 75.58%.

Sabarkantha has a sex ratio of 950 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 76.6%.

Dibang Valley has a sex ratio of 808 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 64.8%.

awarded every

At the time, it was awarded every five years.

It is awarded every two to three years.

Two medals are awarded every year.

every human

Second: every human being must be treated humanely.

He remarks that every human being has the need for belonging to a group.

Each coronet is unique to the organism, just as a fingerprint is unique to every human.

every turn

Roussimoff thwarted Heenan, Studd, and Bundy at every turn.

Charlie pursues him at every turn and eventually chases him away.

The Road is Wide, Smooth and full with Scenic Beauty in every turn.

every citizen   (すべての市民)

Upon turning 14, every citizen is encouraged to obtain a passport.

Most importantly, it gave every citizen of the country the right to vote.

In the other hand, the constitution of Spain obligates every citizen to know Spanish.

started every

Strauss started every test that year as Captain of the team.

Brown started every game of England's women's 2009 campaign.

Gipson started every game of his collegiate career at Wyoming.

every detail

... Chevron ... is Knole in every detail ... .

Its findings confirmed Casement's report in every detail.

The press described it at its first showing as "in every detail thoroughly up-to-date.

every home   (すべての家)

The Seasiders had every home game televised in various fashions.

After every home victory the "New York Rangers Victory Song" is played.

Notably in 1996, tickets for every home game for the Indians sold out before opening day.

approximately every

A new "stable" branch of Debian gets released approximately every 2 years.

Since the Second World War, meetings have been held approximately every four years.

A rotating list of statements was also inserted approximately every fifteen seconds.

every new

For every new exhibition, new segments are added.

The legend of Schinderhannes grew with every new escapade.

A consistent accession process occurred with every new Mamluk sultan.

every issue

Starting in 2008, a free DVD has been bundled with every issue.

Orson Scott Card's name has been attached to every issue released.

Approximately 1,500 copies of the "Campus" are printed every issue.

appeared in every

Diaraf has appeared in every League Cup editions.

Vendetta appeared in every episode except for episode 14.

In 2014 and 2017 she appeared in every game for Virginia.

every round   (毎回)

Teams were ranked according to the match points won in every round.

Consequently, Balmain were given a home game in almost every round.

Geovana won her first bout by unanimous decision, winning every round.

every two weeks

The group has met every two weeks since c1960.

The show airs every two weeks.

KCS Uploads about five to six questions every two weeks on KChO website.

every player   (すべてのプレイヤー)

When every player or computer on a team has zero health, the other team wins.

There are no resources needed to build units, as every player has exactly 1000 credits.

The main round is called the Gold Division and every player starts off in that division.

aired every

The series aired every Wednesday at 7:30pm IST.

The series aired every Thursday - Saturday at 8PM IST.

The programme aired every Friday between 7pm and 10pm.

every track   (すべてのトラック)

She even played fiddle on nearly every track for them.

They followed this with video's for every track on the E.P.

Both Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy appear on every track.

every ten years

Ler reproduce infrequently, generally becoming fertile only every ten years.

The party is revived every ten years for an amount of time of a couple of weeks.

Osteopathic orthopedic surgeons must renew their CAQ credentials every ten years.

every show   (すべてのショー)

It has been played at almost every show since.

We finished every show according to our 25 minute time slot.

As a finale to every show, Lady Divine appears and robs the patrons at gunpoint.

every stage

Dr. Taylor was a pioneer at every stage of his academic career.

He was described as behaving as a criminal at every stage of his career.

Defendants must be present at every stage of the proceedings against them.

every continent   (すべての大陸)

Foxes live on every continent except Antarctica.

She went on to climb mountains on almost every continent.

Baptist missionaries have spread their faith to every continent.

every event   (すべてのイベント)

Each day of every event, riders get opportunities to train.

In 'pataphysics, every event in the universe is accepted as an extraordinary event.

The competitions are scheduled accordingly so all students have to watch every event.