İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

failed to make   (yapamadı)

She failed to make the top 10 and was placed 60th.

The Crocodiles again failed to make the playoffs.

They came in 12th and failed to make the finals.

failed to win   (kazanamadı)

In the long run atheism failed to win many souls.

Khan's Movement for Justice failed to win any seats.

He failed to win a seat at the 1922 general election.

failed to qualify   (hak kazanamadı)

Oman failed to qualify for the 2011 AFC Asian Cup.

However, they failed to qualify for the playoffs.

Neither occurred, and England failed to qualify.

failed to reach   (ulaşılamadı)

Years of wrangling failed to reach a compromise.

They failed to reach the final after losing to France.

Because of this, she failed to reach to the semifinals.

failed attempt   (başarısız deneme)

The failed attempt was broadcast on national TV.

Walker, following a failed attempt to sell nuclear weapons.

In 1884 Mozhaysky's monoplane made a failed attempt to fly.

failed to chart   (grafik çizilemedi)

It gained much radio attention, but failed to chart.

The album failed to chart in the United States.

The album and single failed to chart in the UK.

failed to score

Sri Lanka failed to score a goal in this tournament.

He failed to score in four appearances for the club.

Chicago failed to score in the top of the first.

failed to find   (bulunamadı)

However, they failed to find the Murrumbidgee River.

Experiments failed to find any observer effect.

A later expedition failed to find the treasure.

failed to get

73", the song failed to get into the UK Singles Chart.

They failed to get past the group stages on both occasions.

Then the Breese Pabco Pacific Flyer failed to get airborne.

failed to gain   (kazanamadı)

In that period, PSS Sleman failed to gain promotion.

De Blasio's campaign failed to gain traction.

Texas Tech failed to gain bowl eligibility.

failed to take   (alınamadı)

He besieged Benevento, but failed to take Lambert.

The Principality of Tver failed to take it in 1273.

In February 1811, Morelos failed to take the city of Acapulco.

failed to meet

The campaign failed to meet its stated goal of $20,000.

Eurostar's passenger numbers initially failed to meet predictions.

This failed to meet sales expectations, so it was reformulated in 2014.

failed attempts   (başarısızlıkla sonuçlanmış denemeler)

The platoon has many failed attempts at taking over Earth.

There were several early failed attempts at proving the theorem.

The Tangs finally captured it in 747 CE, after three failed attempts.

having failed   (başarısız olmak)

Startups not having failed make unreasonable assumptions.

He was sacked in January 2008, having failed to turn around the club's fortunes.

He came to England to seek out people with the name, having failed in his own country.

failed to finish

Eight of the 25 entrants failed to finish the race.

At the 2016 Summer Olympics, he failed to finish.

He failed to finish the 2016 Olympic marathon.

failed to achieve   (başaramadı)

The film failed to achieve favour at box office.

The offensive failed to achieve its objectives.

It failed to achieve commercial distribution.

failed to advance   (ilerleyemedi)

He failed to advance through the audition stages.

However, they failed to advance past the group stage.

Italy and Chile failed to advance.

team failed   (takım başarısız oldu)

The team failed to improve with Robinson as manager.

When the team failed, he took the blame.

The team failed to score a point.

failed due   (nedeniyle başarısız oldu)

There Villavicencio failed due to the other teams.

A similar project in Stolp failed due to monetary shortage.

However, both initiatives failed due to financial hardships.

ultimately failed   (sonuçta başarısız oldu)

The plank ultimately failed by only a single vote.

Roosevelt's legislative initiative ultimately failed.

While initially successful, the campaign ultimately failed.

failed to pass   (geçemedi)

Both of these bills also failed to pass.

The amendment failed to pass with only 43% of voters supporting it.

However, this failed to pass the first reading in the House of Lords.

again failed

The Crocodiles again failed to make the playoffs.

On his return he again failed to capture Hennebont.

At the 2018 World's Strongest Man, he again failed to reach the finals.

failed to secure   (güvenli değil)

It is this that she failed to secure.

It failed to secure a release in the UK and was only issued in Japan.

Having failed to secure a long-term engagement, she traveled to Irkutsk.

failed because   (başarısız oldu çünkü)

Isabela nearly failed because of hunger and disease.

The plan failed because very few liberals prepared to help Weber.

His expedition to Halychyna had failed because of mutiny within his army.

failed when   (ne zaman başarısız oldu)

The venture failed when Riley went bankrupt.

However, his plans to destroy Orb failed when the Requiem was destroyed.

However, the murder attempt failed when D'Alessio's daughter shot at them.

failed to appear

When Muchdi went on trial, Budi failed to appear as a witness.

Parlement visited the brothel after she failed to appear in court.

He failed to appear for Talleres in the Primera División during 2016–17.

attempt failed   (deneme başarısız)

The suicide attempt failed and the film was never made.

The attempt failed although it was a Confederate victory.

