Фразы и примеры предложений

facilities include   (Услуги включают в себя)

The alleged facilities include Tsishan and Kuanhsi.

Camping facilities include restrooms and showers.

The visitor facilities include a shop and café.

other facilities   (другие средства)

Besides rooms, Brown offers other facilities.

The club also has other facilities in the region Bastia.

The rooms, halls, and other facilities were newly outfitted.

production facilities   (Производственные мощности)

Gambro has production facilities in 9 countries.

Telecinco has digitalised their production facilities.

The production facilities of the Falesco winery are located there.

new facilities

As the city expands, new facilities are usually mandated.

The new facilities are designed by Diamond and Schmitt Architects.

The year saw construction of two major new facilities for the AMRC.

sports facilities

Both sites share the sports facilities and canteen.

There are sports facilities on all campuses.

It has some of the best winter sports facilities in Finland.

medical facilities   (медицинское оборудование)

The hospitals provides 24 x7 hours medical facilities.

Ullberg was very successful in designing medical facilities.

Dhawade has few medical facilities present within the village.

facilities such

Other rail facilities such as property and workshops were also transferred to ANR.

Park facilities such as a picnic pavilion and restrooms were constructed soon after.

Subsumed under it are several space surveillance only facilities such as Okno and Krona.

recreational facilities   (рекреационные объекты)

Dhawade has no recreational facilities like cinemas or video halls.

The building also has multi-storey parking and recreational facilities.

There are plans for building recreational facilities, including a gym, at this site.

training facilities

The new training facilities in Cobham were completed in 2007.

CEAA was also responsible for all schools and training facilities.

As such it has enhanced the scope of training facilities to a great extent.

facilities including

It has many facilities including water and sanitation.

It lacks many facilities including water and sanitation.

All modern facilities including an office and commercial complex is planned here.

manufacturing facilities   (производственное оборудование)

Tanaka Kikinzoku expanded its manufacturing facilities in 2011.

It has 18 R&D centers, 20 major manufacturing facilities and over 40 sales offices worldwide.

Hart & Cooley, Inc. has distribution centers and manufacturing facilities across North America.

educational facilities

Tangerang provides educational facilities from kindergarten to college.

Universities or other educational facilities are not accepted for membership.

LSSU is home to one of the best robotics educational facilities in North America.

storage facilities

In 1967 the production and storage facilities were extended.

Wooden houses, storage facilities and stables occupied the Volga bank.

The archives are stored in climate controlled film storage facilities.

research facilities

The Beckman Institute hosts two major core research facilities.

ICI contributed the research facilities at Jealott's Hill in Berkshire.

These zones were surrounded by more than 240 private research facilities.

care facilities   (учреждения по уходу)

There are three senior care facilities in or near downtown.

Canberra has 10 aged care facilities.

1 developer of health care facilities in the United States by 2000.

port facilities   (портовые сооружения)

Many major cities are on or near good harbors and have port facilities.

The new port of iloilo is located on a site away from the older port facilities.

The port facilities previously in the area were moved to Vuosaari Harbour in 2008.

public facilities   (государственные учреждения)

There are no toilets or other public facilities nearby.

Of this, about half went to repairing public facilities.

The public facilities include 66 computers.

health facilities   (медицинские учреждения)

There are also a large number of smaller health facilities across the county.

The hospital replaced the existing Victorian mental health facilities in the area.

In addition, 50 of the country's 330 districts had no health facilities whatsoever.

athletic facilities

The following are athletic facilities for the Westminster Griffins:

The Grade School shares the athletic facilities with the high school.

The Tempe campus is also home to all of the university's athletic facilities.

sporting facilities   (спортивные сооружения)

The campus incorporates 20 buildings, plus sporting facilities.

The School has stadium, hi-tech sporting facilities and coaches.

The aim was to provide sporting facilities for the local schools and community.

facilities are located

The club's administrative facilities are located in the stadium.

In Denmark, other Terma facilities are located at Grenaa and Herlev.

A cafe, outdoor exhibits, and restroom facilities are located nearby.

modern facilities

Its modern facilities have 6 300 squares meters.

