İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

exhibits include   (sergiler dahil)

Currently the exhibits include 12 types of aircraft.

Notable exhibits include a rare surviving helmet crest.

The exhibits include suits of armour, halberds and swords.

art exhibits   (sanat sergileri)

In the 1980s Riva produced over a dozen art exhibits.

There are now several permanent art exhibits in the castle.

It was screened only at his art exhibits.

museum exhibits   (müze sergileri)

The museum exhibits numerous objects from the Roman era.

Every year the museum exhibits works by graduating art students.

The museum exhibits historic aircraft, vehicles, uniforms and weapons.

interactive exhibits   (interaktif sergiler)

It features hands-on and interactive exhibits, artifacts and programs about Colorado history.

The event also features four music stages, arts and crafts vendors, kids' activities, and interactive exhibits.

The interactive exhibits include opportunities for visitors to touch or hold animals such as coral, starfish, crabs, sharks and rays.

temporary exhibits   (geçici sergiler)

There are temporary exhibits as well.

It also hosts traveling and temporary exhibits on related themes.

In addition, temporary exhibits on a variety of topics are hosted in the large power halls.

features exhibits

A visitor center museum features exhibits about Arrow Rock and the Boone's Lick country.

The campus features exhibits such as "Mineral Majesty", "Light Play" and historical dioramas.

The Saka no Ue no Kumo Museum features exhibits connected with the famous novel and television series.

permanent exhibits   (kalıcı sergiler)

The center contains several permanent exhibits.

The museum houses collections, and temporary and permanent exhibits.

Canus was welcomed in 2004 as a part of the Northern Life Museum's permanent exhibits.