lesser extent   (より少ない程度)

or to a lesser extent, "Are you doing anything tomorrow?"

Agent Orange was to a lesser extent used outside Vietnam.

These spots are also visited by females, but to a lesser extent.

large extent   (大規模)

This is to a large extent by Germans and foreigners.

The Lusatian Sorbs remained independent to a large extent.

And to a large extent that happens even without our involvement.

such an extent   (その程度)

The economy declined to such an extent that a popular movement arose demanding the return of the Jews.

To fund this hobby they encumbered their enterprise to such an extent that by 1977 it became insolvent.

Herman van Ham specialized in asparagus to such an extent that he had several nicknames related to this.

what extent   (どのくらい)

However, to what extent this influenced the layout is not certain.

It is unknown to what extent he may have suffered from mercury poisoning.

Accordingly, it is uncertain to what extent "Quanta" undoes "Mallinckrodt".

certain extent   (ある程度)

Virtually all dwell to a certain extent upon the grotesque.

In practicality, the process continued to a certain extent.

Domestic cattle compete to a certain extent with wild mammals.

full extent

The full extent of the original manuscript is not known.

The full extent of his work was discovered after his death in 2013.

This was the full extent of the title sequence in the pilot episode.

great extent   (大いに)

He has also worked over Tasawwuf to a great extent.

In alloy design, this effect is used to a great extent.

The movement protected the rights of tenants to a great extent.

greater extent

He is reasonable, but he is to a greater extent suggestible".

However, the L-isoform is expressed to a greater extent than the S-isoform.

In the 2010s, additive manufacturing entered production to a much greater extent.

limited extent

The station building is only used to a limited extent and is now privately owned.

Combe's health permitted him to resume practice to only a limited extent in 1833-5.

Fewster followed up this observation, but only to a limited extent and not in writing.

greatest extent

The kingdom's borders expanded to its greatest extent.

They reached their greatest extent at the end of the Iron Age.

The kingdom reached its greatest extent under Kimweri ye Nyumbai.

same extent

Because of this people were very fond of him and started honouring him to the same extent as Zeus.

Both Cayman Brac and Little Cayman suffered damage, although not to the same extent as Grand Cayman.

Dress daggers were used by several other countries as well, including Japan, but never to the same extent.

maximum extent

At its maximum extent, the lake is in length and wide.

At the system's maximum extent seven trolleybus lines operated.

Estimates for the maximum extent of its area range from 890 to .

determine the extent

unidirectional or plain weave) can determine the extent of the anisotropy of the bulk material.

The DNC contacted city officials in Chicago to determine the extent of Republican inroads into the urban neighborhoods.

The use of hydronyms is generally accepted to determine the extent of a culture's influence, but "not" the date of such influence.

extent possible

The motion of workers is minimized to the extent possible.

In medical dictionaries, definitions should to the greatest extent possible be:

However, the JMP is working to include these challenging dimensions to the extent possible in future indicators.

considerable extent

Norethisterone is bound to a considerable extent (36%) to SHBG in circulation.

To a considerable extent this combination characterized the works of many of the artists of the movement.

Between 815 till 850, Marand was primarily controlled by Mohammad ibn Ba'ith who was Iranicized to a considerable extent.