expressed interest   (関心を表明)

They expressed interest in putting out our last LP.

Roane State coach, Randy Nesbit, expressed interest.

NJT has expressed interest in the line.

expressed concern   (懸念を表明した)

China and Indonesia have expressed concern about the decision.

Some critics have expressed concern about the use of these methods.

During 2012 NGOs expressed concern about potential online restrictions.

expressed support   (表明されたサポート)

However, some Dubliners expressed support for the rebels.

Some segments of the LGBT community expressed support for Mehlman.

Bardot expressed support for President Charles de Gaulle in the 1960s.

expressed concerns   (懸念を表明)

Some have expressed concerns about noise.

The British expressed concerns about the security of the American project.

He expressed concerns about social issues of the day, including the war in Southeast Asia.

expressed in terms

This description is expressed in terms of an abugida.

The efficiency of an enzyme can be expressed in terms of "k"/"K".

This strict upper limit is expressed in terms of the channel capacity.

expressed an interest

Ten member states expressed an interest in the case.

No other NBA teams expressed an interest in Francis.

Michaels has expressed an interest in writing.

expressed a desire   (欲望を表明した)

Gavurin and Wheeler expressed a desire to settle down.

She has publicly expressed a desire to become an astronaut.

He had expressed a desire to win a championship with the Wizards.

expressed through

The poetry of tango is expressed through its songs.

Animist beliefs can also be expressed through artwork.

His fascination with horror is expressed through his music and comic books.

expressed disappointment   (失望の表明)

Some demonstrators expressed disappointment at the low turnout.

Drummer Carl Palmer later expressed disappointment over this decision.

On his deathbed, Smith expressed disappointment that he had not achieved more.

expressed regret   (後悔を表明した)

Assad later expressed regret over the incident.

Simon Armitage and other poets expressed regret at Padel's resignation.

Clinton and Albright would both later expressed regret for their inaction.

expressed his desire   (彼の欲望を表明した)

In September 2010, Vandam has expressed his desire to play for Ghana.

During one such meeting, Phalke expressed his desire to write a play.

The poem expressed his desire for radical change without overt sedition.

often expressed   (しばしば表現される)

Strong views are often expressed about anal sex.

A gradient is often expressed as a percentage.

This motif is often expressed as Cys-X2-Cys-X4-His-X4-Cys.

expressed the view

In 2011 she expressed the view that "climate change money should go to armed services".

Instead she expressed the view that the soul was trapped in the body and imprisoned in hell.

Bill Farrar with the ACLU of Virginia expressed the view that "severe mental illness should not be a death sentence."

highly expressed

XB130 is highly expressed in the thyroid and spleen.

The protein has been found most highly expressed in the testes and trachea.

AT receptors are highly expressed in the developing fetus but they decline rapidly after birth.

later expressed

Assad later expressed regret over the incident.

He later expressed: "I got to know her well.

Ānanda later expressed his debt to Puṇṇa.

publicly expressed

Years later, Fincher publicly expressed his dismay.

She has publicly expressed a desire to become an astronaut.

On 17 December 1897 Vivekananda publicly expressed his gratitude to Ajit Singh.

expressed hope   (希望を表明した)

Hanawalt and Haddish both expressed hope that the show could find a new home.

She expressed hope for a breakthrough in the case in the following days and met with several senior officials.

He expressed hope that "this excellent book will ... raise awareness of what has been, until now, a silent crisis".

expressed doubts   (疑問を表明)

Sisskind, however, expressed doubts that Wal-Mart would build on the property.

In June 2016 the SMA expressed doubts about 70% of asylum applicants purportedly 15-17.

Furthermore, he expressed doubts about the order's homogeneity, especially Trilliaceae.

expressed surprise

According to Campbell, Ethan, then an accountant, expressed surprise when the duo succeeded.

Babur himself expressed surprise that the upper fort had fallen within an hour of the final assault.

Orwell expressed surprise that they should still want him, because according to the Communist press he was a fascist.

usually expressed

Stroke speed is usually expressed as a number of strokes per minute.

This question is usually expressed as "Can one hear the shape of a drum?

Possession is usually expressed by genitive case marking of the possessor.

expressed using

In ITA2, characters are expressed using five bits.

They are expressed using the Reynolds transport theorem.

This concept is frequently expressed using Big O notation.

expressed the opinion

He also expressed the opinion that "Time is Garner's most consistent theme".

Timeform expressed the opinion that Wince was unlikely to stay beyond seven furlongs.

Some have expressed the opinion that the language is an important part of Cornish identity, culture and heritage.

expressed opposition

He now expressed opposition to General Boulanger.

He opined that women are deficient in artistic faculties and sense of justice, and expressed opposition to monogamy.

