training exercises

The destroyer was primarily involved in training exercises during 1978 and 1979.

The day after her training exercises ended, she left Wilhelmshaven on 2 October.

Trained for tactical airlift missions, participating in joint training exercises.

military exercises

Skis were used in military exercises in 1747.

Today Darwin provides a staging ground for military exercises.

The next round of joint military exercises was scheduled for late August.

exercises off

In 1925, Prica conducted exercises off the Dalmatian coast, involving the majority of vessels.

She returned to San Diego 23 January 1968 and spent most of that year in exercises off San Diego.

In 1911, she completed trials and participated in exercises off Newport, Boston, and the Virginia Capes.

fleet exercises   (フリート演習)

Further fleet exercises were held off Cuba from 12 January to 10 February.

"Stosch" arrived in Wilhelmshaven on 13 August, in time for the fleet exercises that year.

After amphibious and fleet exercises on the west coast, she departed San Diego on 6 January 1947 bound for Japan.

amphibious exercises

"Sumter" arrived at Pearl Harbor on 21 July and trained there until 12 August when she was routed to Guadalcanal for additional amphibious exercises with the 81st Infantry Division.

"Sumter" arrived at Guadalcanal on 19 February 1945 and began amphibious exercises with the 22d Regimental Combat Team of the 6th Marine Division in preparation for the invasion of Okinawa.

naval exercises   (海軍演習)

The area has restricted access since it is used for naval exercises.

Once there, the two vessels will take part in two naval exercises Obangame Express and Phoenix Express.

The readiness of the PO TG has been regularly trained and evaluated in the INSTREX series naval exercises.