İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

few exceptions   (birkaç istisna)

There are only a few exceptions, like / ("scarce").

For residents the tax rate is 18% with few exceptions.

Hazor, however, is one of the few exceptions.

exceptions to exceed   (aşılması gereken istisnalar)

For 2009-10 school budget, the board did not apply for exceptions to exceed the Index.

notable exceptions   (dikkate değer istisnalar)

Main and cache memories are notable exceptions.

Two notable exceptions were the Baltic Cross and Silesian Eagle.

With a few notable exceptions (e.g.

apply for exceptions   (istisnalar için başvur)

In 2009, The Ephrata Area School Board did not apply for exceptions.

For 2009-10 school budget, the board did not apply for exceptions to exceed the Index.

only exceptions   (sadece istisnalar)

The only exceptions are in concert divisions (e.g.

The only exceptions were East Greenwich, West Greenwich and Scituate.

The only exceptions were the Scottish stores where the RS McColl name was retained.

rare exceptions   (nadir istisnalar)

With rare exceptions a new volume has been published annually.

With very rare exceptions, summers are dry throughout the state.

The ruling military elite of the sultanate was exclusive to those of mamluk background, with rare exceptions.

exceptions such

While there were exceptions such as the Dutch Republic or the Republic of Venice, the trend was clear.

Strong acids and some concentrated weak acids are corrosive, but there are exceptions such as carboranes and boric acid.

While most alphabets have letters composed of lines (linear writing), there are also exceptions such as the alphabets used in Braille.

certain exceptions   (bazı istisnalar)

However, certain exceptions to the bordering exist.

Also Article 8 prevents subjects to certain exceptions.

There are certain exceptions.

exceptions include

Notable exceptions include the grand antiprism in four dimensions.

The exceptions include fretless bass guitars and very rare fretless guitars.

These exceptions include the coastal areas of Namibia, Ivory Coast, and Ghana.