Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

express train   (tren expreso)

The injured persons where brought to Frankton on the Main Trunk express train.

A luxury express train also links Cairo with Marsa Matruh towards the Libyan border.

Twelve stations are served by the express train service known as Baby Bullet, inaugurated in 2004.

express trains   (trenes expresos)

Every passenger and express trains stop here.

Stations are the same as regular limited express trains.

10 pairs of express trains stop at Paravur.

express themselves   (expresarse)

Who suggested that the teens find another way to express themselves.

They express themselves as superior because they lack feelings of adequacy.

Art is seen as an essential method in which children can express themselves.

express service   (servicio expreso)

In rush hours there is express service to the Loop.

In 2019, the weekend express service began operating year-round.

It is a main station on the Yosan line with limited express service.

used to express   (solía expresar)

The shaka can also be used to express "howzit?

(American spelling) used to express disapproval or pity, the "tchick!"

This mood indicates hypothetical events and can also be used to express wishes.

express services   (servicios express)

Ulsterbus operates regional and express services from Derry.

The trains feature ATC devices and stop notifiers for express services.

At first, patronage was light enough that express services were not required.

not express   (no expreso)

They do not express the view of the European Parliament.

She could not express her thoughts and could not defend herself.

Words cannot express."

limited express   (expreso limitado)

Stations are the same as regular limited express trains.

It is a main station on the Yosan line with limited express service.

"Okhotsk" limited express and "Shiretoko" rapid services terminate at this station.

express passenger   (pasajero expreso)

They have been less successful on express passenger trains.

His response was to produce a modern, standard express passenger design similar to the H15.

It was one of the engines given the short-lived blue livery for top express passenger engines in 1950.

express bus   (autobús express)

There is an express bus which connects the two airports.

The express bus goes to Manhattan.

Also an additional new express bus line between the two stations was opened.

express purpose   (propósito expreso)

The express purpose of the trust was to fund Fang Zhouzi's activities.

The prison was used by the British for the express purpose of exiling political prisoners to the remote archipelago.

In 1957 the Community Theatre Guild was formed with the express purpose the renovation and preservation of the Opera House.

express tracks   (pistas expresas)

Some of the columns between the express tracks have black "42" signs on a white background.

B and D trains stop at the inner express tracks while F and M trains stop at the outer local tracks.

As the outside express tracks had not been in service since 1963 they were removed and island platforms widened, converting them to side platforms.

able to express   (capaz de expresar)

It was rewarding to be able to express this piece of me.

They also wanted women, whose voices had been silenced to be able to express their own views on solutions.

way to express   (manera de expresar)

I always choose the best way to express the feeling.

Agnes is in love with Elin but cannot find any way to express it.

Who suggested that the teens find another way to express themselves.

express lanes   (carriles expresos)

The express lanes carry westbound traffic in the morning and eastbound traffic in the afternoon.

The express lanes carry southbound traffic in the morning and northbound traffic in the afternoon.

PA 73 comes to an interchange with US 1 (Roosevelt Boulevard), intersecting the local lanes at-grade and passing over the express lanes.

express buses   (autobuses expresos)

The company also operates express buses and airport coaches.

However, many heavy vehicles especially express buses do not obey these speed limits.

Many of these express buses travel between the old and new campuses of the universities.