Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

new facility   (nueva instalación)

Students entered the new facility in September 2004.

In 1960, the branch relocated to a new facility.

NTD moved to the new facility in December 2019.

training facility   (centro de formación)

It was used for storage and as a training facility.

as a training facility for gymnastics, fistball, and handball.

He will report to the Angels' spring training facility in Arizona.

research facility   (centro de investigación)

A research facility of INRA is also located on Ajaccio.

An expanded library and research facility opened in 1994.

The magazine has been restored and converted into a research facility.

production facility   (planta de producción)

There is an asbestos production facility in Alcholoya.

Oji Paper has a production facility in Yonago.

The yarn production facility at Alloa was closed in 1999.

storage facility   (facilidad de almacenamiento)

Shasta Dam, the largest CVP storage facility, was completed in 1945.

It was later used as a storage facility, tourist base, hospital and museum.

This building had been built as a storage facility for Michigan State University in 1971.

manufacturing facility   (instalación de fabricación)

WuXi opened a large-scale manufacturing facility in Jinshan in 2010.

A converted chicken coop served as the first manufacturing facility.

The plant later will be transformed into a faucet manufacturing facility.

facility located   (instalación ubicada)

It has a maintenance facility located in Hesperia.

There are also several others ATM facility located in Balia Pargana.

The training facility located at SUK Sports Complex, Seksyen 5, Shah Alam.

medical facility   (centro Médico)

Gila River had a communal medical facility at Butte Hospital.

As the medical facility deteriorates, so does the programming of the nanomachines.

Bagdah Rural Hospital with 30 beds is the main medical facility in Bagdah CD Block.

care facility   (instalación de cuidado)

A child care facility is on location.

and operates the only specialized burn care facility in Connecticut.

Johnson died at a hospice care facility on December 20, 2019, at age 88.

facility opened   (instalación abierta)

The facility opened in 1978 in Dayton, Ohio.

The current Waltham High School facility opened in 1969.

An expanded library and research facility opened in 1994.

facility is located   (la instalación está ubicada)

The facility is located along the Columbia River.

The water treatment facility is located in southeast Davenport.

Its main production facility is located near to Kuopio, Finland.

facility was built   (la instalación fue construida)

This facility was built with thyristor valves.

The facility was built in 1958 by the Asmara municipality.

A new brewery facility was built and put into service in June 2012.

health facility   (facilidad de salud)

Law Hospital Law Hospital was a health facility in Law, South Lanarkshire.

Carland was reported to have been admitted to a mental health facility for care.

By chance, he encounters Danny, his friend from the Baltimore mental health facility.

maintenance facility   (instalación de mantenimiento)

It has a maintenance facility located in Hesperia.

Taji was also the largest tank maintenance facility in Iraq.

In 1948 Laylin Jewett established an aircraft maintenance facility at Jewett Field.

treatment facility   (instalación de tratamiento)

The water treatment facility is located in southeast Davenport.

It has faced criticism for not having an effluent treatment facility.

32% of AA's membership was introduced to it through a treatment facility.

practice facility   (facilidad de práctica)

The practice facility would be , the team offices and the sports medicine clinic .

On May 2, 2009, the Dallas Cowboys' practice facility collapsed during a wind storm.

It also has been used as a practice facility for the Stockton Lightning minor Arena League football team.

sports facility   (instalación deportiva)

The closest sports facility is Rothwell Sports Centre in neighbouring Oulton.

This stadium is a multi-dimensional sports facility with excellent support features.

Birchmount Stadium Birchmount Stadium is a multi-purpose outdoor sports facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

detention facility   (Centro de detención)

It was made into a detention facility in 1990.

In November 2002, Pashynskyi was placed in a detention facility.

Schmidt based the character of Joseph on a boy he met while visiting a juvenile detention facility.

correctional facility   (instalación correccional)

Some are euphemistic "(human resources, affirmative action, correctional facility)."

MCI-Framingham is currently a medium-security correctional facility for female offenders.

The extras also included former inmates from the correctional facility that they filmed at.

facility near   (instalación cerca)

There is a viewing facility near Kikko Park.

