İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

everything else   (diğer her Şey)

She wants it to be a cut above everything else."

And Arius argued that everything else was created through the Son.

Not surprisingly, everything else that follows... pales in comparison".

almost everything   (neredeyse her şey)

The two dictionaries disagree on almost everything.

This tomb had been stripped of almost everything in ancient times.

This young independent country has lost almost everything due to the war."

did everything   (her şeyi yaptı)

When Ines got kidnapped, he did everything to find her.

He had that inner drive and did everything to the fullest.

Tai Yung, as nice as he always is, did everything to help her recover.

does everything   (her şeyi yapar)

But, no other car I know of does everything so extremely well".

In jealousy, Stewie does everything he can to steal Brad's glory.

Dodge is delighted and does everything in his power to make her happy.

lost everything   (her şeyi kaybettim)

Families were left homeless and lost everything.

Across the island, collections were taken for those who had lost everything.

During the political upheavals in Germany in 1938, Golffing's family lost everything.

everything possible   (her şey mümkün)

When that is not enough, he orders everything possible be jettisoned.

He urges the congregation not to give up the struggle but to do everything possible to fight the plague.

Priyanka finally comes to know about Raghu's love towards Aarthi, and she tries everything possible to separate them.

doing everything

Tommie's been doing everything we've asked him to do."

I'm doing everything I can so I never resemble that man again."

He's the trooper that's back there doing everything that he can everyday."

everything except   (hariç her şey)

It is being stripped of everything except the necessaries.

Jimmy Carter capped revenue payments and Reagan discontinued everything except for CDBGs.

He was declared insolvent on September 17, 1890, selling everything except his home on Alameda Avenue.

not everything

However, not everything went the Australians' way.

Of course not everything in the show was moody.

In truth, not everything works".

done everything   (her şeyi yaptım)

I have done everything to show that crime is a mug's game.

Shame on me—I should have done everything in my power to stop it.

As king he has experienced everything and done everything, but nothing is ultimately reliable.

know everything

Finally, we know everything.

She then wanted to know everything about John Law during his time as Tarantula.

The conclusions of both theories he joined together with a colon: "We know everything: We know nothing."

everything around   (etraftaki her şey)

It’s building and strengthening everything around us and within us."

Or does the death of everything around him create imminent death for himself?"

They must try their maximum to help others, and see everything around them as lord Ayyappa.

nearly everything   (neredeyse her şey)

"I've told nearly everything there is to tell.

The family is devastated but Lil throws out nearly everything left in the house.

She is an expert on nearly everything and plans to create the perfect filing system.

when everything   (her şey ne zaman)

... Then, when everything collapsed and they were thrown into utter despair, they would try to find help in the 'New order.'

There is an implicit feeling of nostalgia in the novel, a nostalgia for a time when everything seemed possible and life was full of hope and expectations.

Thus, when everything else except for one intervention is held constant, researchers can certify with some certainty that this one element is what caused the observed change.

up everything   (her şeyi yukarı)

I didn't give up everything to be happy.

But after I gave up everything I felt a lot more joy in my life.

Before you know it, the Martian invaders are eating up everything in sight.

everything that happened

After a while Sebastian and Hagen try get past everything that happened.

Catriona Wightman of Digital Spy was disappointed by the premiere because everything that happened felt déjà vu.

The host and the contestants stood next to the audience behind a table from where they saw everything that happened.