İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

faced off   (yüzleşti)

BIG faced off against Renegades in the next match.

Miller accepted and they faced off in April 2015.

Both forces faced off near the village of Hermanivka.

faced each   (her biri ile karşı karşıya)

The two parties faced each other near a British flag.

The pairing faced each other on December 3, 2016 at .

Verdasco and del Potro faced each other for the first time.

faced each other   (yüz yüze)

The two parties faced each other near a British flag.

The pairing faced each other on December 3, 2016 at .

Verdasco and del Potro faced each other for the first time.

then faced   (sonra yüzleşti)

The red team was then faced with the skills test.

Nunes then faced Nik Lentz on January 19, 2013 at .

They then faced Chelsea in the final at Wembley.

faced off against   (karşı karşıya)

BIG faced off against Renegades in the next match.

There, Atlanta faced off against the Washington Mystics.

She faced off against former Bacoor Mayor Jessie Castillo.

faced criticism   (yüz yüze eleştiri)

It has faced criticism for not having an effluent treatment facility.

The idea of dollar voting has faced criticism for its class implications.

The pair scored easily from the bowling but faced criticism for slow batting.

when faced   (karşı karşıya kaldığında)

They eventually withdrew from their enterprise when faced with heavy losses.

Most people can be classified by their reactions when faced with a difficult task.

Forage fish populations are very vulnerable when faced with modern fishing equipment.

next faced

Roop next faced Cub Swanson on January 28, 2012 at .

Nunes next faced Dennis Siver on April 14, 2012 at .

Gomi next faced Jim Miller on July 9, 2016 at UFC 200.

team faced   (takım karşı karşıya)

The team faced heavy competition, mainly from Renault.

In semi-finals, the team faced Bayern Munich.

The team faced IAFL South division rivals, the UL Vikings.

again faced

England reached the last eight where they again faced West Germany.

During the election of 1968, Williams once again faced Sam Goddard.

When Patton sought re-election in 1985, he again faced Rutherford in the Democratic primary.

problems faced

The problems faced are to be expected, being poor infrastructure and a lack of funds.

One of the major problems faced by the refugees is that most of these stranded people are children.

This story deals with the problems faced by Femi while the family is waiting to hear if asylum is to be granted.

faced many

Women's football has faced many struggles.

Those that stayed faced many challenges.

Sax faced many near-death experiences.

challenges faced

They also get exposed to the challenges faced by the local people.

This process is one of the most important challenges faced by technical writers.

There have been scheduling challenges faced in the design of the Modular Houses sets.

faced opposition

The proposal has faced opposition from local residents.

He faced opposition and withdrew from church life more and more.

Throughout this time, Musa faced opposition from within his family.

faced no

Mazzei faced no opposition in his 2008 election bid.

Weiland faced no opposition in the Democratic primary.

He faced no opposition in the 2008 election.

teams faced

The remaining teams faced each other.

The teams faced each other twice, before moving into the knock-outs.

The same two teams faced off during the 1930 World Series and the Athletics were victorious.

faced competition   (yüz yüze rekabet)

While it was a little more successful, it still faced competition from WNLT and WIQI.

The new cars faced competition from the older Audi R15+ and the old Oreca 908 HDi FAP.

In his first season, Enckelman faced competition from Graeme Smith to take the first choice.

issues faced

One of the main issues faced by the community today is urban sprawl.

It deals with some of the issues faced by paraplegic wheelchair users.

Abhimani also aims to educate all communities on daily issues faced by LGBT people.

faced several

They also faced several third-party candidates.

It faced several challenges from the beginning.

However, Canal 22 faced several uphill battles.

faced former

Wes Sims faced former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia at SuperBrawl 38.

He faced former Judge Ashley Moody in the bitterly contested Republican primary.

Eastman faced former professional boxer Dwayne Lewis at "MFC 23" on December 4, 2009.

faced financial   (finansal karşı karşıya)

But the club faced financial problem and relegated in 2003.

As FC Margveti Zestafoni faced financial problem and relegated in 1998.

Like many composers of the time, Vivaldi faced financial difficulties in his later years.

faced another   (başka biriyle karşı karşıya)

In 1989 Changpuek faced another top class fighter in Rob Kaman.

At the same meeting in the Hardwicke Stakes he faced another strong field.

The Glovers then faced another League One side Plymouth Argyle at Huish Park.

difficulties faced

If a governor of senatorial rank himself felt these pressures, one can imagine the difficulties faced by a mere "praeses".

The story is set in the English city of Manchester between 1839 and 1842, and deals with the difficulties faced by the Victorian working class.

Prajamandalam formed an organisation called "Cochin karshaka sabha" which worked primarily to end difficulties faced by farmers due to Feudalism.

now faced

Chapman now faced further criticism of his captaincy.

