İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

no evidence   (kanıt yok)

There is no evidence to support these allegations.

There is no evidence that ingots were pre-weighed.

However, there is no evidence that it was played.

evidence suggests   (kanıt gösteriyor)

Anecdotal evidence suggests that it may relate to stress.

Sparse evidence suggests she may have come from Western England.

In many cases, evidence suggests that the treatments do not work.

archaeological evidence   (arkeolojik kanıt)

However archaeological evidence for this is still sparse.

There is little archaeological evidence for precise claims.

There is slight archaeological evidence of a mediaeval settlement.

evidence to support   (destekleyici kanıt)

There is no evidence to support these allegations.

However, there is no direct evidence to support it.

A number of NSAIDs have evidence to support their use.

evidence against   (aleyhine kanıt)

Later in the month Porter gave evidence against Fenwick.

The evidence against the young McFarlane is quite damning.

Lau denies this, and the ICAC fail to find evidence against him.

lack of evidence   (kanıt eksikliği)

Subsequently, Deeb was released for lack of evidence.

The charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence.

Counts 1 and 4 were soon dropped due to lack of evidence.

little evidence   (küçük kanıt)

The Rig Veda provides little evidence of civil law.

There is now little evidence of the former cemetery.

There is little evidence of a standard burial practice.

found evidence   (kanıt bulundu)

No study found evidence of inequity aversion.

Two studies found evidence of irritation in ocular tests.

They found evidence for inequity aversion in the four male marmosets.

scientific evidence   (bilimsel kanıt)

There is no scientific evidence that second sight exists.

The film was criticized for a lack of scientific evidence.

There is no scientific evidence of efficacy for tiger medicines.

documentary evidence   (belgesel kanıt)

This estimate is based on Ottoman documentary evidence."

There is no documentary evidence to support this belief.

The first documentary evidence of Sulmetingen dates from 853.

insufficient evidence   (yetersiz kanıt)

A grand jury did not indict him due to insufficient evidence.

The charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence in September 2015.

Others believe that there is insufficient evidence to support a classification.

provide evidence   (kanıt sun)

Honeysuckle and black bryony provide evidence of the hedgerow's antiquity.

Only female voices, examples and opinions provide evidence within this text.

Scats provide evidence that they eat the eggs during the winter after caching.

found no evidence   (kanıt bulunamadı)

The enforcement directorate found no evidence linking him to Koda.

However, modern scholars have found no evidence to support this claim.

evidence to suggest   (önermek için kanıt)

There is evidence to suggest that they also had magical or divinatory uses.

There is now considerable evidence to suggest that this disease is an infection.

His complaint was not upheld as there was no evidence to suggest who had posted the flyers.

strong evidence   (güçlü kanıt)

While Smith has strong evidence to believe that Jones will get the job, he is wrong.

The review did not find strong evidence of publication bias biasing these estimates.

This is because there is strong evidence of transgenerational epigenetic effects in general.

other evidence   (diğer kanıtlar)

There is no other evidence for Teredius (or Tigrides).

While plausible, there is no other evidence.

Aside from a nearby shoe, police found no other evidence at the scene.

physical evidence   (fiziksel kanıt)

No other physical evidence of the men's fate was ever found.

Researchers have found physical evidence of cannibalism in ancient times.

Police admitted they had little physical evidence linking Yoo to the murders.

gave evidence   (kanıt verdi)

Rennison gave evidence before the committee in 1936.

Later in the month Porter gave evidence against Fenwick.

Hopkins' sister Julie gave evidence for the prosecution.

historical evidence   (tarihsel kanıt)

There is little historical evidence of this since.

There is no historical evidence that this took place.

Recent historical evidence undercuts Mr.

new evidence   (yeni kanıt)

The new evidence is reliable with the previous data.

Again, new evidence might be introduced by the prosecution.

This means that the new evidence is most likely to be wrong.

evidence indicates   (kanıt gösteriyor)

Anecdotal evidence indicates calomel was more effective than bleeding.

Much evidence indicates that synesthesia is essentially a semantic phenomenon.

Archeological evidence indicates that this region became a human shelter 40,000 years ago.

direct evidence   (doğrudan kanıt)

However, there is no direct evidence to support it.

Nonetheless there is no direct evidence for any of these.

No direct evidence of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon exists.

enough evidence   (yeterli kanıt)

Police now had enough evidence to make an arrest.

There is not enough evidence to charge him with the August 31 shootings.

However the FIA complained about the acquittal and said it had provided enough evidence.

evidence shows   (kanıt gösterir)

Some evidence shows the spread of the Aurignacian culture.

