Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

years of experience   (años de experiencia)

He gave all of his 50 years of experience.

Mr. Martin had years of experience in designing school buildings.

Moon also has over 20 years of experience researching entomology.

personal experience   (experiencia personal)

His writing is often based on personal experience.

Newton wrote the words from personal experience.

With Richard Marx, Vandross wrote the song based on his personal experience.

work experience   (experiencia laboral)

Few had work experience beyond occasional odd jobs.

Students vary widely by age, educational background, work experience.

The other bodies recognise academic qualifications and work experience.

first experience   (primera experiencia)

That was his first experience on an indoor track.

This was his first experience as head coach.

It was there where she gained her first experience as an organizer.

own experience   (experiencia propia)

Most of his work was based on his own experience.

I have a hard time squaring that with my own experience.

They're thinking from their own experience.

previous experience

Many players join with little or no previous experience in rugby.

The design was based on previous experience with the bathyscaphe "FNRS-2".

None of the women had formal musical training or previous experience in bands.

gain experience

Players can also gain experience by completing missions.

To gain experience in film production, Babu worked at the Geetha Arts company.

Thus, Nicholas did not have the opportunity to gain experience in battlefield command.

experience points

Players level-up by collecting experience points.

Remaining experience points are spent on spells.

As players complete missions, they gain loots and experience points (XP).

no experience

SCHIRRA: And there is no experience with the helmet either on that one.

Despite having no experience with criminal law, Tony reluctantly agrees.

He moved to the United States to pursue acting despite having no experience.

extensive experience

She has extensive experience in street-fighting and wrestling.

He has extensive experience in designing strategies and governance structures.

Ghiberti have extensive experience dealing with wraiths from the Dark Kingdom of Ivory.

not experience

Texas did not experience many significant battles.

Most of the women who develop DCIS do not experience any symptoms.

Spherical erbium oxide does not experience S - I energy transitions.

human experience

We share his common, human experience, not his personality.

The Amazons exist outside the range of normal human experience."

Coping planning normalises distress as a universal human experience.

military experience

This was mainly due to his military experience in Russia.

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew W. Brown had no previous military experience.

His military experience eventually inspired his novel "Days and Nights".

user experience   (experiencia de usuario)

The Xiaomi Mi 2 ships with Android and Xiaomi's MIUI user experience.

This motivated him to shift his focus to the sciences of user experience.

They experienced slowness along with various bugs which hindered the user experience further.

practical experience

Mulvany qualified through practical experience as an engineer.

He gained practical experience at firms in Rugby, Wolverhampton and London.

They also may have practical experience as a rig hand or mudlogger or mud engineer.

lack of experience   (falta de experiencia)

This lack of experience working together resulted in some awkward moments.

Complaints against Stilwell emphasized his supposed lack of experience and maturity.

Despite his lack of experience, Claudius proved to be an able and efficient administrator.

experience working

This lack of experience working together resulted in some awkward moments.

The story is partially drawn from writer Mazzei's own experience working as a camgirl.

Perry has over 30 years of experience working on central bank policy issues in Indonesia.

professional experience

Previous professional experience is not a requirement, but would be an advantage.

The team's roster is composed of roughly sixty men; only five offer professional experience.

At the end of the 1897 season, Rube Waddell was lent to the team to gain professional experience.

gained experience

Through his teenage years he gained experience songwriting by playing in bands.

He had previously gained experience in railroad construction in the American Midwest.

He initially gained experience designing the covers for all of the original Jetset albums.

prior experience   (experiencia previa)

Long's prior experience included hosting "Soul!

The animal automatically knows it without any prior experience.

Mr. Lopart would try to do something on his own without any prior experience.

knowledge and experience   (conocimientos y experiencia)

He had taste, knowledge and experience".

Through this project she built a wealth knowledge and experience about mounting an exhibition.

The Minangkabaus would leave their homes and travel in search of work, knowledge and experience.

more experience

Gnabry had wished for the move to gain more experience.

He had more experience.

He also suggests young filmmakers to get more experience from their daily life.

learning experience

Usually, the objective is to cultivate a more learning experience.

Although Lin had only a supporting role, she considered it a learning experience.

He credits his experiences touring with Metheny's trio as a significant learning experience.

combat experience   (experiencia de combate)

All its pilots were rotated to Adak to gain combat experience.

His combat experience is immense and not restricted to firearms.

Much of Hayek's combat experience was spent as a spotter in an aeroplane.

experience gained

Wing tethering is simplified and builds on the experience gained on the Potez XV.

