good example   (良い例え)

A good example of this is the surface of the Earth.

This release is a good example of their talents.

Sabeto Hot Springs near Nadi is a good example.

early example   (初期の例)

Daniel Defoe's "Moll Flanders" is an early example.

An early example appears in ancient Egyptian texts.

featuring an early example of Linear B writing.

another example   (もう一つの例)

The 1993 arcade game "NBA Jam" is another example.

Rape is another example of explicit discrimination.

Facebook is another example of social media influence.

example of how   (方法の例)

It's another example of how different constituencies are working together.

Uvejuegos thought the game was a prime example of how strange the 1980s were.

Mary Anne Doane gives an example of how voyeurism can be seen in the male gaze.

notable example   (注目すべき例)

The following list is historically notable example.

It is a notable example of rationalist architecture.

A notable example occurs with the moray eel.

fine example   (良い例)

A fine example is artist Marcel Duchamp's "L.H.O.O.Q.

The game is a fine example of exceptional game-making.

The coach house and stables are a fine example of mid 19th century rural architecture.

example of such

Microwave popcorn is an example of such a product.

Kun was often used as an example of such inflation.

Timelapse-seq is an example of such an approach.

rare example   (まれな例)

It is a rare example in Oregon of a "burying church".

It is a rare example in NSW of Moorwood & Rogers roofing.

It is a rare example of this type of architecture on Corsica.

first example

The park is the first example of an English garden in Milan.

It is the first example of an extended phenotype in a virus.

This is the first example of a C-bridged dimeric cannabinoid.

prime example   (主な例)

The Irish Gaelic phrase "Sean Nós" is a prime example.

A prime example can be found in the city of Rome, Italy.

A prime example of this is the wage gap.

following example

The form is made clear with the following example.

Consider the following example to demonstrate this.

The following example illustrates this problem.

classic example   (古典的な例)

A classic example he provides is that of education.

A classic example of this category is Fox and Geese.

A classic example of this category is checkers.

excellent example   (優れた例)

Sonnet 76 is an excellent example.

Hitt and Barr reported another excellent example of policy capturing.

The stone walls remain as an excellent example of English abbey walls.

typical example   (典型的な例)

The Old Synagogue, Przemyśl is a typical example.

1534 is a typical example of her eleven poetic epigrams.

A typical example is given in the figure.

known example

The earliest known example is in Canberra, Australia.

It is the only known example of its type in Michigan.

One known example is in the {3,5,3} family.

for example

Early films were influenced by traditional theater – for example, kabuki and bunraku.

(from the Latin doctores) may be used – for example, instead of Dr. Miller and Dr. Rubinstein: Drs.

Correspondingly, the mode is not unique – for example, in a uniform distribution "any" point is the mode.

surviving example

Only one surviving example of these locomotives is known to exist.

It is an extremely rare surviving example of a Childs Truss bridge.

It is a rare surviving example of open-wire copper -weld technology.

famous example

The most famous example is the Sun Temple, Konarak.

The Peredolian sopka is a famous example of a sopka.

A famous example of an alternate history game is "".

such example

"Cop Killer" by Body Count was one such example.

One such example is the Pod guitar amplifier modeler.

This is only one such example of dedication.

best example

The building is the best example of the Federal style in Cincinnati.

"ATM" and its Hype Williams-styled video is perhaps the best example.

The best example of this is the newline problem on various operating systems.

simple example   (簡単な例)

The problem shown is a relatively simple example.

A simple example would be saying "lo hablé" (lit.

This is a simple example of canting as means "stone".

example of what

This would be an example of what he referred to as "the naturalistic fallacy."

For me it's the book that does everything right, the example of what science fiction does when it works.

The Dispensary room is a typical example of what could be found in a Cape Dispensary in the days of 1910.

common example

Heavy construction vehicles are a common example.

A common example of the colon classification is:

A common example is toluenesulfonic acid (tosylic acid).

example above

For the example above, |200 Hz - 300 Hz| = 100 Hz.

The last would entail the "dizkidazue" example above.

The example above shows that "d"("n") has the average order log("n").

important example

Numerical analysis provides an important example.

