İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

later explained   (daha sonra açıkladı)

Shadyac later explained: "I felt suicidal at points.

Van Langen later explained the secret of her success.

She later explained, "We communicated with drawing...

explained how   (nasıl olduğunu açıkladı)

Periyar explained how that it was a useless Act.

In an interview DJ Swivel explained how "Euphoria" was made.

Sienna confronts Nico and she explained how she escaped from the fire.

explained why   (nedenini açıkladı)

According to Flores, he has never been explained why.

This explained why it hadn't been experimentally suspected before.

Tarkighir, however, explained why the budget was jacked up by N10bn.

further explained   (daha fazla açıkladı)

This is further explained in the Renouncement section.

This is further explained in the artbook for "Modern Warfare 2".

On their website, the mission of The People Walker is further explained.

not be explained

Possible organics were found that could not be explained by contamination.

But, it cannot be explained in normal economic terms to an outsider, especially an American.

His use of this title, usually borne by the sovereign rulers, cannot be explained with certainty.

not explained

His’ embryology is not explained in terms of ancestral history.

The circumstances of Darren's conception are not explained, but Mr.

His absence is not explained, with Rachel just telling Sid that "Dale is gone".

explained below

The five level schema architecture is explained below.

(As is explained below, its role is rather auxiliary.)

How this is done, it will be explained below.

never explained

The cause for this change was never explained.

Number 1 has also only rarely been used, for reasons never explained.

These seemingly magical abilities were never explained, but made Barnabas a deadly protagonist.

explained above

This leads to the nervous shutdown explained above.

They may also take the definite article as explained above.

As explained above, all major scales use the same interval sequence T–T–S–T–T–T–S.

fully explained

The precise reasons for this problem were never fully explained.

The origin of these "alternate" names has never been fully explained.

The exact reasons for the Ditko-Lee split have never been fully explained.

explained what   (ne açıkladı)

They sat me down and explained what it meant.

When Marks finally returned to the fleet, he explained what had happened.

Don't you dare use the aviation, don't play games, I already explained what's the matter!"

explained in terms

His’ embryology is not explained in terms of ancestral history.

Forcing, for example, is often explained in terms of countable models.

This exception can be explained in terms of hybridization and inner-shell effects.