İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

existing world   (mevcut dünya)

Prior to this competition, the existing world and Games records were as follows:

already existing   (zaten mevcut)

Others lived in already existing summer houses.

In some cases, a B unit is converted from an already existing A unit.

Over the years and already existing National Police created by decree No.

all existing   (hepsi mevcut)

In 1961, all existing buildings on Hoffman Island were razed.

Turnstiles have been added to all existing stations in the system.

Most if not all existing coal-fired generation will need to be retired.

existing buildings   (mevcut binalar)

His main duty was maintenance of existing buildings.

Between 2001 and 2002, existing buildings were restored.

In 1961, all existing buildings on Hoffman Island were razed.

existing building

The existing building was also renovated to be ADA-accessible.

About that same time, Loyola added on to their existing building.

The existing building was expanded to the north into a late Gothic style.

still existing   (hala var)

Judaism is the second-oldest religion still existing in Iran after Zoroastrianism.

His pieces that are signed, dated, and still existing have dates spanning a period of 43 years.

Hiller Building (14350-56 E. Jefferson), one of the oldest buildings still existing in the district.

oldest existing

Consequently, Stanford is USC's oldest existing rival.

It is the oldest existing Chinese school in Tacloban City.

Philogelos Philogelos () is the oldest existing collection of jokes.

existing ones   (mevcut olanlar)

Better facilities were added to existing ones.

The existing ones are only modified (amplitude and/or phase).

Her critics claim that her focus was on new roads—not maintenance of existing ones.

replace the existing

A new apron of will replace the existing .

The Hospital was built to replace the existing hospital at Camp Joe Holt.

The new transmitter would replace the existing AM transmitter at that location.

previously existing   (önceden var)

Revell ignored previously existing music from the franchise.

Below this league, three regional Landesligas were formed to replace the previously existing 2.

In contrast, a reversal (Walden inversion) of the previously existing stereochemistry is observed in the S2 mechanism.

existing laws   (mevcut kanunlar)

The Supreme Court may request legislation that interprets or modifies existing laws.

For all other purposes, the existing laws governing the commission remained unchanged.

The law made internet content subject to existing laws on expression, such as criminal libel.

existing structure

It has 17th-century origins but the existing structure dates from 1838.

Like other bridges across the canal, the existing structure dates from 1826.

Above the gateway is a late 18th-century clock that was inserted into the existing structure.

existing facilities

Title III also has applications to existing facilities.

Staff and students began using the existing facilities in September 1989.

(A "brownfield", on the other hand, remodels or improves upon existing facilities.)

existing system   (var olan sistem)

The existing system was announced unique, official, compulsory, and "best in the world".

For Dadaists, the existing system by which information is articulated robs language of its dignity.

Cohen designed Techstars to improve the existing system of angel investing and to provide more support to startups.

only existing   (sadece mevcut)

This is the only existing engraving signed with his full name.

De La Falaise is the only existing branch of that family today.

The only existing remnant of the town is the adjacent Elizabethtown Cemetery.

other existing   (mevcut diğer)

Equally, no other existing ships were available for purchase or charter.

This testing procedure dominates other existing unit root tests in terms of power.

The two other existing dams on the Vacha River are the Vacha Dam and the Kamak Dam.

using existing

This is especially useful when using existing library code.

This approach may allow customers to keep using existing hardware.

The 23-km link was established using existing and new rail tracks.

existing line

It has also been proposed to add new stations on the existing line.

An existing line between Duku railway station and Padang was upgraded.

The ANZACs subsequently established a new outpost closer to the existing line, No.

existing structures

Demolition of existing structures began in August 2007.

Developers and owners can create VR models of existing structures.

Adaptation occurs through the gradual modification of existing structures.

then existing

Euler (1747 & 1750) overall found 58 new pairs to make all the by then existing pairs into 61.

The upgrading of the road involved the conversion of the then existing gravel surface to tarmac and the building of bridges and drainage channels.

In 1985 the Baháʼí International Community canvassed the National Assemblies with a questionnaire - 77 of the 143 then existing assemblies responded.

new and existing

TSCA authorized the EPA to regulate new and existing chemicals.

The meeting places in the park link new and existing vegetation.

The qualification is a requirement for all new and existing PCV drivers.

existing law

Freedom of religion is not always protected under existing law.

Regulations must be based on an existing law, and they can clarify and specify, but not contradict the statute.

For example, the existing law only took effect after the damages were done and did nothing to prevent future damage.

existing road   (mevcut yol)

The developers of the Holywood Exchange were able to take advantage of existing road connections.

However, during the Second World War the War Office used the area for tank training completely destroying the existing road surface.

From Kurupukari it would run parallel to the old cattle trail to Annai, and from Annai it would follow an already existing road to Lethem.

existing infrastructure   (mevcut altyapı)

In addition, plans for the main site will be dropped and existing infrastructure on the SSSI will be removed.

The Battery Park City Authority’s main focus turned to maintenance of existing infrastructure, security and conservancy of the public spaces.

This typically limits them to maintaining existing infrastructure and performing low-level improvements such as landscaping or street cleaning.

many existing

This requirement prompted many existing churches to be rebuilt, expanded, or replaced by new ones.

It is one of the many existing attractions at the park operating before Cedar Fair took ownership of the park.

On June 25, 1975, many existing stamps, some going back as far as 1953, were issued with an overprint marking independence.

based on existing

From 1859, armour was added to ships based on existing frigate and ship of the line designs.

It was heavily based on existing products, including Bombardier's Zefiro and AnsaldoBreda's V250 trains.

A "pushed" process is based on existing or newly invented technology that the organization has access to.

existing lines

Further of branches connecting the railway to existing lines are also planned.

