İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

exact date   (kesin tarih)

Though the exact date of his birth was not known.

The exact date of their disappearance is unknown.

His exact date of death was apparently not recorded.

exact location   (tam konum)

Its exact location was plotted by the USGS in 1913.

The exact location of Storm Signal Buoy is uncertain.

The exact location of Brasstown is unknown to the GNIS.

exact number   (tam sayı)

The exact number of machines produced is not known.

Therefore, the exact number of Ainu people is unknown.

The exact number of child-prostitutes in Thailand is not known.

exact nature   (tamamen doğal)

The exact nature of his royal claim also has several tellings.

The exact nature of his involvement is, at times, hard to identify.

However, the exact nature of this prosodic contrast is very different.

exact revenge   (kesin intikam)

Years later, she returns to exact revenge on the real killers.

therefore Lantaruban and his friends were eager to exact revenge on the king.

This gives Rodney an idea in order to exact revenge for having his face burned.

exact sequence

The exact sequence of events is still a mystery however.

That is, we have a short exact sequence where formula_4 is the universal cover of "H".

Sources differ as to the exact sequence of events that led to Diddlebock's firing as manager.

although the exact   (kesin olmasına rağmen)

(although the exact quote is uncertain).

Her birth occurred some time in March 1478, although the exact date is unknown.

Its leader was killed, although the exact circumstances of his death were disputed.

exact time

For many years, selling exact time was a major industry.

The cause and exact time of death have not been disclosed.

The product this new industry was selling was "exact time".

exact cause   (kesin neden)

The exact cause of cardiac syndrome X is unknown.

The exact cause of the condition is unknown.

The exact cause is unknown.

exact opposite   (tam zıttı)

Fashion is the exact opposite of anti-fashion.

program, which in effect is the exact opposite of the Fuelperks!

The reaction undoubtedly shows it had the exact opposite effect.

exact mechanism   (kesin mekanizma)

The exact mechanism of action is unknown.

The exact mechanism by which this exchanger works is unclear.

exact dates   (Kesin tarihler)

The exact dates of his coregency are unknown.

Certain taxa of diatoms narrow the time frame to more exact dates.

The circumstances and exact dates of the sorority's formal dissolution, if there was such, are unknown.

no exact

There are no exact figures regarding German tank losses in Normandy.

However, there is no exact definition of the term "discrete mathematics."

Like in the rest of Afghanistan, no exact population numbers are available.

exact replica   (tam kopya)

His tomb was designed as "an exact replica of Napoleon's tomb in Paris."

It is an exact replica of the kidnappers' message from sixteen years before.

The small and simple building is an almost exact replica of a 14th-century Gothic chapel.

exact origin   (tam kökeni)

The exact origin of the word "Bangla" is unknown.

The exact origin of Khorasan wheat remains unknown.

The exact origin of the abacus is still unknown.

exact position

However, his exact position on atomic weight is disputed.

However, it is possible to measure the exact position of particle A.

He has been referred to as the "unacknowledged spin doctor" of Orbán, but his exact position is not formally stated.

though the exact

However, certain components are almost always present, though the exact size and order may vary.

Shooting was the only legal means of execution, though the exact procedure has never been codified.

Many season passes state the type of content that players will get even though the exact content may be unknown at the time.

exact solution

In 1963, Roy Kerr found the exact solution for a rotating black hole.

The latter corresponds to an exact solution (found by Taub) which is allowed by eqs.

When one does not know the exact solution, one may look for the approximation with small residual.

exact details   (kesin detaylar)

The exact details of the Wulff–Dötz reaction are still being discussed and argued.

The exact details of Sülde Tngri's appearance and entourage vary among artwork of him.

There was a system in place to collect these taxes, but the exact details have been lost to time.

determine the exact

Due to the fire, time, and natural deterioration, it is difficult to determine the exact location.

However, it was difficult to determine the exact molecular weight and number of amino acids in a protein.

It is impossible to determine the exact number of victims of executions carried out in the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto.

exact year

The exact year of construction is unknown.

The exact year in which it was written cannot be ascertained.

His exact year of birth is unknown.

exact same   (tamamen aynı)

Unitarian Universalists differ widely in their theology hence there is no exact same stance on the issue.

The exact same principles of hooking a ball are applied on a backup ball, except the hand rotates clockwise.

If she ever sees Tom again, Lynette will “do the exact same to her spine as what she did to her front door”.

exact meaning

The exact meaning of semasiology is somewhat obscure.

The exact meaning of any of these terms varies from one system to another.

Its exact meaning has changed over time as the study of evolution has progressed.

exact copy

An exact copy of the head was attached to the statue in Cairo.

It is not enough to assert that the public "prefers" an exact copy .

Everyone used to call him the exact copy of Shah-e-ata in every way.

exact origins   (kesin kökenler)

The exact origins of the sport of golf are unclear.

The exact origins of the Mawlid is difficult to trace.

The exact origins of the dachshund are therefore unknown.

exact amount

The exact amount of tax that would be raised is also uncertain.

The concubine may not have commanded the exact amount of respect as the wife.

The figures are for nominal water capacity, rather than the exact amount carried.

exact circumstances   (kesin koşullar)

The exact circumstances of Jumonville's death are disputed.

The exact circumstances of 13 and 14 October remain controversial to this day.

Its leader was killed, although the exact circumstances of his death were disputed.

not exact

The drawings are not exact and should be used as a guide.

These procedures seem to work "pretty well," but they are not exact.

However, as the two month interval between Meretun and Basing is probably not exact, the earlier dates are approximate.

exact relationship

The exact relationship differs across cultural and national contexts.

The exact relationship between the "Austkylfur" and the anti-Harald coalition is unknown.

The exact relationship and placement of Warlock's Walk relative to the other published levels of Maure Castle remains unknown.