İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

almost exclusively   (hemen hemen tamamen)

It occurs almost exclusively in literary contexts.

He works on the Mr. Smith case almost exclusively.

This committed them to eating meat almost exclusively.

not exclusively   (sadece değil)

Though not exclusively, spiral guides were used.

Elves were not exclusively young and beautiful.

Groomers are not exclusively strangers.

released exclusively   (münhasıran serbest bırakıldı)

It was released exclusively as a digital download.

Moka Only") were released exclusively online.

It was released exclusively to Hungarian and Dutch radio.

used exclusively   (münhasıran kullanılır)

Hence later experiments used exclusively servicemen.

material was used exclusively for trolley construction.

The tennis courts were not used exclusively for tennis.

exclusively through   (münhasıran)

Reproduction occurs exclusively through cell division.

DWA had streamed exclusively through Netflix since 2013.

It was released exclusively through Yahoo!

available exclusively   (sadece mevcut)

The album is available exclusively as an MP3 download.

is released, but available exclusively with pre-orders.

Most of its channels are available exclusively on DStv.

exclusively used   (münhasıran kullanılır)

It is exclusively used by regional services.

These two types of action are almost exclusively used by rifles.

System transactions were exclusively used for data-recovery by the MKDE.

sold exclusively   (sadece satıldı)

Her first collection was sold exclusively at Browns.

In the United States, the Lumia 920 is sold exclusively by AT&T.

This version of "Back to Bedlam" was sold exclusively in America.

used almost exclusively   (neredeyse sadece kullanılmış)

During this period, copper was being used almost exclusively.

The harbour is now used almost exclusively for recreational sailing.

Today, it is the three-stringed domra that is used almost exclusively in Russia.

focus exclusively   (münhasıran odaklan)

Great Books programs often focus exclusively on Western culture.

Around that time, she quit her cleaning business to focus exclusively on music.

In 2009 Cutler decided to focus exclusively on creative producing and directing.

devoted exclusively   (münhasıran)

The Hulu website is now devoted exclusively to the subscription service.

Tegnérmuseet is a museum devoted exclusively to the life and work of Esaias Tegnér.

It became the first "think tank" devoted exclusively to natural resource and environmental issues.

focused exclusively   (münhasıran odaklanmış)

The fourth fund does not include an energy component and is focused exclusively on healthcare.

In 1989, he created the first law partnership that focused exclusively on the mediation of civil trial matters.

Around 1905, his production ground almost to a halt and from then on he focused exclusively on commissioned portraits.

dedicated exclusively   (münhasıran adanmış)

Many film festivals are dedicated exclusively to animation.

The CMT Music Awards is an annual ceremony dedicated exclusively to honor country music videos.

Farsi T2 languages, which are dedicated exclusively to music videos, have a common threading network.

made exclusively   (münhasıran yapılmış)

This change was made exclusively to the "Billboard" Hot 100 chart.

It is made exclusively from Grand Crus & Premiers Crus grapes of the 2008 vintage.

The Bellingham Bay leg was added in 1980, and it was made exclusively a kayaking event in 1992.

found exclusively   (münhasıran bulundu)

It is found exclusively in South Africa, particularly the Namaqualand region.

The player must often search for items or places found exclusively in one world.

Digoxigenin (DIG) is a steroid found exclusively in the flowers and leaves of the plants "D. purpurea" and "D. lanata".

exclusively available   (sadece mevcut)

It is exclusively available for Verizon customers.

All 2015 Sonatas were exclusively available with Front Wheel Drive (FWD).

It was exclusively available on iTunes in November 2006, then released physically in February 2007.