It has modern facilities that include 11,400 sq.

The school has a large campus with modern facilities.

toilet facilities   (туалет)

The station is unstaffed, but has toilet facilities.

It features a bar counter, piano, and toilet facilities.

Section one completed in 1990 houses the toilet facilities.

facilities available   (Услуги доступны)

Car parking and playing fields facilities available to all visiting teams.

More minor improvements included improvements to the toilet facilities available.

Unfortunately there is no educational facilities available in Edava after schools.

many facilities

It has many facilities including water and sanitation.

There are many facilities for sports events.

It lacks many facilities including water and sanitation.

facilities located

There are ample parking facilities located at the basement of the mosque.

The monitoring network consists of 337 facilities located all over the globe.

HPL Express locations are library facilities located within existing buildings.

treatment facilities   (очистные сооружения)

Sanatoriums were not the only treatment facilities.

Many AA meetings take place in treatment facilities.

The Cayman Islands have no recycling or waste treatment facilities.

industrial facilities

In 1934 they began to be employed in Svit industrial facilities.

It will combine research, education, industrial facilities, business incubators and exhibition centres.

They traveled all over Japan inspecting administrative, military, educational, and industrial facilities.

military facilities

Camp Johnson Camp Johnson could refer to any of U.S. military facilities:

After the British withdrew from their military facilities in Veylong in 1967, No.

The invaders occupied Fort York, looted the town and destroyed military facilities.

studio facilities

It broadcasts to Aomori Prefecture from studio facilities located in Aomori City.

The new owners downsized the staff and moved the studio facilities to a smaller location.

The station originally operated from studio facilities located along Kirby Drive, near the Astrodome.

parking facilities

There are bicycle lockers and two unguarded bicycle parking facilities.

There are ample parking facilities located at the basement of the mosque.

The station has parking facilities that can accommodate 30 cars and 100 two-wheelers.

school facilities   (школьные средства)

But has road facility, school facilities and library.

Richard Murray is an inventor of school operating models and a developer of school facilities.

The junior and senior high school facilities are located in Brockway, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, United States.

support facilities   (средства поддержки)

They have 30 schools and seven support facilities in a geographical area covering 160 miles.

During this time full-time maintenance support facilities were opened in Tupelo and Meridian.

The base and its associated runway system were expanded, including expansion of housing and support facilities.

leisure facilities   (отдыха)

New sports and leisure facilities were needed.

It is surrounded by community resources and leisure facilities.

The complex included a theatre and leisure facilities for the staff.

facilities are available   (объекты доступны)

All the basic facilities are available in the village.

Most of the sport facilities are available.

Housing facilities are available for men, women and couples.

maintenance facilities

At Enniskillen airport there are two helicopter maintenance facilities.

The main maintenance facilities of Gol Airlines are located at this airport.

Temporary barracks, dug in revetments and maintenance facilities were built.

existing facilities

Title III also has applications to existing facilities.

Staff and students began using the existing facilities in September 1989.

(A "brownfield", on the other hand, remodels or improves upon existing facilities.)

correctional facilities

The agency operates 18 correctional facilities.

The definition includes secure facilities and community-based correctional facilities.

It was designed by DLR Group, an architectural firm specializing in correctional facilities.

transmitter facilities   (средства передатчика)

The station relocated its transmitter facilities to new tower located south of New Summerfield on June 13, 2004.

NBC-owned WTVJ and CBS-owned WCIX (which became WFOR-TV upon the swap) also traded transmitter facilities in Miami as part of the deal.

Studios for KOCY were eventually moved to 28th and Oklahoma, where 1340 currently still has transmitter facilities sporting the call of KEBC-AM.

healthcare facilities   (медицинские учреждения)

In its early years, ERG made investments in healthcare facilities.

In Gaza, there are hospitals and additional healthcare facilities.

Being located remotely, Savadi lacks banks and basic healthcare facilities.

community facilities   (общественные объекты)

It contains 163 houses, but no shops or community facilities.

Phase 1 consisted of 748 student units as well as community facilities.

Zion is a local community centre nearby offering a range of community facilities and events.

education facilities

There are no existing primary or secondary education facilities located in downtown.

