Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

extremely rare   (extremadamente raro)

NOS examples in good condition are extremely rare.

In reality, this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Heavy snowfall is extremely rare in Pine Springs.

extremely high   (extremadamente alto)

The clay is plentiful and of extremely high quality.

In the West Indies, feelings ran extremely high.

Losses during harvesting were extremely high.

extremely popular   (extremadamente popular)

From 1907 to 1940, the group was extremely popular.

Her visits proved extremely popular with pupils.

He was extremely popular, and has stayed ever since.

extremely difficult   (extremadamente difícil)

Extraction would have been extremely difficult.

Online cheating has therefore become extremely difficult.

Finding sites for these silos proved extremely difficult.

extremely low   (extremadamente bajo)

The product has an extremely low VOC content.

Some new developments exhibit extremely low energy use.

The site is characterized by extremely low microseismicity.

extremely important

This cooperation is extremely important to us."

It is therefore an extremely important event to study.

Extracurriculars are extremely important at Atlantic High School.

extremely well   (extremadamente bien)

This completely new development sold extremely well.

Obama did extremely well throughout eastern Pennsylvania.

The album was extremely well received.

extremely large

Thus, Seonangdangs on popular trails could be extremely large and tall.

Eventually, the worm grows extremely large and the well becomes poisonous.

The LBA world is considered extremely large and varied for games of its time.

became extremely

The band, however, became extremely popular in Japan.

Beetle collecting became extremely popular in the Victorian era.

"From the very beginning I became extremely excited about the project.

extremely successful

Bugatti cars were extremely successful in racing.

He was extremely successful in popularizing Hua Tou.

The year 2004 was extremely successful for Edyta Bartosiewicz.

extremely long   (extremadamente largo)

The duration of copulation can be extremely long.

Some wood-boring beetles can have extremely long life-cycles.

in length with extremely long brow tine, which form the main beam.

extremely small

The island is extremely small at only 8.4 hectares.

It has an extremely small nucleus and a very short stellar bar.

Three of these were medium-sized and a fourth, a side room, extremely small.

extremely limited

Thus only extremely limited interpretations are possible.

Currently, the availability of media in the Valencian language is extremely limited.

In practice, local governments collect taxes and fees only on an extremely limited basis.

extremely poor

He found that the churches were extremely poor.

Some miners had extremely poor housing.

The remake got extremely poor reviews.

extremely close

The bond between nagaiya is extremely close.

In the end, Kennedy won an extremely close victory over Nixon.

So is extremely close to 2"H".

extremely dangerous

The brothel is well guarded and considered extremely dangerous within the sex work community.

Both the flora and fauna of the continent are extremely dangerous, as Death's Library attests.

Some naturally occurring elements are extremely dangerous for human health when digested excessively.

extremely powerful

Prem appointed Chamlong as his secretary, an extremely powerful position.

As South Vietnam was a police state, Tuyến was an extremely powerful figure with many contacts.

The Family also became allies of the extremely powerful Chicago Outfit and Genovese crime family.

extremely hot

Wertago has extremely hot summers and mild winters.

Pulchra has extremely hot summers and mild winters.

The parish has extremely hot summers and mild winters.

extremely hard

The years after the war were extremely hard.

He is famous for his extremely hard shot.

Once they get going, Cheetahs are extremely hard to control."

become extremely   (llegar a ser extremadamente)

Males become extremely aggressive during musth.

Such criticisms can become extremely scathing.

Online cheating has therefore become extremely difficult.

extremely complex

Policy making in the EU can be extremely complex.

However, the genetics of autism have proven to be extremely complex.

The ability to learn and understand language is an extremely complex process.

extremely strong

The cervical callus is present but not extremely strong.

It is extremely strong and durable.

He was an extremely strong critic of that election’s winner, Carlos Prío Socarrás.

extremely short

In 1996, Lewis married Barbara Shivers on extremely short notice.

One of the new M636 locomotives would have an extremely short career.

Aldiss invented a form of extremely short story called the "mini-saga".

extremely fast

New technologies allow extremely fast underwater travel.

They sometimes appear slow, but they can be extremely fast.

At high levels of play, doubles rallies are extremely fast.

extremely heavy

The band didn't want to compose fast music, but to make extremely heavy songs.

Arkansas gave extremely heavy support to Democrat Franklin Roosevelt in the 1932 election.

extremely cold

The water is also extremely cold.

Summers are warm in Sankoo but the winters are extremely cold and harsh.

Because of its opacity, its interior is extremely cold, its temperature being about 16 K (−257 °C).

extremely sensitive

She loves music and is extremely sensitive to sound.

"P. hastatus" has an extremely sensitive sense of smell.

Its ears are pointy and triangular, and extremely sensitive.

extremely common

"Prefix" and "suffix" are extremely common terms.

This is significant, as red dwarfs are extremely common.

The icosahedral structure is extremely common among viruses.

extremely wealthy

In 1886 when he bought Courtlands House he was an extremely wealthy man.

The Guans are much more Westernised than most villagers and extremely wealthy.

Its strong economy and food-base allowed the region to become extremely wealthy.

became extremely popular

The band, however, became extremely popular in Japan.

Beetle collecting became extremely popular in the Victorian era.

Calypsonians and Calypso Monarch competitions emerged and became extremely popular.

extremely effective   (extremadamente efectivo)

The code proved extremely effective and useful during the war.

Fluoride is extremely effective in protecting enamel on the teeth.