A number of changes were introduced as a result of experience gained in the battle.

It encapsulates experience gained from his earlier designs of the GP14 and the Enterprise.

began to experience

Chile began to experience a moderate economic downturn in 1999.

It was not however until the 1980s that U.S. food banks began to experience rapid growth.

Already during the reign of Elizabeth I of the Tudor dynasty, England began to experience dramatic shortages of timber.

life experience   (experiencia de vida)

Board members have a wide variety of life experience.

Your feeling maybe incomplete because your life experience is not completed.

The life experience just like a tree, shade grows with the tree branches spread out."

years experience

He had several years experience of civil engineering in Jamaica.

As a result of many years experience even large groups can be catered for.

He has over 30 years experience in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering.

political experience

Steele has had the following political experience:

Despite his political experience, this was a remarkable choice.

When Sharon joined Begin's government, he had relatively little political experience.

experience during

She gained diplomatic experience during the crisis prior to the Gulf War in 1990-91.

In some respects, all that matters is the presence or absence of experience during critical periods of development.

The formation or disruption of social bonds is dependent on the emotions that people experience during interactions.

religious experience

After a religious experience in 1654, Pascal mostly gave up work in mathematics.

And there I was having this religious experience, and she made me feel like such a fool.

The Jesuits wanted to enhance the religious experience, with an almost meditative, emotional peace.

little experience   (pequeña experiencia)

Moon-Boy has little experience with civilized culture and/or behavior.

With little experience of such conditions, MacLaren had a succession of failures.

Ear cleaning in general may also be ineffective when used by one with little experience or guidance.

acting experience

She had no acting experience prior to this.

She had no acting experience but auditioned and was cast.

Before this role, he did not have any known acting experience.

international experience

DeWitt has a puncher's chance but Yagubkin rates a solid edge in international experience."

She had interest in applying her international experience to transform vulnerable communities.

Because of their international experience, they often have a much broader worldview than their peers.

past experience

Hume would say, all of which he had past experience of.

Designers also use past experience of materials of similar properties.

They attained their positions through political influence or past experience in the service.

likely to experience   (probable experimentar)

Gray-champagnes appear more likely to experience vitiligo.

However, people who are middle aged and older are the most likely to experience the problem.

People who travel more or watch more movies are more likely to experience "déjà vu" than others.

educational experience

The educational experience was perfect for me.

The camp provides campers with a Jewish educational experience.

It was an educational experience for Jovanović in its own right.

experience when   (experiencia cuando)

"Adventure Gamers" thought the game offered a better experience when played with family and friends.

63% of the island is national park making it one of the main attractions to experience when visiting.

He didn't have any experience when going into the war but he still went in with an open mind and a kind heart.

gaining experience

These "mitama" can level up by gaining experience from battles, or by paying a certain sum of "haku".

The player can customize their character's stats through gaining experience points from defeating enemies.

He was subsequently sent on loan to Sopot, gaining experience for two seasons in the Serbian League Belgrade.

experience through

SlipKnot provided a graphical web experience through what would otherwise be a text-only Unix shell account.

Comedian Ahmed Ahmed hosts a celebration of culture through comedy, by sharing his experience through the Middle East.

The show followed the successes and failures of performers of varying quality and experience through the audition process.

coaching experience

Prior to this, he has no high-level head coaching experience.

He is a former player with international coaching experience.

It is my worst coaching experience".

experience more

sexual victimization) while men tend to experience more systemic and collective traumas (e.g.

The story experience more twists and turns eventually to include the death of Qing government officials.

The individual becomes accustomed to a state of dysphoria as they experience more and more negative mood states.

did not experience

Texas did not experience many significant battles.

As such, most African civilizations outside of Egypt did not experience a distinct Bronze Age.

Overall, Diab did not experience the same level of success in film that he had with his music career.

experience includes

Her experience includes working in Los Angeles reporting for "George Magazine".

Glenn's commercial basketball club experience includes playing for YCO Shine Masters and RFM-Swift Hotdogs in the PABL.

The experience includes numerous haunted attractions and incorporates most of the existing park rides into a nightmarish experience.

customer experience   (experiencia del cliente)

To provide the best customer experience in the markets we serve.

As of 2017, she is currently a director of customer experience and retail for the Swedish market.

It is the first time that a fully digitalized customer experience has been proposed in the British market.

people experience

More than 10% of people experience fatigue and fever.