The development of Bundaberg was accompanied by the establishment of secondary education facilities.

As far as education facilities is concerned, there are three private boarding schools, 5 primary govt.

recreation facilities

The Roi side is the main housing area, with the retail and recreation facilities there.

Infrastructure items such as recreation facilities and booking services require improvement.

In addition, the Cornet Bay Retreat Center provides cabins and dining and recreation facilities.

health care facilities   (учреждения здравоохранения)

1 developer of health care facilities in the United States by 2000.

The acupuncturists can get SIPT and participate on health care facilities.

Post-disaster, health care facilities faced shortages in space and resources.

facilities within

There are few facilities within easy walking distance and most inhabitants rely on motor vehicles.

Even today, it is rare for a high school to have locker room and shower facilities within its stadium.

Dhawade has its own post office but there are no telegraph or telephone facilities within the village.

such facilities

Canada also had space for such facilities.

He further ordered that security be increased at all such facilities.

After the attack, Obama ordered that security be increased at all such facilities worldwide.

nuclear facilities

The village of Rokkasho, at the southern end of Shimokita Peninsula, home to a range of nuclear facilities.

The next step would be comprehensive inspections on North Korea's nuclear facilities and nuclear ICBM weapons program by IAEA.

Especially in the waters of the Persian Gulf, the IRGC is expected to assume control of any Iranian response to attacks on its nuclear facilities.

facilities were built

The IOW facilities were built and operated initially by E.I.

Most of the facilities were built in the Dnipropetrovsk region - 388.5 MW.

Temporary barracks, dug in revetments and maintenance facilities were built.

detention facilities

While in detention facilities, many signed papers agreeing to voluntary deportation with no appeal.

Authorities held minors together with adults in several prisons due to a lack of detention facilities.

Some who were ultimately able to prove legal residency were held for weeks in detention facilities out of state.

dining facilities

The main building houses the rehearsal space and dining facilities as well as the costume shop.

Most of Murray Bridge's retail and dining facilities are located on and in close proximity to Bridge Street.

They have separate berthing and dining facilities (where feasible), wear separate uniforms, and perform separate duties.

facilities as well   (объекты, а также)

This second, "new" courthouse has since been replaced with new facilities as well as a park.

The main building houses the rehearsal space and dining facilities as well as the costume shop.

It now sports football pitches and other sports facilities as well as a nature centre for children.

processing facilities

UPİM distributes inbound mail to the regional processing facilities in Istanbul within max.

Some industrial grain processing facilities now exist, such as those operated by Namib Mills.

The airport is modernizing baggage handling capabilities with expanded processing facilities as well.

no facilities

Dahiwadi is also a very small place, with no facilities.

There are no facilities at the station, apart from 2 benches and a (doorless) shelter.

Their first task was to construct the camp as the site was a derelict tea plantation with no facilities.

facilities included

The facilities included a school, workshops, farm, vegetables gardens, and orchards.

New facilities included a culinary studio, 700m running track and indoor playground.

For ground-based training, facilities included moving target ranges and gunnery simulators.

basic facilities

All the basic facilities are available in the village.

The reservoir has a camping area with basic facilities.

The basic facilities of education are available in village.

facilities throughout

UMHS also operates out-patient clinics and facilities throughout the city.

Damage to public facilities throughout Kagoshima reached ¥6.3 billion (US$80.6 million).

His job required him to travel to production facilities throughout New England to be inspected.

parish facilities

CNEWA also aids local churches by repairing damaged parish facilities, funding local church assistance programs, funding pastoral initiatives for refugees, and by funding youth formation programs.

Tit is also responsibility for initiating projects for the maintenance and repair of parish facilities, as well as consulting with the district council on the maintenance, repair, and improvement of highways, drainage, footpaths, public transport, and street cleaning.

The parish council's role also includes initiating projects for the maintenance and repair of parish facilities, as well as consulting with the district council on the maintenance, repair, and improvement of highways, drainage, footpaths, public transport, and street cleaning.

conference facilities   (конференц-залы)

There is office space, conference facilities, catering facilitates and a gym.

