İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

used extensively   (yaygın olarak kullanılır)

It is also used extensively in chemistry research.

The F-4 was used extensively during the Vietnam War.

Feedback is used extensively in digital systems.

toured extensively   (kapsamlı gezdi)

The band toured extensively in support of the album.

The band toured extensively throughout Canada and the UK.

She has toured extensively outside France.

worked extensively   (yoğun çalıştı)

He worked extensively on the Mk 19 grenade launcher.

He has worked extensively with portraits and medals.

He has worked extensively in both commercials and TV.

extensively used   (yaygın olarak kullanılan)

The word was extensively used in literature by the 1860s.

Lancaster House has been extensively used as a filming location.

Probes are also extensively used in operational support systems (OSS).

traveled extensively   (yoğun seyahat etti)

Both Junge and Surprenant had also traveled extensively.

He also traveled extensively in German and Italian lands.

Carey has traveled extensively to remote places to paint.

written extensively

He has also written extensively on William Morris.

She has written extensively for stage, screen and radio.

Pielke has also written extensively on climate change policy.

wrote extensively

He wrote extensively for the publication until 1980.

All along, he wrote extensively for the press.

He wrote extensively on Shakespearean syntax.

travelled extensively   (yoğun seyahat etti)

In this work Howard himself travelled extensively.

He has travelled extensively on six continents.

From the age of 16, Schmalzigaug travelled extensively.

extensively throughout

Clark collected extensively throughout Great Britain.

The band toured extensively throughout Canada and the UK.

"Demons" performed extensively throughout Europe in 2003.

extensively studied

Japan has been extensively studied in this regard.

The following bacteriophages are extensively studied:

He also extensively studied German imperialism.

published extensively

Stein published extensively in social work literature.

He published extensively on the properties of fission products.

He has published extensively on semantics, deep cases, and humor.

extensively renovated

In that year the temple was extensively renovated.

It was extensively renovated from 2001 to 2002.

The house was extensively renovated in the late 1980s.

more extensively

It was used more extensively during the film's late 1960s re-release.

Quintus Curtius Rufus, who wrote more extensively about the transition, says much the same thing.

Its winter range also extends along the U.S.-Mexican border, more extensively on the Mexican side.

extensively during

The F-4 was used extensively during the Vietnam War.

His unit was active extensively during Operation Barbarossa.

Jewel traveled extensively during this time all over the world.

extensively damaged

In the Monte Bellos, a mine was extensively damaged.

The restaurant was extensively damaged during the attacks.

On 10 March 2012 the castle was extensively damaged by fire.

studied extensively

These positions were studied extensively by A.

Communication of animals in the wild has been studied extensively.

Nazi rhetoric has been studied extensively as, inter alia, a repetition campaign.

most extensively   (en kapsamlı olarak)

Among the most extensively documented was the Bladder Worm (Taenia solium).

"baeticum" is one of the most extensively cultivated rhododendrons in western Europe.

Christmas is the most extensively celebrated, and at least 24 to 26 December is taken as a holiday.

extensively modified

Beyond that the cars are extensively modified.

Over time the creek has been extensively modified and rerouted.

As a result, the engine had to be extensively modified throughout the production.

performed extensively

"Demons" performed extensively throughout Europe in 2003.

He performed extensively in Japan.

He has performed extensively in theatres around the UK for nearly 30 years.

extensively rebuilt

It was extensively rebuilt in 1972 by Laycock and Bannister.

"Arctic" was extensively rebuilt by Port Weller Dry Dock during winter 1985–1986.

In 1849 the "Wayne" was extensively rebuilt in Trenton, Michigan, by D.W. Donahue.

extensively restored

In 1966, the mosque was extensively restored.

The chapel was extensively restored after a late 1900s fire.

In the Victorian era it was extensively restored and rebuilt.

toured extensively throughout

The band toured extensively throughout Canada and the UK.

The group toured extensively throughout the United States as well as Canada and Norway.

She has also toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe in all of these capacities.

band toured extensively

The band toured extensively in support of the album.

The band toured extensively throughout Canada and the UK.

In May through to June, the band toured extensively across the UK.

lectured extensively

They shared an admiration for Kierkegaard, and in the 1930s, Heidegger lectured extensively on Nietzsche.

Barshefsky has written and lectured extensively on both U.S. and foreign trade laws and public procurement regimes.

He has lectured extensively, including at the U.S. Supreme Court and in venues in Australia, Canada, China, India and Spain.

extensively through

Palito Ortega would travel extensively through the rest of the 1960s and the 1970s.

Ever since, AKINGSNY has grown extensively through networking on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) along with creating content through collaborations with influencers on these platforms.

As chair of the Special Committee on Sustainable Aquaculture, Robin has travelled extensively through the province, listening to concerns about the social, economic and environmental impacts of aquaculture.

extensively around   (etrafta)

In 1935, Halan traveled extensively around Prykarpattia, giving speeches to peasants.

He tours extensively around the UK, having played at many UK festivals including Glastonbury Festival.

The Mar has not only sailed to the Caribbean, she has sailed extensively around the tropics and also to the Arctic.

touring extensively

They built up a large following by touring extensively all over the United States.

After touring extensively in 2007 with The Shins and Jimmy Eat World, Kevin and Anita of Viva Voce took a brief hiatus.

As a four piece, the group has been touring extensively and released "Thistled Spring" on Kill Rock Stars, on April 20, 2010.

extensively across   (yaygın olarak)

In May through to June, the band toured extensively across the UK.

Fowler was a transient construction worker who is known to have traveled extensively across North America.

Perron has exhibited extensively across Canada, The United States and Europe both in group and solo exhibitions.

recorded extensively

Hammond-Stroud recorded extensively in both opera and Lieder.

Cretan music was recorded as early as 1917, and has continued to be recorded extensively ever since.

His brother, Santiago Jiménez, Jr., is also an accomplished accordionist and has recorded extensively.

played extensively

He played extensively overseas on the Asian circuit and Australian Tour.

Cricket is also played extensively with three international standard cricket ovals.

His song "Flaky People" was played extensively by Mid-West American radio station WQRP in the late 1990s.