The process was tested in a 40 tonnes per hour test facility near Parachute, Colorado.

It was built in 1995 to replace the old facility near the Malabon City Hall in San Agustin.

larger facility   (instalación más grande)

She was able to rent a larger facility and attract more students.

It was later replaced by a larger facility but was converted to a smithy.

A few years later, the library sold its property to raise money for a larger facility.

processing facility   (instalación de procesamiento)

The processing facility at Nyhamna processes about per year.

Challenger Gold Mine is an underground gold mine and processing facility.

Imperial will continue to operate a small-bag processing facility at Gramercy.

facility includes   (instalación incluye)

The facility includes two transmission towers.

This facility includes independent bungalows.

The Washington, D.C., facility includes a booth dedicated to Anita Hill.

educational facility   (instalación educativa)

Another educational facility is the Leisure Time Centre.

The young murderer was placed in an educational facility in Krupski Młyn.

The new $34 million educational facility is being dedicated on September 15, 2012.

current facility   (instalación actual)

The station's current facility was a move-in in 2011.

Smith moved into its current facility.

The current facility replaced the former campus a few miles away.

test facility   (instalación de prueba)

79-0784 was scrapped at the Palmdale test facility on 26 April 2008.

This removes the demand for large quantities of power from the test facility.

The process was tested in a 40 tonnes per hour test facility near Parachute, Colorado.

facility was opened   (se abrió la instalación)

The facility was opened in 1979 by Ann and Geoff Morgan.

In 2006 a composting facility was opened.

The high school was founded in 2001; a new facility was opened in 2006.

main facility   (instalación principal)

The company’s main facility is in Burlington, NC.

Work began on the main facility area on 20 October 1943.

The dam regulates water flow from the main facility, Green Peter Dam.

million facility   (millones de instalaciones)

Davis's generous donation helped complete the $1.25 million facility.

Arts Center The arts center is a $15 million facility which opened in 2005.

The $11.2 million facility is the first LEED Platinum certified building of the US Navy Reserve Force.

military facility   (instalación militar)

It serves as a dual public and military facility.

Two days later, an IRA bomb in a military facility at Wembley killed a soldier.

One was an unspecified military facility in Alaska and another in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

testing facility   (instalación de prueba)

In 2014, WuXi opened a new biologics biosafety testing facility in Suzhou.

In 1940, the US Army Air Force designated Ladd Field in Fairbanks, Alaska as a cold-weather testing facility.

A proof mark is a mark specific to the manufacturer, importer, or testing facility that is performing the test.

facility built   (instalación construida)

Johnson Controls retained the Michigan facility built by the partnership.

In August 2017, a 90,000 square foot school facility built at a cost of $25 million was opened.

A salt fish plant and cold storage facility built in the 1930s and 1940s were a boon to the local economy.

modern facility   (instalaciones modernas)

In fall 2010, the district opened a modern facility that houses the elementary and middle schools.

Among them, NS Everett is one of the newer bases and the navy states that it is its most modern facility.

To address the problem, a new modern facility was proposed and constructed nearby, at 2051 Marengo Street.

mental health facility   (centro de salud mental)

Carland was reported to have been admitted to a mental health facility for care.

By chance, he encounters Danny, his friend from the Baltimore mental health facility.

It is the province's largest and oldest mental health facility, co-founded by the Hon.

repair facility   (instalación de reparación)

A train wash and car repair facility are also on the property.

The area is also home to Iron Horse Park, a former train repair facility.

In the period after the D-Day landings, he was in charge of a tank repair facility in Belgium.

studio facility   (instalación de estudio)

The floor in the original studio facility was sloped and cameras would easily roll.

In January 2013, KFXL-LD migrated its operations to KETK and KFXK's studio facility in Tyler.

KQXT shares its studio facility with sister stations KAJA, WOAI, KXXM, KTKR, KRPT, and KZEP-FM.

education facility   (instalación educativa)

The center offers an education facility including a painted dog viewing platform.

Presently, it has education facility from Primary schools to Higher Secondary College.