She is now faced with having to save her lover without giving away her father.

A flag was thrown for ineligible receiver and the Cowboys now faced a 4th and 20.

when he faced   (yüzleştiğinde)

1.5 million when he faced the court martial in Zafar Naval base in Islamabad.

Takam next fought on 31 March 2012, when he faced former world title challenger Frans Botha.

Takam’s first fight of 2017 took place on 29 January, when he faced Marcin Rekowski of Poland.

faced difficulties

During the World War II, the BHV faced difficulties in its resupplying.

Following his release, Ndalla faced difficulties and it took him some time to find work.

And towards the end of the decade, the Society faced difficulties from a different front.

faced charges

He also faced charges of belonging to al-Shabaab.

The Sentinels faced charges of antisemitism in the media and in history books.

Al-Zaidi could have faced charges of insulting a foreign leader and the Iraqi prime minister.

faced strong   (güçlü yüzlü)

However, this committee has faced strong opposition from the Assad regime.

Army Group B was in disarray and faced strong Soviet pressure across all its fronts.

Despite public support for municipalization the effort faced strong opposition from LILCO.

still faced   (hala yüzlü)

In November 2009, Villalona was released on bond but still faced a murder charge.

While it was a little more successful, it still faced competition from WNLT and WIQI.

Women still faced legal discrimination in 2011, and they were considered minors in the eyes of the law.

faced during

The inspiration for this group stemmed from the anxieties many faced during World War II.

Yamashita was determined to fight the racial prejudice and discrimination that he had faced during his time at the Marine Corps.

The greatest challenge that MIC faced during his presidency was the fragmentation of estates, the livelihood of almost all Indian workers.

club faced

The club faced Tromsø IL of Norway in the first round.

But the club faced financial problem and relegated in 2003.

The club faced Feyenoord of the Netherlands in the first round.

batters he faced   (karşılaştığı meyilli)

On July 1, 1925, he pitched one inning, retiring all three batters he faced.

In games that were late and close, Feldman held the sixteen batters he faced hitless.

Aurelio López pitched innings of relief and retired all seven batters he faced, earning the win.

faced up

He faced up to two years in prison if convicted.

He faced up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

They then faced up in the final against side Dalbeattie Star.

faced significant   (önemli yüzleşti)

This has faced significant opposition from existing authorities.

She initially faced significant prejudice in a genre traditionally seen as Afro-Caribbean, but was eventually recognized as a leading calypso performer.

Allan faced significant danger during his negotiations with the Indians because the Indians were internally divided and the British were also actively attempting to gain their support.

faced serious

Superficially the town seemed a success, but it faced serious problems.

The club faced serious financial issues during the 2010–11 season due to the failure of an affiliated advertising company.

The country faced serious fiscal challenges with rate of contribution into the pension system having reached 45% of gross wage.

often faced   (sık sık karşılaşılan)

Thaksin often faced harsh comparisons.

The Biennial has often faced criticism over issues of privilege, access and inclusivity.

After she moved to South Korea as a child, she often faced discrimination because of her mixed heritage.

never faced   (hiç karşılaşmadım)

Cermak/Merinak had never faced Fyrstenberg/Matkowski.

His government never faced a Parliament.

Ram/Mirnyi and Dlouhý/Paes had never faced their other opponents.

instead faced

Zingano instead faced Raquel Pennington at on October 6, 2012.

Rivera instead faced Costas Philippou.

Minakov instead faced Tim Johnson.

faced stiff   (sert yüzlü)

The show faced stiff competition from NBC's "Law & Order".

On 7 June, they faced stiff resistance from the sepoys at the Flagstaff Tower.

On 25 July the Germans faced stiff resistance with a Soviet bridgehead west of Kalach.

ever faced   (hiç karşılaşmadım)

Joe was the strongest guy I ever faced.

Etchebarren would be the final batter that Koufax ever faced in his career.

He induced the first batter he ever faced, Leo Cárdenas, to ground out to second baseman Ken Hubbs.

faced severe   (ciddi yüzleşti)

Over the period of time, Gilbert Hill has faced severe erosion problems too.

However, WJ faced severe media scrutiny for refusing to accept responsibility for the incident.

Under Hughes's leadership, Bangor University faced severe financial problems, resulting in several reductions of staff.

later faced

Cork later faced Derry in the All-Ireland decider.

Birr later faced Dunloy in the All-Ireland decider.

when they faced   (yüzleştiklerinde)

On 6 October, he captained the team from left wing-back when they faced Blackrock in the final.

In the semi-finals, East Bengal again took on an Indian Super League when they faced off against Goa.

Debrecen's first successful UEFA Cup career was ended in the third round when they faced with the Belgian Club Brugge.