Some evidence shows that low doses may lead to improvement.

No historical evidence shows that he constructed the clock from memory.

further evidence   (ilave kanıt)

Expanded editions during the 1920s presented further evidence.

No further evidence is needed.

Yoshino gives further evidence to his position through the Shahar case.

sufficient evidence   (yeterli kanıt)

His lawsuit was dismissed in 2011 because it lacked sufficient evidence.

However, sufficient evidence was only found to convict him for two murders.

"Shared retentions" from the parent language are not sufficient evidence of a sub-group.

clear evidence   (Temiz kanıt)

There is no clear evidence of this alleged influence.

There is no clear evidence of what really happened in the Montreal Experiments.

They went as far as to ignore clear evidence as it went against their initial beliefs.

circumstantial evidence   (emare)

The authorities only have circumstantial evidence.

Also, the circumstantial evidence is against her.

Other circumstantial evidence made Fox their prime suspect.

empirical evidence   (ampirik kanıtlar)

There is empirical evidence for both approaches.

He based teaching practices on empirical evidence and measurement.

While not rigorous, the empirical evidence to date supports this belief".

give evidence   (ifade vermek)

These objects give evidence of trade with the valley.

In the end, he was not called to give evidence.

They were due to give evidence in March 2019.

earliest evidence   (en eski kanıt)

The earliest evidence of civilisation thus far dates to 11,000 BCE.

It represents some of the earliest evidence of an artificial water supply in Gibraltar.

The earliest evidence for acupuncture in this sense dates to the second or first century BCE.

provided evidence   (kanıt sağlandı)

Both James Robertson and John Bowlby also provided evidence.

He has provided evidence for the first undoubted cryptospores in the Ordovician in Argentina.

The report provided evidence that this gap is being made up by executed prisoners of conscience.

evidence supporting   (destekleyici kanıt)

A 2013 review found some evidence supporting the use of probiotics during pregnancy.

Most alternative cancer treatments do not have high-quality evidence supporting their use.

There is no scientifically verified body of evidence supporting the existence of such powers.

first evidence   (ilk kanıt)

The first evidence of settlement dates back to the Paleolith.

The 15th century also sees the first evidence of ceremonial regalia.

The first evidence of deforestation appears in the Mesolithic period.

evidence exists   (kanıt var)

No evidence exists of segregation by sex.

No evidence exists, that she, or any of her relatives, survived.

No evidence exists to show that Toplis was absent from his regiment.

provides evidence   (kanıt sağlar)

It provides evidence of such small timber atypical railway buildings.

This research provides evidence for an underlying epigenetic mechanism.

A medieval packhorse bridge provides evidence of trade and previous settlement.

show evidence   (kanıt göster)

Some topographic features show evidence of sinistral offset.

The spectrum does not show evidence of s-process enhancement.

Almost all the rocks show evidence of impact process effects.

find evidence   (kanıt bul)

Abha and Karan find evidence to prove Ranchod's innocence.

Lau denies this, and the ICAC fail to find evidence against him.

345–391, 1971) that he was unable to find evidence of Jewish ancestry.

conclusive evidence   (kesin kanıt)

There is no conclusive evidence to validate this local lore.

At the end of its service in 2000, LEP had found no conclusive evidence for the Higgs.

However, no conclusive evidence to support either hypothesis has been presented to date.

available evidence   (mevcut kanıt)

Common threads nonetheless emerge from the available evidence.

In masonry, the small available evidence points to the less empowered end of the scale.

It reviewed in detail the available evidence about test bias across major US racial/ethnic groups.

evidence of human   (insan kanıtı)

Atlit shows evidence of human habitation since the early Bronze Age.

Dog Island shows evidence of human presence dating back over 8,000 years.

There is evidence of human activity on the peninsula dating from at least 3000 BC.

evidence presented   (sunulan kanıt)

However, the process was restarted and evidence presented.

The evidence presented included "a mass of incriminating documents and photographic material".

InSight Crime suggested that the evidence presented to support the claim of infighting is "hardly definitive".

forensic evidence   (adli delil)

He is a leading expert on scientific and forensic evidence.

In July 2007, new forensic evidence was presented in the case.

Most forensic evidence, including genetic evidence, is scientific evidence.

evidence suggesting   (düşündüren kanıt)

There is also evidence suggesting that she exchanged books with her brother Alfonso X.

On 3 October 2018, evidence suggesting a large exomoon orbiting Kepler-1625b was reported.

There is historical evidence suggesting discontent and tension between all of the newcomers.

piece of evidence   (Kanıt parçası)

Thus, every piece of evidence will be viewed against the total picture.

