Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

explain why   (explicar por qué)

As is usual with Holmes, he does not explain why.

Skolem went on to explain why there was no contradiction.

This would ultimately explain why so many races are humanoid.

explain how   (Explique cómo)

He did not explain how he obtained his results.

This might explain how St. François was given its name.

"I don't think there are enough words to explain how we feel.

not explain   (no explicar)

As is usual with Holmes, he does not explain why.

did not explain reward refusal as inequity aversion.

Thus, observed neutrinos cannot explain dark matter.

explain what   (explica que)

The residents cannot explain what object it was.

This baffled Stewart, but Warhawk did explain what had happen.

List of legendary creatures may also help explain what is not here.

used to explain   (solía explicar)

There are two factors used to explain tool-use in humans.

", the formula has been used to explain compounded interest.

Those models were used to explain the perihelion advance of Mercury.

tries to explain

The show tries to explain scientific phenomena with humor.

The plot tries to explain why Ronald Defeo Jr. killed his family at 112 Ocean Ave.

The book also tries to explain the recent economic boom in China using its framework.

attempts to explain

Brainard goes to Sara's office and unsuccessfully attempts to explain the situation to her.

Modern physics attempts to explain every observed physical phenomenon by these fundamental interactions.

This view attempts to explain the prevalence and persistence of schizophrenia over time and across cultures.

help explain

This may help explain the lack of "Gigantopithecus" bones today.

List of legendary creatures may also help explain what is not here.

This would help explain how a settlement so early on would become so large.

attempt to explain   (intento de explicar)

Myths attempt to explain the unknown and sometimes teach a lesson.

There are several theories that attempt to explain why food deserts form.

An attempt to explain weight by breed is likely to produce a very good fit.

does not explain

As is usual with Holmes, he does not explain why.

It also does not explain how star formation ceases in galaxies.

In this passage he does not explain where the Chamavi had moved to.

tried to explain   (intente explicar)

Arago tried to explain his observations in "corpuscular" terms.

News organizations tried to explain why Phillips repeatedly avoided capture.

Eliot, tried to explain the new movements in art and culture by using essays.

attempted to explain

Several studies attempted to explain the reductions.

He attempted to explain this phenomenon with the idea of electrical effluvia.

Nietzsche scholar has attempted to explain Nietzsche's life history and philosophy by claiming that he was homosexual.

able to explain   (capaz de explicar)

The Bohr model was able to explain the emission and absorption spectra of hydrogen.

Theories of galaxy evolution must therefore be able to explain how star formation turns off in galaxies.

Since it only measures a restricted numbers of parameters, it is not able to explain all the recordings.

order to explain   (para explicar)

In order to explain column-level encryption it is important to outline basic database structure.

No dependence of phenomena on a supernatural reality is asserted in order to explain the behaviour of matter.

He is most critical of Buddhism and Taoism, while citing Confucian ideas which agreed with Islam in order to explain it.

did not explain

did not explain reward refusal as inequity aversion.

He did not explain how he obtained his results.

The Court did not explain itself.

not explain why

As is usual with Holmes, he does not explain why.

However, he does not explain why he wants the message to get through.

Wilson did not explain why.

proposed to explain

trauma have been proposed to explain the higher rates.

Two models have been proposed to explain the imposition of MHC restriction.

Several mechanisms have been proposed to explain the influence of defaults.

helps explain

This helps explain why the Articles of Confederation needed reforms.

The exploitation of economies of scale helps explain why companies grow large in some industries.

This concept of running economy helps explain different marathon time's for runners with similar aerobic capacities.

trying to explain

Just like trying to explain something complex to a drunk man.

Shinju started having ideas about writing the book while trying to explain wastefulness to her child.

The picture ends with the broadcaster trying to explain things as bottles and cushions whiz around his microphone.

difficult to explain

In the stands they have to listen to things that are difficult to explain to a child.

These cultivation marks were difficult to explain in times past and they were referred to as 'Elf furrows'.

Human information processing is easy to explain, however human subjective experience is difficult to explain.