contract extension   (契約延長)

In May 2018 he signed a contract extension to 2022.

He signed a two-year contract extension in May 2007.

In July 2014, he signed a two-year contract extension.

million contract extension   (百万契約延長)

Moreover, ace starter Justin Verlander signed a $180 million contract extension.

On July 22, Witten signed a six-year, $29 million contract extension through 2012.

On March 5, 2019, Hunt signed a two-year, $9 million contract extension with the Colts.

further extension   (さらなる拡張)

A plugin mechanism enables further extension of CloudCompare capabilities.

It served its members for almost twenty years before a further extension was built.

A further extension of the route was implemented on 26 May 1958, with a new terminus at McFaddens Road.

northern extension   (北延長)

Sucite is sometimes regarded as the northern extension of Supyire.

Its northern extension came after coal was discovered at Chislet in 1918.

They are a northern extension of the Temblor Range, both of the California Coast Ranges System.

southern extension   (南の延長)

The southern extension ran to the Limmen Bight River.

was redesignated as a southern extension of US 441 Bus.

Their southern extension ran to the vicinity of present day Dubbo.

new extension

PIM's new extension, Street Gallery opened in 2013.

A new extension was added from Braich-y-bib.

One new extension, Coarray Fortran, is intended to support parallel programming.

western extension   (西部延長)

A western extension to Qiche Park is under construction.

Their western extension ran as far as the 25 miles from Lake Woods.

The church is a three-aisled stone basilica with a western extension.

extension through

In 2016 he signed an extension through the 2026 season.

In 2010 he signed a three-year contract extension through June 30, 2013.

On , Rodgers signed a six-year, contract extension through the 2014 season.

eastern extension   (東部延長)

It is part of the eastern extension of the Line 1.

An eastern extension to Zhaojiagang East is under construction.

Towne Centre Drive is the name for what is essentially an eastern extension of Hereford Farm Road.

file extension

BEAM bytecode files have the codice_1 file extension.

Such files normally use the file extension .

FlashPix files have the .fpx file extension.

proposed extension

A proposed extension to deliver water from the Zambezi would add another to the total pipeline length.

A proposed extension of the CTfastrak bus rapid transit line would run in the HOV lanes in I-84 and I-384.

line extension

It was part of the subway line extension from St. George to Wilson station.

The station opened in 1978, as part of the subway line extension from to Wilson station.

This station was opened in 1978, as part of the subway line extension from St. George station to Wilson Station.

life extension   (延命)

He donated $13,250 to the SENS project, a life extension research project.

Researchers of life extension are a subclass of biogerontologists known as "biomedical gerontologists".

However, due to delays in the F-35 program, all USAF F-16s will receive service life extension upgrades.

extension was added

In 1506, an extension was added to the front.

A new extension was added from Braich-y-bib.

A rear extension was added to the house in the 20th century.

brand extension   (ブランド拡張)

Such companies usually either go for brand extension and promote the extended products, or promote certain products which might not be available in the market.

Co-producer Thenappan registered the film posters as a Class 34 trademark in 1998, to be used for trademarking such items as beedis, cigarettes, cheroots and tobacco, making it the first instance of brand extension in the Tamil film industry.

This was the first WWF pay-per-view event after the brand extension, and the first to be held at Kemper Arena since Over the Edge in 1999, in which Owen Hart, competing as The Blue Blazer, lost his life after falling 78 feet from a harness to the ring.

extension was built

The extension was built in 1905.

Another extension was built recently to add more classrooms to the school.

It served its members for almost twenty years before a further extension was built.

natural extension

Here the natural extension of to the hyperreals is still denoted .

The natural extension of Smith's rule is also optimal to the above stochastic model.

It was necessary to develop the area, as the adjacent area in Bellville Eversdal grew and it was the natural extension of that area.

extension opened

The Lewisham extension opened on 22 November 1999.

The Blue Line extension opened on March 16, 2018.

The extension opened to the public on April 28, 2007.

million extension

Tucker signed a four-year, $16.8 million extension on July 15, 2016.

On April 2, 2013, Higgins signed a four-year, $10 million extension with the Canucks.

Prior to the start of the 2010–11 season, the Stars signed Lehtonen to a three-year, $10.65 million extension.

field extension

Any field extension has a transcendence basis.

Such a field extension is denoted "L" / "K" (read as ""L" over "K"").

Given a field extension , the larger field "L" is a "K"-vector space.