İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

solo exhibitions   (kişisel sergiler)

To date Crabtree has had over 70 solo exhibitions.

Plavinsky had many solo exhibitions, including:

Selected solo exhibitions: Citations Sources

group exhibitions   (karma sergiler)

Solo Exhibitions Selected group exhibitions

He was also attributed in group exhibitions all over Egypt.

Her solo exhibitions include: Her group exhibitions include:

art exhibitions   (sanat sergileri)

In the 1980s he had a series of art exhibitions at Cuba.

He gave painting lessons and exhibited in art exhibitions.

"Pèl & Ploma" sponsored several prominent art exhibitions.

temporary exhibitions   (geçici sergiler)

The gallery houses temporary exhibitions.

Its purpose is to house temporary exhibitions of the museum.

Today it serves as a gallery for temporary exhibitions of modern art.

exhibitions include   (sergiler dahil)

Recent exhibitions include "An Eternal Beauty.

Her solo exhibitions include: Her group exhibitions include:

international exhibitions

He has participated in different international exhibitions.

The museum also regularly hosts temporary international exhibitions.

The media also welcomed him into the chain of international exhibitions.

several exhibitions

He was also represented with drawings on several exhibitions.

Her work has appeared in several exhibitions in Malta and internationally.

Her work has appeared in several exhibitions in the United States and Malta.

exhibitions including

Fennell has had various exhibitions including Show Off at the Royal Academy of Art.

The following is a list of Maria Evelia Marmolejo's art exhibitions including her performances.

Since then McKee has contributed sound art installations to various group exhibitions including the L.A. based MAMA gallery inaugural exhibition.

numerous exhibitions

Vartanian has curated numerous exhibitions since the late 1990s.

His work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions in Guyana, Barbados, and the United Kingdom.

As a photographer, Rinnekangas has had numerous exhibitions in museums both in Finland and abroad.

many exhibitions

The Wiener Frauenkunst held many exhibitions in Vienna.

She has been featured in many exhibitions.

He has had many exhibitions in both Manchester and in London.

major exhibitions   (büyük sergiler)

Shepard was a prolific painter, showing in a number of major exhibitions.

She traveled the world filming profiles of artists as they prepared for major exhibitions.

Ashraf's scholarship on Louis Kahn has yielded important writings and major exhibitions, both in Bangladesh and the US.

special exhibitions

The ground floor is used for special exhibitions.

The library also hosts special exhibitions.

The museum also hosts special exhibitions.

exhibitions such

The "Digit Series" has been included in exhibitions such as the "International Symposium on Electronic Art" in 2015.

His work has been shown internationally in contemporary art exhibitions such as dOCUMENTA (13) and the Kochi-Muziris Biennale.

Her work has been exhibited internationally and included in exhibitions such as "c.1983" that examine the history of video art.

exhibitions throughout

He showed works in various exhibitions throughout his life.

The Core is also home to art exhibitions throughout the year.

Akberg held many exhibitions throughout his career, some solo and some with other artists.

various exhibitions

He organized various exhibitions in Moscow from 1968-1978.

He showed works in various exhibitions throughout his life.

From 1990 he is represented at various exhibitions at Cuba.

museum exhibitions

Other publications include monographs accompanying his museum exhibitions.

André also teaches color at her alma mater, participates in gallery and museum exhibitions, and designs costumes for ballet, opera and theater.

History and culture were present in the dozens of museum exhibitions designed specifically for the event to attract tourists from Europe and other parts of the United States.

annual exhibitions

He also worked as a teacher and held annual exhibitions.

Both groups held annual exhibitions over the next few years.

They meet regularly and arrange annual exhibitions which attract large number of visitors.

collective exhibitions

He has had over 350 individual and collective exhibitions of his work on various continents.

Sofia Areal has exhibited her work in collective exhibitions since 1982 and individually since 1990.

Since then, he has been a future artist in numerous individual and collective exhibitions worldwide.

permanent exhibitions   (kalıcı sergiler)

It houses both temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Some themes are permanently shown in permanent exhibitions.

The Regional Museum in Szczecinek currently holds six permanent exhibitions:

number of exhibitions   (sergi sayısı)

By 2017, the number of exhibitions totaled 35, among them

Tavera has curated a number of exhibitions in the Twin Cities and beyond.

She also participated in a number of exhibitions in the US and Europe, including the New Museum.