The article also argued against the significance of race and expressed opposition to the Nazi theory of the master race.

expressed his support   (彼の支持を表明した)

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda also expressed his support.

Following Davion’s arrest Archbishop Desmond Tutu expressed his support for him once again.

In 2008, al-Roumi expressed his support for women's active participation in the legislature.

expressed frustration   (欲求不満を表明した)

Trump expressed frustration with the decision.

Subsequently, Vukčević expressed frustration at his manager playing him out of position.

He also expressed frustration with the devaluation of expertise in the field of literary criticism.

not expressed

Everything he has to say is embodied, not expressed.

Numerals are not expressed by letters except in Apocalypse 7:4; 21:17.

In the more serious homozygous forms, the receptor is not expressed at all.

expressed skepticism

Clark's family expressed skepticism of the police version of events.

They expressed skepticism of congressional Republicans and a desire to change the status quo.

Numerous economists expressed skepticism that the benefits would exceed the costs of the deal.

expressed dissatisfaction

After the match, De Zeeuw expressed dissatisfaction at receiving a second bookable offense.

In a report, the audience of the "Pilipinas Got Talent" at the time expressed dissatisfaction over the results.

The meeting expressed dissatisfaction with Watts-Russell and that they would not hold themselves bound to support him.

expressed doubt

Some passengers expressed doubt that the bomb was real.

The Salvadoran newspaper "El Diario de Hoy" expressed doubt in the nomination.

One Canadian pastor expressed doubt to her that she had "ever met the Lord", to her humiliation.

expressed reservations   (表明された予約)

He expressed reservations about the limited offensive strategy.

At the Maputo Summit, several countries expressed reservations.

Libya expressed reservations about a point relating to conflicts.

expressed confidence

Following Sarkozy's arrest, Eric Ciotti expressed confidence the former president would be exonerated.

While campaigning, KCR expressed confidence that his party's candidate would win and the election would be a formality.

She joked that she was "not asking [him] to wear a skirt" but expressed confidence that the network would listen to him.

expressed admiration

Watterson has expressed admiration for animation as an artform.

Many celebrated directors have been influenced by Kurosawa and have expressed admiration for his work.

Pizzorno has also expressed admiration for Damon Albarn, the frontman of Oasis' rival Britpop band Blur.

expressed similar

Jared Diamond had earlier expressed similar concerns.

Ulster Unionist Party leader Edward Carson expressed similar views.

That's the last thing we need,"" and Ala expressed similar sentiments.

expressed strong

The Panamanian government also expressed strong objections to the film's release.

In an article published in "Salon", Le Guin expressed strong displeasure at the result.

The EU diplomats expressed strong support for Sweden in the dispute but took no concrete action against Belarus.

expressed no

He expressed no remorse and stated, "Emmett Till is dead.

One of the suspects expressed no regret.

The review expressed no other opinion as to the merit of the novel.

expressed sympathy   (同情を表明)

He also expressed sympathy with those who objected to church rates.

In that article, Carnegie also expressed sympathy for the ideas of progressive taxation and an estate tax.

Darwin expressed sympathy for Fegan's philanthropic work and (to ringing cheers) gave each of the boys sixpence.

not be expressed

This notion cannot be expressed as a formula in the language of set theory.

In general, integrals in this form cannot be expressed in terms of elementary functions.

Even in a homozygous dominant or recessive female the condition may not be expressed fully.

views expressed

The production process might also have influenced the views expressed in the plays.

The National Union of Teachers said that it "could not support the views expressed by those in favour of hitting children".

The conservative views expressed in the plays might therefore reflect the attitudes of the dominant group in an unrepresentative audience.

expressed the hope   (希望を表明した)

As a political activist, Geffen also expressed the hope for peace with Israel's neighbors.

"The Times" called it "a brilliant piece of adaptation", and expressed the hope that it would be heard again.

In early planning for the library the President expressed the hope that Eleanor Roosevelt's papers would eventually find a place here.

expressed a wish

Bernini still expressed a wish to add the figure as late as 1665.

Laurence Olivier also expressed a wish to appear in the programme.

In 2007, the sister of Sean Campbell expressed a wish to meet Watt.

expressed their support   (彼らの支持を表明した)

expressed their support and solidarity with Pussy Riot, and almost immediately afterwards, the festival organizers stopped Tarakany!

Due to a shortfall in the army of some 5500 soldiers, parts of the current ruling coalition have expressed their support for the return of mandatory military service, most notably Krasimir Karakachanov.

In May 2007, the 29 European countries expressed their support for the European Space Policy in a resolution of the Space Council, unifying the approach of ESA with those of the European Union and their member states.