In it is an extremely effective evaluation, especially of his research in the first stream of analysis.

extremely positive   (extremadamente positivo)

The game has received extremely positive reviews.

CMJ gave the album an extremely positive review."

Critical reaction to the film has been extremely positive.

extremely valuable

The framed diamond was incorporated into an extremely valuable hat ornament.

Water is an extremely valuable resource in arid Central Asia and can lead to rather significant international disputes.

Aalto University economist Natalia Zinovyeva told "Nature" that it will be "extremely valuable" to help academic committees evaluate researchers' CVs.

extremely useful

Dynamic scope is extremely useful because it adds referential clarity and discipline to global variables.

These materials are of central importance to the production of aluminium and are themselves extremely useful.

CVD is extremely useful in the process of atomic layer deposition at depositing extremely thin layers of material.

extremely similar

It is extremely similar to a baritone horn.

However, surface loops and microtubules are extremely similar.

Early artistic and literary portrayals of Aphrodite are extremely similar on Inanna-Ishtar.

extremely unlikely   (extremadamente improbable)

However, local legend says that St. Leonard's hermitage was in this forest although this seems extremely unlikely.

Kenneth Farley, a project scientist on NASA's Mars Rover 2020 Project, said: "I would say that is extremely unlikely."

A spokesman for the British Home Office said unofficially it would be "extremely unlikely" that Riley would be extradited to the United Kingdom.

extremely expensive

It was very stable but extremely expensive.

Her desire to try otoro, an extremely expensive, high grade of sushi tuna, is a recurring gag.

These funerals and especially the memorials may be extremely expensive for the family in question.

extremely active

Covian was extremely active as a scientific leader.

Corbet was extremely active regionally in Elizabeth's reign.

It is noted for being extremely active.

proved extremely

Her visits proved extremely popular with pupils.

Finding sites for these silos proved extremely difficult.

The code proved extremely effective and useful during the war.

extremely influential

His 1972 model of health production has been extremely influential in health economics.

Andrade's interest in folklore and his use of colloquial language were extremely influential.

In that context he has been extremely influential in the area of contemporary Christian worship music.

extremely rich

The collections of Dazhao Temple are extremely rich.

The protein is glutamine extremely rich, and glycine poor.

Gimjeongguk was very poor, but Imjeongguk was extremely rich.

extremely slow   (extremadamente lento)

Rejection sampling is extremely slow for large sample sizes.

This match was notable for McMichael's extremely slow cadence for a three count.

Next Pelly fitted a small engine and demonstrated the craft's ability to stay aloft at extremely slow speeds.

extremely unpopular   (extremadamente impopular)

The Conscription Act proved extremely unpopular with many Confederate soldiers.

These changes proved to be extremely unpopular with viewers and viewing figures declined.

Unlike the Kraków Judenrat, the Kraków OD were extremely unpopular under Spira's leadership.

extremely diverse

The artistic heritage of Taiwan is extremely diverse.

Asia has extremely diverse climates and geographic features.

Found in extremely diverse habitats.

extremely negative

Reviews for the film were extremely negative.

Israel's initial attitude toward rock music was extremely negative.

"Darkness" received extremely negative reviews from both critics and audiences.

considered extremely

In the XIX century, such unions were considered extremely unusual.

The album was considered extremely rare until the CD release in 2003.

The retaking of the Falkland Islands was considered extremely difficult.

extremely vulnerable   (extremadamente vulnerable)

Pilot Jack Peppiatt of 88 Squadron confessed he felt extremely vulnerable up there.

In such cases the Vikings were extremely vulnerable to pursuit by the king's joint military forces.

The Great Lakes population of piping plover are isolated and extremely vulnerable to extirpation from the Great Lakes region.

becomes extremely

Judy becomes extremely uncomfortable and confronts Emma about the weapon.

The text describes Kālī's emerging out of Durga when she becomes extremely angry.

Behind the headland on the cliff tops there is a car park which becomes extremely busy in the summer.

extremely violent

The months leading up to the election were extremely violent.

The capital city Kabul saw extremely violent fighting during that period.

Virgulino sought vengeance and proved to be extremely violent in doing so.

extremely thin

They have 16 legs and are extremely thin.

The smooth, whitish shell is covered with an extremely thin epidermis which rises in microscopic blisters.

These metals form an extremely thin layer of oxidized metal on the surface which bonds with the underlying metal.

extremely variable

The relative altitude and the size are extremely variable.

This is an extremely variable form.

The composition of such cultures is complex and extremely variable.

extremely good

And yet, amazingly, not only does it not suck, it's actually an extremely good game."

Usually it encourages people to act in extremes, whether that be extremely good or extremely bad.

The water and the underlying mud are extremely good for the skin because of the sulphur in deposits.

extremely simple

It is an extremely simple network printing protocol.

Composed mostly of single strokes, the system is extremely simple.

Only two levels are specified, "mature" and "adult", making the specification extremely simple.

extremely critical   (extremadamente crítico)

Eberhart herself was extremely critical of the first edition dust jacket, describing it as "hideous" in her private correspondence.

The book was extremely critical of Moosally, depicting him as an inept officer who gained command of the battleship through political connections.

The situation was extremely critical, because along with de la Huerta, about 60% of the army revolted, including various high-ranking generals across the country.

extremely controversial   (extremadamente controvertido)

It was also extremely controversial.

The application of labeling theory to homosexuality has been extremely controversial.

However, this is extremely controversial and politically charged, and no scholar agrees with this description.