İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

except where noted   (belirtilen yerler hariç)

Songs written by Willie Nelson except where noted.

Personnel per digital booklet, except where noted.

All songs written by Tim Finn, except where noted.

except when   (ne zaman hariç)

All songs written by Dan Messé, except when noted.

All songs written by Ray Davies, except when noted.

Furthermore, except when , they are also continuous.

except as indicated   (belirtilenler hariç)

"All compositions by Sam Jones except as indicated"

"All compositions by Paul Bley except as indicated"

"All compositions by Max Roach except as indicated"

except where indicated   (belirtilen yerler hariç)

All songs by Ron Sexsmith except where indicated below.

All tracks written by Otis Spann except where indicated.

All tracks composed by Jeff Lynne; except where indicated

except during   (sırasında)

They have no waiting interval (except during very heavy traffic).

It has been contested annually over 36 holes except during the war years.

Rains on the Basque coast are rarely persistent except during winter storms.

all except   (hariç hepsi)

After the first workers hatch all except of on Queen get killed.

The dog swallowed it all except for two teeth, which the man pocketed.

By 1929 all except "Parker" had a /23 caliber anti-aircraft gun added.

except as noted   (belirtilenler hariç)

All songs written by Dave Pirner except as noted.

All songs written by Bryan Ferry except as noted.

All songs written by Mick Bower except as noted.

year except   (hariç yıl)

It runs throughout the year except Deepavali and Pongal festival day.

The garden is open to the public every day of the year except Christmas.

Congress meets throughout the year except for recess in July and December.

everyone except   (hariç herkes)

The handsome, hedonistic and opportunistic Gaveston repels everyone except the King.

A band of natives attack the party, killing everyone except Philippe, who is injured and conceals himself in the trees.

When he tried to tell others about his vision, he received ridicule from everyone except the Hindu “holy men,” or sadhus.

except in cases   (durumlar hariç)

The article argued that power is not asymmetrical except in cases of physical violence.

Decisions are made based on a majority vote if more than half of the Chamber is present, except in cases of constitutional issues.

Upon completion of their service, Auxiliary Policemen are discharged with a Sergeant rank in the ROK Army Reserve (except in cases of demotion).

except through   (hariç)

People are not able to know anything about God except through this self-revelation.

As he never married, the name became extinct, except through his stepbrothers' lineage of Satori-Canova.

The overhead construction was with side poles except through the towns and villages, where the span construction was used.

except   (- dışında)

It is owned – except for the ex-Sears parcel – by the Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield.

A happy ending prevails for all – except for poor Senex, stuck with his shrewish wife Domina.

This regional lock does not affect HD output (720p/1080i/1080p) – except for Blu-ray Disc movies.

day except   (gün hariç)

There is Holy Communion each day, and Choral Evensong each day except Wednesday.

In the summer, trains run as frequently as five times per day except on Mondays.

This offer is available every day except Sundays and public holidays from 7 am to 10 am.

everything except   (hariç her şey)

It is being stripped of everything except the necessaries.

Jimmy Carter capped revenue payments and Reagan discontinued everything except for CDBGs.

He was declared insolvent on September 17, 1890, selling everything except his home on Alameda Avenue.

except perhaps   (ancak belki)

(except perhaps with Truska, the bearded lady from the Cirque Du Freak).

All of which uninhabited, and seldom visited, except perhaps in the disastrous case of shipwreck...

Nothing seems wrong about him, except perhaps his habit of forgetting where his school-issued PDA is.

states except   (durumlar hariç)

It includes all European states except for Belarus and Vatican City.

All states except Nebraska and Maine use a winner-take-all allocation of electors.

Connecticut does not have county government, unlike all other states except Rhode Island.

daily except   (günlük hariç)

Said (Low) Mass is celebrated daily except Saturdays.

The garden is open to the public daily except Mondays.

It is open daily except Mondays; an admission fee is charged.

except the last   (son hariç)

All except the last category are illegal.

A book review column began in June 1953, and appeared in every issue except the last one.

The entire film is in black and white except the last scene which has been shot in colour.

state except   (hariç devlet)

California contains more forestland than any other state except Alaska.

Roosevelt and Garner won 60.8% of the vote and carried every state except Maine and Vermont.

In 1992, Bill Clinton fared better in Maryland than any other state except his home state of Arkansas.

anything except   (dışında herhangi bir şey)

We don't fear anything except God."

As such, it seems very unlikely that the appreneur model will do anything except grow.

The C64 CP/M cartridge is also not compatible with anything except the early 326298 motherboards.

except the first   (ilk hariç)

A second chicken can peck all the others except the first, and so on.

All episodes, except the first, had two episodes put on a single cassette.

In each case except the first the party which had won the seat originally held the seat at the by-election.