İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

when exposed   (maruz kaldığında)

It turns black when exposed to air, or heated over −10°C.

This deliquescent salt forms a self-solution when exposed to air.

Californium metal starts to vaporize above when exposed to a vacuum.

not exposed   (maruz kalmadı)

The feeder dikes to these sills are not exposed.

Prosper's lie was not exposed in his lifetime.

Especially occurs when the skin is not exposed to air.

more exposed   (daha fazla maruz kalma)

This gives riders more freedom and feel more exposed.

The more exposed eastern and southern sides featured no towers.

Children of clergy may be more exposed than their peers to the defining events of life.

first exposed   (ilk maruz kalma)

Born in Copenhagen, Andersen was first exposed to dance through ballroom dancing.

An accomplished botanist, it was he who first exposed his son to the study of nature.

Williams frequented the Crescent City Comic Shop in New Orleans where he was first exposed to comics.

exposed position

It was in an exposed position and came under hand grenade attack from Turkish troops.

"While in Northern France in 1914 Richert was ordered to run across an exposed position: "Now it was my turn.

Ellough church is dedicated to All Saints and stands in an exposed position on a ridge overlooking the parish.

exposed to air   (havaya maruz)

Clay which is exposed to air, dries very quickly.

Especially occurs when the skin is not exposed to air.

It turns black when exposed to air, or heated over −10°C.

became exposed

At that time, the center became exposed and lacked deep convection.

However, the low-level circulation center (LLCC) became exposed later.

As the system’s center became exposed and as it entered unfavorable environments, the system dissipated on October 20.

exposed to light   (ışığa maruz)

When exposed to light in a photosynthetic system, the dye is decolorised by chemical reduction.

By varying the width of the slit, the time each segment of film is exposed to light is changed.

They can form over the course of several weeks from a source of activated sludge exposed to light.

fully exposed

It is a -story, Renaissance Revival stone structure, with a hip roof and a fully exposed basement.

The LLCC of Damrey became well-defined and fully exposed, as dry air surrounded the west semi-circle.

In 1889, thanks to its fully exposed southern slopes, the village produced 500 hl from 25 hectares of vineyard.