It is an important example of Swedish Brick Gothic.

An important example is provided by affine connections.

prominent example

One prominent example of this is the Ripon Club.

One prominent example is the "ball and ramp experiment."

A prominent example is the case of family allowances in Austria.

local example

The well-preserved door is a local example of the Rococo style.

Built c. 1858-59, it is a fine local example of Italianate architecture.

The church is a well-preserved local example of Victorian Gothic Revival styling.

above example

In the above example, the return type is "void".

In the above example, a solution exists.

Consider: In the above example the main clause is relativized.

only example   (唯一の例)

The single prototype was the only example produced.

This was not the only example of untransmitted stories.

It is the only example of Norman Style architecture in the city.

example when   (例)

The electric power can also be saved—for example when driving to a zero-emissions zone.

In some passages the setting switches to London, for example when Sebastian visits Teresa.

The front wheel can be left unfolded if the package is to be wheeled, for example when boarding public transport.

outstanding example

It has been termed an "outstanding example" of Leffland's work.

The most outstanding example is "Belvedere", in Cranbrook Avenue.

perfect example   (完璧な例)

His life is a perfect example for the disciples of all the Sufis.

A perfect example of this is the case of chief Ngqika and his uncle, chief Ndlambe.

A perfect example of formalist criticism of auteur style would be the work of Alfred Hitchcock.

following the example

The award was instituted in 2008 following the example of the German Book Prize.

His use of opaque body colourin watercolour, following the example set by J.M.W.

We, therefore, following the example of our fathers, declare and stigmatize them as infamous.

example below

The example below is adapted from Liliane Haegeman.

The example below is adapted from Andrew Carnie (2013).

The example below shows an anonymous inner class being used as a callback.

earliest example

In the case of "interpreting allegorically," Theagenes appears to be our earliest example.

A version acquired by the National Gallery, London in 1963 is perhaps the earliest example.

This was likely the earliest example of an online, multi-player, interterminal computer game.

representative example   (代表例)

A representative example is the octahedral species {Au(P(CH))}.

A representative example in this genre is the "" (Rijksmuseum).

A representative example of the period are Puzzlewood's surface mines.

set an example

He believed that the army should set an example for the rest of society.

Rather, they were to be set up as pariahs, to set an example before the world.

It's important to not just talk about this topic, but to take action ... set an example."

recent example

Ireland also provides a recent example of the demographic dividend and transition.

The most recent example of this was when Leicester City pursued and went on to win the 2015/16 Premier League.

A most recent example is the critically acclaimed "Boyhood", which was in production, intermittently, from 2002 to 2013.

intact example

It was deemed "notable for its association with the White Mills resort complex and as an intact example of a rural doctor's office and residence."

Designed by noted Brisbane firm, Lucas and Cummings, Architects, the building is an excellent, intact example of their work and of modernist design.

Cathedral Church of Christ the King is of State significance as an intact example of the culmination of architect John Horbury Hunt's ecclesiastical ideas.

example shows

The following example shows the and forms of the bass line.

This example shows how to compute formula_2 using this method.

This example shows how developers can use Biml and BimlScript to:

extreme example

The ocean sunfish displays an extreme example of this mode.

In an extreme example, Charles D. B.

Glycolipids provide the most extreme example of asymmetry in the lipid bilayer.

see for example

For the details see for example Brigo and Mercurio (2001).

in 1991 and used in a series of statistical approaches (see for example,).

This atmosphere contrasts with the later Ottoman mosques (see for example the works of Suleiman the Magnificent's chief architect Mimar Sinan.)

most famous example   (最も有名な例)

The most famous example is the Sun Temple, Konarak.

The most famous example in Britain is the Cassetteboy.

The most famous example of classical epyllion is perhaps Catullus 64.

great example   (素晴らしい例)

This battle was a great example of guerrilla warfare.

A great example is the classic film "Saving Private Ryan" (1998).

Venerable Theodosius lived giving a great example of sanctity and virtue.

example of early

His verses, known as "ginans", are an example of early Sindhi poetry.

It was an example of early brick architecture in the United States dating from about 1660 to 1720.

"A Modest Proposal" is included in many literature courses as an example of early modern western satire.

second example

This is demonstrated through the second example.