She cited the SAFE13 study as one piece of evidence informing the bill.

A lone piece of evidence was found in Willoughby Smith's hand: a pair of golden pince-nez glasses.

more evidence   (daha fazla kanıt)

(4) Nonetheless, this theory needs more evidence to be supported.

Due to this, the cops later tell Mitchell that they need more evidence on Ben.

The social causation theory is an older theory with more evidence and research behind it.

experimental evidence   (Deneysel kanıt)

By applying logic and experimental evidence, the most likely functions can be isolated.

It has 3 isoforms, namely 1, 3 and 4, but only isoform 1 is supported by experimental evidence.

Until 1970, however, experimental evidence to support the synaptic plasticity hypothesis was lacking.

used as evidence   (delil olarak kullanılır)

The recording can be used as evidence in a lawsuit.

Watson's own extortionate writings were used as evidence against him.

Adjunctive behaviour has been used as evidence of animal welfare problems.

supporting evidence   (Destekleyen kanıt)

There is some supporting evidence for this.

This statement may be a presumption as it has no supporting evidence.

Guidelines may make recommendations that are stronger than the supporting evidence.

evidence supports   (kanıt desteği)

While this is plausible, no direct evidence supports this hypothesis.

However, evidence supports the effectiveness of CBT for anxiety and depression.

anecdotal evidence   (anektodsal kanıt)

Reports of second sight are known only from anecdotal evidence given after the fact.

Devic's disease was associated in the past with many systemic diseases, based on anecdotal evidence.

The Gerson Institute promotes the therapy by citing patient testimonials and other anecdotal evidence.

evidence to prove   (kanıtlamak için kanıt)

Abha and Karan find evidence to prove Ranchod's innocence.

However, there is no historical evidence to prove this claim.

There is evidence to prove that sacred animals were worshiped there.

convincing evidence   (inandırıcı delil)

This is most convincing evidence of the trying service to which they were subjected.

The experiment provides convincing evidence of implicit discrimination in hiring practices.

The fact that only one such set of enzymes exists is convincing evidence of a single ancestry.

only evidence   (sadece kanıt)

The only evidence implicates the four wives.

Associations are on the first step and provide only evidence to the latter.

The only evidence relating to Islam were three potsherds with Koranic verses.

all evidence   (tüm kanıtlar)

The SS had attempted to destroy all evidence in their retreat from Kiev.

Hence, all evidence against Clifford is "fruit from the poisonous tree".

After the war, the Spanish government tried to destroy all evidence of its cooperation with the Axis.

substantial evidence   (önemli kanıt)

The study found substantial evidence to enter this claim on Lambert's behalf.

There is substantial evidence that the U.S. had at least some knowledge of what was going on.

In addition, substantial evidence implicates bile acids as an important factor in colon cancer.

providing evidence   (kanıt sağlamak)

Adriaan van Maanen was also providing evidence to Shapley's argument.

Fucoxanthin is also found in haptophyte chloroplasts, providing evidence of ancestry.

At several places, dams were found, providing evidence for a highly developed water management system.

no direct evidence   (doğrudan kanıt yok)

However, there is no direct evidence to support it.

Nonetheless there is no direct evidence for any of these.

While this is plausible, no direct evidence supports this hypothesis.

presented evidence   (sunulan kanıt)

A 2001 report in "Nature" presented evidence that Bt maize was cross-breeding with unmodified maize in Mexico.

A 2016 study presented evidence that Neanderthal males might not have had viable male offspring with AMH females.

A pioneer in archaeological stratigraphy, Worsaae presented evidence the Haraldskær Woman dated from the Iron Age.

evidence points   (kanıt noktaları)

Most evidence points to "Gigantopithecus" being a herbivore.

Jane is arrested but soon cleared and the evidence points to Sydney.

As a result, evidence points to an accidental death due to drug abuse.

evidence linking   (bağlantı veren kanıt)

The enforcement directorate found no evidence linking him to Koda.

Police admitted they had little physical evidence linking Yoo to the murders.

Despite rumors to the contrary, there is no scientific evidence linking cycling with testicular cancer.

shows evidence   (kanıt gösterir)

The new research shows evidence for a maturation effect.

The hall shows evidence that it used to be completely painted.

The Carlow Flat shows evidence of being submerged part of the time.

genetic evidence   (genetik kanıt)

Most forensic evidence, including genetic evidence, is scientific evidence.

The genetic evidence indicates that "Avena barbata" came to both Argentina and California from south west Spain.