An eqvivalent distance North are hotel and conference facilities at ECH Park.

The refurbishment also involved the installation of new conference facilities.

additional facilities

Older buildings were repaired, and additional facilities were constructed as necessary.

Beginning in the 1960s, the university began providing additional facilities for Extension students.

Initial construction was completed by 2009, with additional facilities and functions added continuously.

provide facilities   (предоставлять услуги)

The ground would have also continued to provide facilities for hockey and cricket.

Two of those are sponsoring churches who provide facilities to the school rent-free.

They campaigned for Area Health Boards to provide facilities in each geographical area.

provides facilities

The mosque provides facilities for social and cultural activities.

In addition, the DMM site provides facilities for a large number of AV actress blogs.

T.38 provides facilities to eliminate the effects of packet loss through data redundancy.

facilities and services

The tourism needs have forced the area to add all kinds of facilities and services.

Despite the basic facilities and services, 1,096 tourist arrivals were recorded that year.

During that time, the military was responsible for the maintenance of civil facilities and services.

facilities across   (объекты через)

There are also a large number of smaller health facilities across the county.

The Company now serves its customers from twelve production facilities across the UK.

Today, CFS has its blending facilities across the world (India, China, Mexico, USA and Brazil).

transport facilities

Some 750,000 passengers make use of public transport facilities every day.

Its transport facilities are used by several landlocked African countries for the re-export of their goods.

There are 13 entrances, connecting buildings, shopping malls, main roads and ground transport facilities nearby.

facilities provided

Operating along the Gippsland line daily except Sundays it had buffet car facilities provided.

The DBMS software additionally encompasses the core facilities provided to administer the database.

The surgical facilities provided by the British Army were vastly more effective than in previous campaigns.

many facilities including

It has many facilities including water and sanitation.

It lacks many facilities including water and sanitation.

It has many facilities including an indoor swimming pool, beauty salon, steam room, sauna, gym, sun beds, jacuzzi, and driving range.

transportation facilities

Improved transportation facilities aided growth.

Maracay has good transportation facilities and infrastructure.

She and Sharafuddin made an official tour to rail transportation facilities in Klang Valley on 16 December 2017.

cultural facilities

Dhawade has no cultural facilities like sports-clubs, stadium or auditorium.

Among the social, recreational and cultural facilities, it had 1 orphanage and 1 old age home.

Among the social, recreational and cultural facilities, it had 1 public library, 1 reading room.

facilities around   (объекты вокруг)

The commander of the fort established entertainment facilities around the fort, including a playhouse.

The lab is the forerunner of IBM's Research Division, which today operates research facilities around the world.

After the First World War, Upnor became a Royal Naval Armaments Depot (RNAD), one of a group of such facilities around the country.

several facilities

Mehsana has several facilities offering education to graduation and post-graduation.

The university provides several facilities for unwinding from the daily campus grind.

Fox Studios Australia also has several facilities; including shops, cinemas, cafes, restaurants, parks, major sporting facilities and entertainment venues.

repair facilities

The lack of a slipway and other repair facilities meant that at first the boats had to be repaired at Malakoff's in Lerwick.

She and Amilyn are able to warn Bail, who evacuates the ships and initiates the self-destruct protocol for the repair facilities.

Along with the base facilities, the navy also constructed the Sasebo Naval Arsenal, which included major shipyards and repair facilities.

facilities including water

It has many facilities including water and sanitation.

It lacks many facilities including water and sanitation.

camping facilities

The park's amenities also include camping facilities and hiking trails.

Also, There are a number of camping facilities in Erdek, Altınoluk, Akçay, Güre, and Ören.

The site has outdoor camping facilities and has about of river frontage and about of space.

boarding facilities

The school has boarding facilities for around 300 boys.

The school offers boarding facilities to all the students.

The College also operated as a boarding school until its boarding facilities were closed in 2011.

buildings and facilities

Damage to buildings and facilities was reported over an area of .

As BT operates in around 180 countries, it owns and leases a range of buildings and facilities in the UK and around the world.