By this time a second example was under way.

The pronoun "it" in the second example, on the other hand, has no referent.

single example

A single example was built, but no production followed.

A single example of a non-CANDU 6 design was sold to India.

Only a single example of the hybrid is known to exist, at the Avon Gorge in Bristol, England.

significant example   (重要な例)

It was deemed to be "a significant example of a bank barn in South Dakota."

This site is a significant example of the effects of this tectonic occurrence.

It is a significant example of the Edwardian architecture of the period 1915–1930.

for example

Some influences of the standard German orthography — for example, writing 'W'/'w' instead of 'V'/'v' — persisted well into the 1930s.

3D models rigged for animation may contain thousands of control points — for example, "Woody" from "Toy Story" uses 700 specialized animation controllers.

Demona does function well enough in the modern world up to a point — for example, she knew how to hail a cab while in human form and used slang terms on a few occasions.

rare surviving example   (珍しく生き残った例)

It is an extremely rare surviving example of a Childs Truss bridge.

It is a rare surviving example of open-wire copper -weld technology.

The grounds include the Japanese Garden, a rare surviving example of a rock garden.

provides an example

A dog show provides an example.

The Lotus Sutra provides an example of humans who have to endure long-term suffering in .

He notes: Barani's "Fatwa-i-Jahandari" provides an example of his extreme views on religion.

previous example

In the previous example, quotation marks have to be added to foo.

Using the previous example, formula_5 separates "ababa" and "abaa".

Representable functors: We can generalize the previous example to any category "C".

specific example

As a specific example, every real valued function on the set of integers is continuous.

To give one specific example, he calls the equation 'absurd' because it would lead to a negative value for .

In the sense of providing a highly controlled environment, sandboxes may be seen as a specific example of virtualization.

clear example   (明確な例)

A clear example is the U.S. military.

The work is a clear example of the Austrian "missa brevis" form.

Fern provides a clear example.

follow the example

Baháʼu'lláh wished that the Baháʼís follow the example of ʻAbdu'l-Bahá and gradually move away from polygamy.

Human Rights Watch called on Gulf countries to follow the example of Qatar and to enhance the situation of migrant labour.

While in Vietnam he volunteered with the Vietnam Christian service where his goal was to follow the example of Jesus Christ.

followed the example

Other global sports unions followed the example, but they were sluggish in doing so.

Many other BBS networks followed the example of FidoNet, using the same standards and the same software.

In his outward behaviour, Yogaswami followed the example of his guru, for he would drive away those who tried to approach him.

finest example

She is believed by many to have been the finest example of a steam auxiliary ever built.

It was deemed "significant as the finest example of the Craftsman style in Elizabethtown.

Evergreen is the finest example of Victorian Carpenter Gothic architecture in Charles County.

most notable example   (最も顕著な例)

The most notable example is Bon Jovi.

The most notable example of his work as an architect is the Church of the Savior in Ubory.

Perhaps the most notable example of the latter is Geertgen tot Sint Jans's "Man of Sorrows" c. 1485-95.

unique example

It remained a unique example.

Out of these Gohad fort is most important and unique example architecture of Jat rulers.

The church is a unique example of brutalist architecture, and is located in Konik neighborhood.

interesting example

An interesting example is Thrall (1987).

An interesting example is the coat coloration of the Siamese cat.

An interesting example of complicated history of the region is the "fight" between Christmas beings.

example using

An example using Pascal syntax (with ALGOL, Modula 2, Oberon, Ada, etc.

An example using an occupation is "kovač", "koval" or "kowal", which means blacksmith.

Proposed methods include increasing the planetary albedo, for example using stratospheric sulfate aerosols.

particular example   (特定の例)

Billy Fu is one particular example.

Here is a particular example, the derivative of the squaring function at the input 3.

One particular example of the latter is the case of beavers being introduced into Tierra del Fuego in 1946.

striking example

The legend of King Arthur and the quest for the Holy Grail is a striking example.

A striking example is the Taylor series of around 1: with denoting the Riemann zeta function at .

It is thus an especially striking example of an experimental confirmation of Bell inequality violations.