İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

no explanation   (açıklama yok)

I'm creeped out by it, and I have no explanation why ...

The headmaster has no explanation for this.

The franchise abruptly folded in 2013 with no explanation.

possible explanation   (olası açıklama)

Improved nutrition is another possible explanation.

One possible explanation was the shift in complexity.

Another possible explanation was studied by Li H. et al.

without explanation   (açıklama yapmadan)

The tour was later canceled without explanation.

He ended his connection with the pub without explanation in 2017.

Brown comes to ask for Phoebe’s hand and is turned down without explanation.

alternative explanation   (alternatif açıklama)

An alternative explanation is "graphical optical black out."

An alternative explanation is that it was an exploratory mine adit.

An alternative explanation of the red fox's gains involves the gray wolf.

likely explanation   (muhtemel açıklama)

However, a more likely explanation is deterioration of those DNA samples.

The most likely explanation appears to be the S-IVB third stage for Apollo 12.

Jim Brooks relates that a family member detailed familial obligations as the likely explanation.

explanation of how

(For an explanation of how lutenists intabulated vocal music, see .)

He introduced this result without offering any explanation of how he had obtained it.

That phrase was his explanation of how decline in religion affects our moral thinking.

official explanation

The latter was the official explanation for the transfer.

Former England wicket-keeper Matt Prior said the official explanation didn't match up with his experiences of how teams work.

Lady Apache was originally supposed to team with La Amapola and La Comandante but was replaced without any official explanation.

further explanation

("See also: Public holidays in Sweden for further explanation of this concept.")

A further explanation proposes Iranian *"ama-janah" "virility-killing" as source.

See the accordion reed ranks and switches article for further explanation and audio samples.

explanation for why

It is impossible to judge Thomas' thoughts, but it is a reasonable explanation for why Thomas would make such an outlandish statement.

Motorola has not provided any public-facing explanation for why Android 4.4, KitKat was not released for the device - or any future Android releases.

An alternative explanation for why deliberate self-harm provides relief is that it shifts attention away from the unpleasant emotions being experienced.

detailed explanation

See verb morphology for a detailed explanation.

"See Mayday (distress signal) for a more detailed explanation."

See the E website for a more detailed explanation of this money example.