expecting their first   (彼らの最初を期待して)

When Ghiath died, his wife was expecting their first baby.

Keeley and husband Johnny are expecting their first child.

that he and Luna were expecting their first child together.

not expecting   (期待していない)

Corrie is not expecting any miracles, but is hoping for closure.

There was "not a place where people were not expecting the onset of hostilities every day".

Rasmussen's attire (a bathrobe, nightgown, and underwear) suggested she was not expecting visitors.

expecting a child   (子供を期待している)

It was announced that they are expecting a child on 6 October 2015.

In November 2017, they announced they are expecting a child together.

However, because Wongang Ami was expecting a child, they refused to go.