In May 2009, U.S Ski & Snowboard moved into its new national training and education facility, the Center of Excellence.

facility operated   (instalación operada)

The Key Bridge is a toll facility operated by the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA).

The facility operated under different companies from 1881 to 1975, when it was shut down by Agrico Chemical Company.

This facility operated continuously until 2013, when it was closed and replaced by a new indoor swimming pool (of the same name) on the site adjacent.

recreational facility   (instalaciones recreativas)

Dalplex is the largest main fitness and recreational facility.

In 1951, work began on Stead Park, an explicitly unsegregated recreational facility.

Part of the land was previously used as a recreational facility called the Mylor Recreation Centre.

facility houses   (casas de instalaciones)

The 2C production facility houses 13 edit suites, audio and in-house graphics.

The rear of this radio facility houses the small studios of the local NBC affiliate, KTVM Channel 6.

The current facility houses a library of McKinley materials, a gift shop, meeting space, and a computer lab.

facility called   (instalación llamada)

The replicas are housed in a facility called the Forge, located in the Valley Beyond.

The southern end houses the Kalahari Fishing Club and a new public facility called City Scapes.

Part of the land was previously used as a recreational facility called the Mylor Recreation Centre.

facility began   (instalación comenzó)

Construction on the facility began in 1970 and was completed in 1974.

The facility began to sink into disrepair as the owners desperately sought a buyer.

Construction of the facility began in August 2006 with the BCF building, which was completed in 2008.

facility became   (instalación se convirtió)

The facility became the Brentwood Mental Hospital in 1920.

Construction began in 1978 and the facility became operational in 1981.

In 1896, the almshouse facility became one of the short-term prisons for Suffolk County.

living facility   (instalación de vivienda)

Idylease Nursing home closed in 1972 and subsequently became a congregate living facility.

As of 2016, she resides in an assisted living facility, and her three daughters live in Shreveport.

He died in 2014 from progressive supranuclear palsy in an assisted living facility in Washington, DC.

parking facility   (facilidad de estacionamiento)

Also it is free entry and good vehicle parking facility.

The parking facility opened in fall 1994.

It included a large new underground parking facility, with a park designed by Lawrence Halprin over it.

aviation facility   (instalación de aviación)

The airport became a public aviation facility in 1963 under the ownership of the City of Knoxville.

Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport, located in Santiago, is Chile's largest aviation facility.

Greenfield airport A greenfield airport is an aviation facility with greenfield project characteristics.

psychiatric facility   (centro psiquiátrico)

There is one primitive psychiatric facility in Sierra Leone.

He also stabbed a man while in outpatient treatment from a psychiatric facility.

Kaashi is put in a psychiatric facility where he starts questioning his own sanity.

facility was completed   (instalación fue completada)

The most-recent addition to the facility was completed in 2002.

Limited production resumed in 1950 until a rehabilitation of the facility was completed in 1952.

Originally named the "Montego Bay Airport", a decision was made to build the runway in 1940, and the actual construction of the facility was completed on 18 February 1947.

foot facility   (instalación de pie)

The 15,000 square foot facility encompassed a 300-seat restaurant, a 30-foot bar, and eight bowling lanes.

Hill Road Library opened in December 2017 in a 5,100 square foot facility near the Ventura County Government Center.

The 2.8 million square foot facility will also include Jobs's original designs for a fitness center and a corporate auditorium.

facility was constructed   (la instalación fue construida)

The current Shaw facility was constructed around 2007.

The facility was constructed for the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

A park-and-ride facility was constructed at the Cheeverstown stop.

first facility   (primera instalación)

Established in 1970, the Charleston, South Carolina Hope Lodge was the first facility to open.

The world's first facility dedicated to hockey, the Westmount Arena, was built in Montreal in 1898.

It opened its first facility in October 2013 in Mumbai and its second office in June 2014 in Singapore.

school facility   (instalación escolar)

In August 2017, a 90,000 square foot school facility built at a cost of $25 million was opened.

To meet the need of an expanding student population, a new junior high school facility was constructed in 1973 on the land across the highway from the high school.

In Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District v. Landmark, he represented the district in fighting contractors accused of building a poorly constructed school facility.