Up until the genetic evidence became available, there were two dominant models for the dispersal of modern humans.

concrete evidence   (somut kanıt)

But there is no concrete evidence about this story.

Climate surveys can provide concrete evidence of how this works in action.

And that is what we know thus far based on the evidence, concrete evidence."

pieces of evidence   (kanıt parçaları)

The Crown's case rested upon several pieces of evidence.

Three major pieces of evidence were left on the plane when D.B.

However, three significant pieces of evidence refute this theory.

evidence found   (kanıt bulundu)

The oldest evidence found for Hecate's worship is at Apollo's temple in Miletos.

There was also no hard evidence found for the widespread destruction of churches.

Though there has been evidence found that shows the practice of only two ordeals i.e.

fossil evidence   (fosil kanıtı)

Furthermore, some have been confirmed to be piscivorous through fossil evidence.

For example, the elder Huxley grouped birds with reptiles, based on fossil evidence.

There are disused quarries near the centre which provide fossil evidence for research purposes.

photographic evidence   (fotoğrafik kanıt)

League rules did not allow using photographic evidence to overturn calls.

There is continuing photographic evidence to support their more scientific measurements.

There is photographic evidence that shows a consistent strategy of burning down villages.

hard evidence   (zor kanıt)

have been made without providing any hard evidence to such claims.

There was also no hard evidence found for the widespread destruction of churches.

There is no hard evidence for the construction of other aircraft after the prototype.

evidence to show   (gösterilecek kanıt)

There is other circumstantial evidence to show that glomalin is of AM fungal origin.

However, there was insufficient evidence to show an effect on mortality or actual cardiovascular events.

However, there was insufficient evidence to show an effect on mortality or actual cardio-vascular events.

written evidence   (yazılı kanıt)

There is no written evidence that suggests they were used as column pedestals previously.

The earliest Mongolic language of which we have written evidence is known as Middle Mongol.

Stephen Oppenheimer points out that the only written evidence that locates the Keltoi near the source of the Danube (i.e.

evidence does   (kanıt yapar)

The evidence does not just consist of a few bones.

Whilst difficult to find archaeologically, some evidence does exist.

Huiya was suffering from mental illness and evidence does not match up.

archeological evidence   (arkeolojik kanıt)

Due to the soft tissues, archeological evidence for early vegetables is scarce.

They are the source for the earliest archeological evidence of farming in the islands.

Towards the end of his life he wrote on the earliest archeological evidence for chữ Nôm.

based on evidence   (kanıta dayalı)

The analysis is based on evidence and needs and is free of operational agenda.

Instructional science is primarily based on evidence gained from experimentation.

It stated that it was pursuing over 400 separate lines of inquiry based on evidence of 200 witnesses via 14 police forces across the UK.

all the evidence   (tüm kanıtlar)

They saw all the evidence, I accept their decision.

The analysis therefore includes careful examination of all the evidence collected.

She forces Torres to come clean and make sense of all the evidence compiled against her.

credible evidence   (güvenilir kanıt)

However, no credible evidence of this is available.

Researcher Joe Nickell has written that there is no credible evidence the mansion is haunted.

This trial was his opportunity to produce credible evidence of that iceberg, but he failed to do so.

compelling evidence   (zorlayıcı kanıt)

I know of no such compelling evidence.

After they set up their equipment, they get some compelling evidence on camera.

They also provide compelling evidence of people's concern for others and their views.

without evidence   (kanıt olmadan)

He describes faith as belief without evidence; a process of active non-thinking.

Assuming it was the cause without evidence is an example of the regression fallacy.

Subsequently, laetrile was tested on 14 tumor systems without evidence of effectiveness.

evidence was found   (kanıt bulundu)

No evidence was found and no charges were filed.

No evidence was found to confirm that the VCR had been stolen.

evidence was found when excavations were being undertaken for the Almshouses.

good evidence   (iyi kanıt)

No good evidence shows that prebiotics are effective in preventing or treating allergies.

In fact there is a good evidence for the existence of both type of interaction in model system.

There is good evidence that this song does not change among years, at least after first breeding.

evidence before   (daha önce kanıt)

Rennison gave evidence before the committee in 1936.

In Europe there is little solid evidence before 7000 BC.

In 1890, Wallace gave evidence before a Royal Commission investigating the controversy.

not enough evidence   (yeterli kanıt yok)

There is not enough evidence to charge him with the August 31 shootings.

St. Charles County Prosecutor Jack Banas stated there was not enough evidence to bring charges.

There was not enough evidence to determine differences in long-term efficacy among the treatments.

limited evidence   (sınırlı kanıt)

His existence is based on very limited evidence.