The line is also expected to have the highest ridership figures when compared to the existing lines.

This line, in conjunction with upgrading of existing lines, will provide a direct link between Toowoomba and Gladstone.

existing station   (mevcut istasyon)

The existing station and surrounding land was rebuilt.

It is located directly underneath the existing station.

The second was the old South Ferry loop station, located above the existing station complex.

within the existing

The queens, instead of moving to a new nest to start a new colony, will mate within the existing colony.

The Pfahl consists of quartz that was deposited as a hydrothermal vein about 275 million years ago within the existing fault structure.

Its discovery 30 years earlier had also been unexpected, though it was quickly replicated and explained within the existing physics framework.

existing between

Airline fuel is untaxed because of a series of treaties existing between countries.

The Manteños were the last of the pre-Columbian cultures in the coastal region existing between 600–1534.

It has been shown that the cycle is initiated by the short day conditions existing between October and April.

existing state   (mevcut eyalet)

On July 30 the Missouri State Convention declared the existing state offices vacant.

The PEPP will be complementary to existing state, occupational and private pension systems on national level.

These sales taxes, which could be up to 40 cents per pack, would be levied in addition to the existing state taxes.

existing network   (mevcut ağ)

Network embedding encodes an existing network to a trainable embedding vector.

They include : MSEDCL’s existing network handles a load of about 10,000 to 11,000 MW.

It covered a total of ten trades and fully complemented Maersk Line’s existing network.

existing social   (mevcut sosyal)

It is easy today to underestimate the extent to which the novel challenged existing social and legal structures.

from Evgeny Morozov, who in 2015 described most platforms as "parasitic: feeding off existing social and economic relations".

Critics have argued that evolutionary psychology might be used to justify existing social hierarchies and reactionary policies.

existing members

The organization is run by the board, selected out of the existing members of the network.

Each new member needed to receive the votes of at least two-thirds of the existing members.

When Le Mans-winner John Duff joined the club in 1935 he was proposed and seconded by existing members.

existing units

All training afterwards was for replacement pilots of existing units.

In 1939, the Territorial Army was "duplicated" - existing units formed a second unit.

Once there, they become part of the player's "Force Pool", which they can use to reinforce their existing units.

no existing

There is no existing record of any having signed this declaration.

As of October 2013, there is no existing DVD of the film in the US.

The committee determined that no existing software could meet their requirements.

existing systems

The FDCC approach is therefore to help strengthen the ECD sector (its existing systems and services).

To ensure backward compatibility, existing systems retained their original node numbers through this period.

Forty-three percent of respondents said they use less than half the functionality of their existing systems.

several existing   (birkaç mevcut)

He referenced several existing chronicles, inscriptions as well as "eigyin" and "mawgun" poems.

In the first series of experiments, several existing indexing methods were compared to test their efficiency.

Unlike the Delrac system, Dectra was essentially the normal Decca Navigator system with the modification of several existing transmitter sites.

existing railway

This is the result of an unrealised project to run the metro into the suburbs on existing railway lines.

List of railway lines in Japan List of railway lines in Japan lists existing railway lines in Japan alphabetically.

Between Melbourne and Moree, a number of existing railway lines of varying condition and load capacity could provide a connection.

existing roads

Hiking, biking and horseback riding are encouraged on existing roads and trails.

Towards the end of 1946, most of existing roads of Sundargarh District were constructed.

A second option called for a further expansion to the bus system, with improvements to existing roads.

number of existing   (mevcut sayısı)

The very slow production rate continued, causing cancellation of a number of existing orders.

Despite these tensions the Board took over a number of existing schools and established new ones.

A number of existing and proposed cycle routes criss-cross the City, as part of the London Cycle Network.

use existing   (var olanı kullan)

70% of Inland Rail will use existing rail infrastructure.

The sweep also reduces the wingspan, allowing the 747 to use existing hangars.

Plans were made, however, to use existing buildings with sturdy below-ground-level basements as makeshift fallout shelters.

using the existing

Staff and students began using the existing facilities in September 1989.

On 20 October 2012, a new bridge opened over the Hume Weir using the existing piers.

Work commenced in 1813, using the existing foundations and masonry as far as possible.

existing church

Much of the existing church dates to the 12th and 13th centuries.

The north aisle was added to the existing church building in the 15th century.

The Greek government agreed, provided that the existing church be restored to its original state.

existing political

Because the existing political groups did not adequately represent labor's interests, a workers' party was formed at the end of the century.

In mid-1919, Finns agreed on a new Constitution, one that constructed a modern parliamentary system of government from existing political institutions and traditions.

In 1917, he moved the motion opposing the formation of the Co-operative Party, as he believed that the movement should be represented through existing political parties.

existing route

Initially it was planned that the existing route would be supplemented by about 105 km of new line.

The existing route east of the SH 36/Route K roundabout to Te Maunga became a new designation of SH 29A.

The North Circular Road was to have been improved to motorway standard along its existing route with the designated motorway number set to be M15.

existing bridge

To implement this, the already existing bridge pillars had to be laboriously relocated.

In 2003 construction began on the second four lane bridge to the west of the existing bridge to meet growing traffic demands.

A pre-fabricated segment was attached to the existing bridge, for use while construction proceeds on both sides along Liberty Street.

existing school   (mevcut okul)

The timber-framed building had brick ends that were designed to match the existing school buildings.

In 1925, the OBU moved the Chapel from the schools' original location to its current site on the existing school grounds.

The school buildings were in a poor state of repair, and the majority were replaced by the existing school buildings in 1878.

existing customers   (mevcut müşteriler)

FNZ's existing customers include:

All existing customers who sent in their warranty cards were sent free copies of the Red Book.

As with all other versions of Logos Bible Software, it was offered as a free update to existing customers.