Through the Eucharist people experience the eternity of God who transcends time and space.

Drug use discrimination is the unequal treatment people experience because of the drugs they use.

teaching experience

It was there that Sobchack got her first teaching experience.

His teaching experience comprises the coordination of two Tempus Projects.

Ninety-eight percent of teachers are fully credentialed, and the average teaching experience is 15 years.

unique experience

That's truly a unique experience in the Philippines, I think."

Such a complex and unique experience is the jury deliberation process the outcome of which is profound and potentially lethal.

This was deemed a unique experience, Wason having been both disbarred and struck off the Rolls, but each time at his own request.

direct experience

Caeiro sought a direct experience of the objects before him.

He reacts with a fierce passion to direct experience that is organized into a formal structure.

One of his principal teachings was that humans could and should experience "theoria" (literally "contemplation," or direct experience of God).

valuable experience

These campaigns provided the troops with valuable experience in amphibious warfare.

The expedition against Oristano failed, but officers and crews gained valuable experience.

He spent the next three years flying in Africa, gaining valuable experience and flying hours.

experience led

This experience led to Smith defining his own musical style, known for being loud.

This experience led him to spend some time investigating paranormal phenomena and magic.

The American experience led to a worldwide boom in the production and exhibition of films from 1906 onwards.

musical experience

He is also writing a book detailing the origin of his musical experience.

Abernathy's first musical experience came with his father’s group, the Atco Quartet, at the age of five.

His first practical musical experience came when he was taught to play the tambourine at the age of five.

new experience

For some, it is to develop new experience.

Designing an eyewear line with Madonna was a new experience for us.

In the United States, native American language in Metal music is a relatively new experience.

great experience   (gran experiencia)

He was described as ‘a wise man ... of great experience.’

We had to make this [video] in honor of our great experience."

"Even practicing with senior players has been a great experience."

training and experience

Because of the ease of operating a PWC, little training and experience is required to perform basic maneuvers of a PWC.

Tiebout had many years of training and experience in the management of alcohol problems before his first exposure to Alcoholics Anonymous.

These are mostly air-medical personnel or critical care transport providers with specialized training and experience in pre-hospital care.

sexual experience

Both partners' sexual experience also affects latency time.

When Barry tries to persuade Jerry to reveal his best sexual experience, Jerry refuses.

Following their first full sexual experience, zerophiliacs begin to change sex after experiencing an orgasm.

emotional experience

It is an emotional experience for everyone.

His visit was a very emotional experience for Pakistani people.

The filming was an emotional experience, although nothing was said about it being Allen's last performance.

mystical experience

The centre of all mystical experience is, of course, Christ.

Symeon describes his own conversion and mystical experience of the divine light.

Krakower claimed that he developed the Human Design system following a mystical experience in 1987.

listening experience

Similarly, in his music videos, Fincher appreciated that the visuals should enhance the listening experience.

As a whole, Bittersweet features a wide array of sounds that blend to create an otherworldly listening experience.""

While "Evil Spirits" isn't a late-career masterpiece, Visconti's production chops have at least ensured a warm and rich listening experience."

subjective experience

norms for subjective experience, and 5) display rules, i.e.

"Quantum immortality" refers to the subjective experience of surviving quantum suicide.

Performative documentaries stress subjective experience and emotional response to the world.

spiritual experience

We're trying to evoke a spiritual experience."

He had a spiritual experience that changed the course of his life.

AA's Big Book calls alcoholism "an illness which only a spiritual experience will conquer."

traumatic experience

This traumatic experience makes him go back to Harmony, and they sleep together.

She describes her traumatic experience in her collaboration video with Shane Dawson.

After a traumatic experience due to alcohol Morley laid off the drinking until she was sixteen.

experience and knowledge

ensured that he was able to bring practical experience and knowledge to bear on his compositions.

In 1909, Furdoonji went to Edinburgh, Scotland to gain more experience and knowledge in anesthetics.

As such, they brought considerable experience and knowledge of the plant and industry to the effort.

opportunity to experience

Its purpose is to provide a unique opportunity to experience aspects of life within the Australian Defence Force.

Ninth grade students have the opportunity to experience the "Heifer Ranch" as part of a field trip to Little Rock, Arkansas.

It also provides the participants with an opportunity to experience each other’s cultures and make lifelong personal contacts.

clinical experience

There is very little clinical experience of gestonorone caproate for this indication.

• Introduction to Oral Preventive Medicine, A program for the first clinical experience.