There is limited evidence about other burial sites at Somerset.

There is limited evidence on safety and effectiveness as of 2017.

additional evidence   (ek kanıt)

The document offered the prosecution additional evidence in their case against Swartz.

The use of a new grand jury could indicate that additional evidence or charges are coming.

Fish bones within its stomach contents are additional evidence that it was a marine archosaur.

video evidence   (video kanıtı)

The disqualifications were booed by the crowd but were upheld by video evidence on appeal.

FIFA now permits the use video evidence during matches, as well as for subsequent sanctions.

Any new audio and/or video evidence that wasn't shown before, in previous Ghost Adventures episodes, are also revealed.

incriminating evidence   (suçlayıcı kanıt)

The body was cremated so no incriminating evidence would be left.

On October 30, 1959, he was arrested, amidst a search for incriminating evidence.

Prosecution for a crime already judged is impossible even if incriminating evidence has been found.

evidence showing   (kanıt gösteren)

Beebe said he would deny the request unless there was evidence showing someone else committed the murders.

However, there is a lack of empirical evidence showing that corporal punishment leads to better control in the classrooms.

For example, a belief that 'I see red' could be defeated with psychological evidence showing my mind to be confused or inattentive.

such evidence   (böyle kanıtlar)

Some are contradicted by such evidence.

Within this limited mandate, Chapman and Cloke found no such evidence.

The type of evidence and the utility of such evidence varies from case to case.

giving evidence   (kanıt vermek)

He raised this point when giving evidence at the Stafford Hospital scandal public inquiry.

The 25-year-old Browning, giving evidence on 2 July 1862, gave a rather more radical viewpoint.

To wave a white flag to avoid disclosing documents and giving evidence in court is really unusual.

recent evidence   (son kanıt)

More recent evidence appears to confirm the existence of genetic assimilation in evolution.

The most recent evidence suggests that a power function provides the closest mathematical fit to the forgetting function.

It is unclear whether axon specification precedes axon elongation or vice versa, although recent evidence points to the latter.

much evidence   (çok kanıt)

However, much evidence supports that a single event colonization is the best explanation.

Archeologists and anthropologists have not found much evidence related to burial rituals.

Not too much evidence is remaining about the deity in first Sreekovil, i.e., Vadakkumnatha.

showed evidence   (kanıt gösterdi)

The persons crossing the border showed evidence of military training.

The culture showed evidence of millet cultivation and pig domestication.

The first layers of the excavations showed evidence of wild emmer and einkorn wheat.

evidence does not   (kanıt değil)

The evidence does not just consist of a few bones.

Huiya was suffering from mental illness and evidence does not match up.

James Tod had recorded one such legend but epigraph evidence does not support the assumption.

evidence regarding   (ile ilgili kanıt)

Mitchell assembled new evidence regarding the murders of the three civil rights workers.

When researching the article, Thompson found conflicting evidence regarding the alleged prank incident.

There is currently no evidence regarding whether or not phentermine is safe for women who are pregnant.

solid evidence   (kesin kanıt)

In Europe there is little solid evidence before 7000 BC.

It is a possibility but does not yet represent solid evidence.

The detectives have no solid evidence, and leave for Philadelphia without bringing charges.

medical evidence   (tıbbi kanıt)

The coroner was called to testify, and he confessed he had lost all medical evidence.

There is, however, no medical evidence of benefit; some evidence suggests that such supplements are actively harmful.

For their classification system, people with spina bifida were not eligible unless they had medical evidence of loco-motor dysfunction.

significant evidence   (önemli kanıt)

No significant evidence of distinct occupation levels was apparent.

The CART receptor has yet to be identified, but there is significant evidence that CART binds to a unique .

There is significant evidence both from "Cerbera" and from related species, with regard to lethal poisonings.

no conclusive evidence   (kesin kanıt yok)

There is no conclusive evidence to validate this local lore.

At the end of its service in 2000, LEP had found no conclusive evidence for the Higgs.

However, no conclusive evidence to support either hypothesis has been presented to date.

gather evidence   (kanıt toplamak)

Wallace also hoped to gather evidence of the transmutation of species.

Local juries were expected to "perambulate the forests" to gather evidence.

Jordanian prosecutor, Khalid Darwish, traveled to New Jersey to gather evidence.

ample evidence   (bol kanıt)

There is ample evidence for the collection of capitation fees.

There is ample evidence that the left prefrontal cortex is activated by stimuli that cause positive approach.

A balanced collection that provides ample evidence of why Brenda Fassie was called the Queen of African Pop".