Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

expedition against   (expedición contra)

He served as lieutenant in the expedition against Cartagena.

On Foy's return, the expedition against Portugal was preparing.

Doria also led an expedition against the Barbary states in 1601.

expedition led   (expedición dirigida)

The cave was explored by an expedition led by Captain J. M. Thompson in 1935.

A second expedition led by Andrew Regan and Andrew Moon departed in November 2010.

The film documented the failed Antarctic expedition led by Ernest Shackleton in 1914.

military expedition   (expedición militar)

Her plan was to lead a military expedition to Korea.

Meanwhile, Mentemu avoided any direct military expedition against Kublai's realm.

In early 1910, Qing China sent a military expedition of its own to Tibet for direct rule.

led an expedition   (lideró una expedición)

He led an expedition to the upper Niger.

One such person is John Allegro, who in 1962 led an expedition.

Doria also led an expedition against the Barbary states in 1601.

first expedition   (primera expedición)

The first expedition reached the Black Sea and Crimea.

The campaign was cut short by his first expedition to Italy.

Alexander's first expedition was against the city of Ptolemais.

punitive expedition   (expedición punitiva)

Learning of this, Louis XIV ordered his ministers to prepare a punitive expedition.

He served under General John J. Pershing during the punitive expedition in Mexico in 1916.

He personally led a punitive expedition involving two Regular Army regiments and some militia.

second expedition

They will sail on the second expedition in 2018.

Earning his second expedition medal on the war on terror.

A second expedition led by Andrew Regan and Andrew Moon departed in November 2010.

scientific expedition

The island was explored by the French scientific expedition in 1881–1882.

Gregory was the first to mount a specifically scientific expedition to the mountain.

He boards a train which will eventually take him to Mongolia to join a scientific expedition.

another expedition   (otra expedición)

Asriel receives a grant for another expedition.

Franklin made another expedition to the Arctic in 1825.

Octavia offered to lend him more troops for another expedition.

during the expedition

A number of buildings, bridges, and salt works were destroyed during the expedition.

At various times during the expedition, "Manhattan" was supported by the icebreakers , , and .

One of Lewis and Clark's missions was to describe the flora and fauna encountered during the expedition.

expedition members

Nancy asked her father's advice, and he suggests finding the other expedition members.

While evaluating Weir's abilities, he made a rather poor impression on the expedition members.

On 15 May, the expedition members received the blessings of the Lama at the Rongbuk Monastery.

naval expedition

They sent a naval expedition toward Lilybaeum.

Fane's Anglo-Spanish naval expedition struck first on 10 September.

The naval expedition leaves Lisbon on 24 April, with the landing operations starting on 26 April.

hunting expedition

His successor Chitrasena was killed by a lion during a hunting expedition.

Justin helps organize the hunting expedition under the belief Shawn is still alive.

Julie Loeb (Isabella Grace) is found shot dead during a hunting expedition in the woods.

during an expedition

He died during an expedition in the Negev, Israel.

The 71st was involved in skirmishes during an expedition to Buck's Ferry between 19-22 Sept 1864.

She finds out that he saved people's lives during an expedition on the Chungawat in the Himalayas.

sent an expedition

Salm sent an expedition by Talha b.

In 1631 Murga sent an expedition against a "palenque" "next to the Rio Grande of the Magdalena".

The Spanish sent an expedition that reached the island in July 1635, but their attack was ineffectual.