He then gained a wide range of clinical experience by taking up posts in surgery, obstetrics, anaesthetics and pathology.

long experience   (larga experiencia)

During his last years, Fadl even enjoyed a return to the Caliph's favour due to his long experience and loyal service to the Abbasid house.

The British army that departed Gnathong in Sikkim on 11December 1903 was well prepared for battle, having had long experience of Indian border wars.

The second major issue was what types of environments to include or discard, and for this Fujisawa was prepared due to his long experience with the franchise.

team experience   (experiencia de equipo)

to get some first team experience.

The contract was mutually terminated in mid-season as Oğuz looked to gain first team experience elsewhere.

In June 2012, he was loaned out to Serie B outfit Ascoli in order to make him gain more first team experience.

s experience

Anthony’s experience and natural ability made him a logical choice as partner.

Mux’s first product was a quality of service (QoS) analytics platform to measure a viewer’s experience while watching video.

Oyamburu’s and Segura’s experience with video games is behind the idea of the site, both involved in play, critiquing and creating game worlds.

s experience

Anthony’s experience and natural ability made him a logical choice as partner.

Mux’s first product was a quality of service (QoS) analytics platform to measure a viewer’s experience while watching video.

Oyamburu’s and Segura’s experience with video games is behind the idea of the site, both involved in play, critiquing and creating game worlds.

experience of working

It was said this experience of working together led to their 40-year professional rivalry.

Soon he gained the experience of working with almost all the main Bollywood music directors.

After the experience of working on "Star Wars", Taylor decided he would never work again with Lucas.

lived experience

He believed that lived experience was intrinsically linked to modern art.

Feminist psychology emphasizes social context, lived experience, and qualitative analysis.

It was Dhaliwal's own lived experience of racism in the West that nurtured her love of colour.

business experience   (experiencia de negocios)

Cameron continues involvement with a number of community groups by giving of his time, business experience and finances.

Two of the chief investors of Waterfall are Christy Mack and Susan Karches, who have little or no previous business experience.

He emphasized his business experience and campaigned on a plan to create jobs by providing employment incentives to businesses.

often experience   (a menudo experiencia)

In the real world, markets often experience imperfect competition.

ROHHAD patients also often experience bradycardia, or low heart rate.

People attempting this treatment often experience abdominal pain and diarrhea.

first team experience   (experiencia del primer equipo)

to get some first team experience.

The contract was mutually terminated in mid-season as Oğuz looked to gain first team experience elsewhere.

In June 2012, he was loaned out to Serie B outfit Ascoli in order to make him gain more first team experience.

early experience

Travers gained early experience acting in stock theater in England.

She had early experience performing at the Hedgerow Theater in Pennsylvania.

His early experience in the music industry was a session musician and tour manager.

described the experience

She described the experience as "overwhelming".

Laughlin described the experience as "a great show to be part of".

Mullen described the experience as being "almost like ... an instant celebrity".

through experience

This knowledge is learned through experience and therefore creates an air of ‘coolness’.

Scores can increase through experience checks, the mechanics of which vary in an individual game.

The former, he tells the reader, are proved by demonstration, while the latter are given through experience.

positive experience   (experiencia positiva)

Respite also provides a positive experience for the person receiving care.

Alternatively, Kayser, points out that a flame war can lead to a positive experience for the company.

100% of educators indicated that they had a positive experience and would recommend the program to their colleagues.

experience playing

As a result, she has over 20 years' experience playing the game.

I sent him out to Bournemouth to get some experience playing league football and he's coped marvellously.

After that, he moved to Las Vegas, where for two years he gained experience playing on the Las Vegas Strip.

viewing experience

Regardless, Personality impressions have made a more interesting Vlog viewing experience.

David Stratton of "At the Movies" dismissed the film calling it "a sad viewing experience".

The VIP Dugout Suites are situated immediately behind home plate and provide a unique viewing experience.

experience before

... Few of them had any publishing experience before they found themselves running Ace.

June attended a special summer training school for experience before hand, similar to the project Richard had taken part in .

The Eight Marines subsequently took part in the Seizure of Tinian and Hoffman had another lively experience before leaving the island.

vast experience   (vasta experiencia)

He had vast experience as a maritime sailor.

Many of the women at the time had vast experience compared to me.

Nihal has vast experience in the fields of CSR and good corporate governance.

considerable experience

He had considerable experience of rivers and watermills.

Ercoli has considerable experience in space flight dynamics.

By this time, Selkirk must have had considerable experience at sea.