excluded because   (排除是因为)

In 1913, John Augustine Zahm suggested that Germain was excluded because she was a woman.

Lafayette and Lehigh were excluded because it was felt they would dominate the Association.

The air force was excluded because its Commander Omar Dhani was suspected of being a G30S sympathiser.

not excluded   (不排除)

It is not excluded the possibility that new kinds of autoantibodies could appear in NMO.

Apparent FTL is not excluded by general relativity; however, any apparent FTL physical plausibility is speculative.

Any dispute not excluded from arbitration by virtue of law (for example, criminal proceedings) may be submitted to arbitration.

not be excluded   (不排除)

This is clearly impossible, but some sort of relation cannot be excluded.

The Medal Race could not be excluded from the series score and counts double.

In holding that trust income cannot be excluded by an income beneficiary (e.g.

specifically excluded

The tunnel to Bowen House is specifically excluded from the heritage registration.

Disease of the central nervous system is specifically excluded from this classification.

Also specifically excluded (by name) were some regions already controlled by the Union army.