The complex of buildings and facilities was a grouping on linear and geometric blocks in an orthogonal and independent arrangement around a series of gardens, open spaces and sports areas.

better facilities

They were replaced in 1970 by the present bigger and better facilities.

The 6,208-square metre library was upgraded in 1998 to include better facilities.

A senior SNP councillor has said pupils would enjoy "better facilities" at Harris Academy.

restroom facilities

It contains picnic areas, restroom facilities and various trails.

A cafe, outdoor exhibits, and restroom facilities are located nearby.

The campground has 28 campsites, but lacks modern restroom facilities.

various facilities

ICS handles 37,681 prisoners (2009) in various facilities in the country.

It covers about 1 million square feet and is equipped with various facilities.

Iloilo has various facilities also for international and local musical, band, and solo performances or concerts.

teaching facilities

HTAA is a service hospital with basic teaching facilities.

Additional teaching facilities were added in 1950, in a simplified International or Modern style.

In 1876 it became a prefectural institution with medical teaching facilities and was named the Chiba Public Hospital.

sanitation facilities   (санитарные условия)

An estimated 56 percent of the population had access to adequate sanitation facilities in 2010.

Due to damage to sanitation facilities, there were outbreaks of diarrhea and cholera in the weeks after the storm.

The city established many large, well-landscaped municipal parks, which also included public sanitation facilities.

sanitary facilities   (санитарное оборудование)

Whole complex consisted of church, pastoral center, sacristy and sanitary facilities.

15.7% of the population have no access to electricity, 22.2% have no sanitary facilities.

In the 1840s there were no adequate sanitary facilities or water supply and life expectancy was low.

all facilities

This continued until 1973, when the NIOC took over all facilities.

There is children's park located near to the beach with all facilities.

In practice, all facilities are under the operational control of the United States.

tourist facilities

It also has some tourist facilities.

Today tourist facilities are built next to the castle (restaurant etc.)

While having fully developed tourist facilities, the island has not experienced the overdevelopment found on some other islands.

service facilities

Consultative and service facilities expanded in a remarkable way.

The hall also has multiple service facilities, such as fitness center and meeting rooms.

The shelter features three sandstone fireplaces, as well as toilets and service facilities.

changing facilities

As the only female in the team she had separate changing facilities at the club's Fairview base.

The bathhouse in particular was in a state of disrepair, with its showering and changing facilities closed.

The building incorporates changing facilities, restrooms and showers, a snack concession, and a meeting room.

laundry facilities   (услуги прачечной)

Coffee and tea making machines were provided with laundry facilities.

Each hall has access to a small kitchen, laundry facilities, and a common room with a TV.

There were still no laundry facilities, so soldiers washed their clothes in old ration tins.

laboratory facilities

In addition to office space, the BioCenter provides wet laboratory facilities to member companies.

A second cause of the backlog is crime laboratory facilities receiving the rape kits and not testing them in a timely manner.

The laboratory facilities include conventional and modern machinery with the technology of open-end spinning and air jet spinning.

sport facilities   (спортивные сооружения)

There is a housing facility and some sport facilities.

Most of the sport facilities are available.

Various sport facilities are spread over the town's whole area.

lacks many facilities   (не хватает многих удобств)

It lacks many facilities including water and sanitation.

passenger facilities

The station's passenger facilities were fairly basic.

During this time, the passenger facilities in the main station building were also refurbished.

The station building measured by with of floor space, with a large waiting room and other passenger facilities on the ground floor.

residential facilities

Some members of the teaching staff have been provided with residential facilities on the campus.

The main residential facilities are the two school hostels (dormitories) called Prima and Prima Nova.

The school was located on a 54 acre site and had residential facilities to house male students aged 11 to 16.

station facilities   (вокзал)

The SSC is the largest commercial operator of satellite tracking ground station facilities.

In addition to the station facilities, the building contains a bar, shops, and a restaurant.

The actual station facilities are minimal, with a brick building housing bathrooms, along with a bike shelter.

entertainment facilities

Wide-Angle Multiplex and Wow Cine Pulse provide entertainment facilities.

At that time, RRI was the most popular entertainment facilities of society.

The commander of the fort established entertainment facilities around the fort, including a playhouse.