In spite of his huge power in the city his attempt failed.

failed to provide   (sağlanamadı)

Unfortunately, the designers failed to provide an exciting challenge."

However, O'Neil failed to provide police any proof that Lyman had gone to Europe.

The MESA failed to provide a stable work platform and was in shadow, slowing work somewhat.

failed to produce   (üretemedi)

Batasuna had failed to produce such a statement.

After Theophrastus, the Lyceum failed to produce any original work.

They failed to produce children.

failed to show   (gösterilemedi)

These domains failed to show accurate contact information or provided false details.

When Roussimoff failed to show, WWF president Jack Tunney indefinitely suspended him.

Many of them failed to show up and search-groups were formed to enforce the warrants.

failed to capture   (yakalanamadı)

On his return he again failed to capture Hennebont.

Despite a pursuit lasting several days, Revolutionary forces failed to capture them.

Though a bold attempt, Pugazhendi has failed to capture the attention of the audience".

failed to pay

The club's previous owners had failed to pay its debts to many local businesses.

The cafe was closed in November 2007 because management failed to pay back rent.

Ferry had also failed to pay any of the $720,000-plus cash judgment against him.

failed to break   (kırılamadı)

It succeeded in retaking Orléans, but failed to break the siege.

However, he failed to break through to regular first-team selection.

They failed to break through the Canadians around Buron, a kilometre to the north.

failed to return   (geri dönemedi)

One aircraft failed to return.

Günther Lützow, who failed to return from this mission, led the flight of four.

In 2003, Vikernes failed to return to Tønsberg prison after being given a short leave.

failed to attract   (çekemedi)

Both failed to attract international support.

The second edition of 1844 similarly failed to attract any interest.

A week of matches never failed to attract the attention of the village.

album failed

The album failed to chart in the United States.

Despite three hit singles, the album failed to chart.

However, the album failed to establish her popularity.

failed to obtain

He had failed to obtain rhinocerous for the Perth Zoo.

She failed to obtain a seat as a Member of Parliament for Morphou.

The Gestapo failed to obtain direct evidence against Marianne Feldhammer.

failed to progress   (ilerleyemedi)

He failed to progress from the group stage.

On both occasions, they failed to progress beyond the first round.

In the 2012 Summer Olympics she failed to progress beyond the qualification round.

failed to improve   (gelişemedi)

The team failed to improve with Robinson as manager.

The team failed to improve with Robinson as manager and he was fired in .

This has thus far failed to improve the club's low home attendance, however.

failed to enter   (giremedi)

The song failed to enter the "Billboard" Hot 100.

"Love Me Now" failed to enter on any of the main "Billboard" component charts.

AfS ran in the Swedish general election in 2018, but failed to enter the Riksdag.

failed to complete

He failed to complete the race as he was lapped.

An indirect result of this war was that Bracton failed to complete his great legal treatise.

On the attempt, Joe Kelley failed to complete the pass to Sutton and Tennessee won the game as a result 10–9.

failed to stop   (durdurulamadı)

The emergency brake failed to stop the lift's fall.

Witnesses claimed that Mandlazi had failed to stop at the level crossing.

The navy again failed to stop a landing during exercises the following year.

failed coup   (başarısız darbe)

Dollfuss was assassinated as part of a failed coup attempt by Nazi agents in 1934.

On September 30, 1965, there was a failed coup attempt by revolutionary council (aka G30S).

In November 1960, discontent in his own army prompted a failed coup attempt by paratroopers.

several failed

He made several failed escape attempts during his incarceration.

After several failed attempts, he enrolled at Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts.

After several failed attempts at seizing each emplacement, he eventually succeeded.

failed to establish   (kurulamadı)

However, the album failed to establish her popularity.

He failed to establish chlorine as an element.

However, it failed to establish cross-media ethical standards.

failed to materialize   (gerçekleşemedi)

However, this move also failed to materialize.

This plan failed to materialize in part because Smyth failed to cooperate.

Previously announced Viper Music Network projects have failed to materialize.

engine failed

The Finn ended his rally as his engine failed on Friday.

Near Tacna, Arizona, an engine failed and Meyerhoffer made a rough landing.

failed to receive

Subsequently, the game failed to receive funding.

However, the proposal was shelved after it failed to receive Lottery funding.

In 1987, Lyman's relatives failed to receive the customary Christmas card from him.

plan failed

His plan failed and he was stuck with Wendy.

Roger tells Bob that their plan failed.

The plan failed because very few liberals prepared to help Weber.

club failed

However the club failed to promote to Serie B from Serie C1.

In his time at the Penrith, the club failed to reach the finals.

The Miami club failed to attract enough visitors and closed after its first season.

party failed

The party failed to win any seats at the 1931 general election.

The party failed to win any seats.

In all four by-elections, the incumbent party failed to retain the seat.

failed to keep   (saklanamadı)

Clinton repeatedly condemned Bush for making a promise he failed to keep.

These efforts however failed to keep the channel open and the inlet remained closed.

Neal was a popular and effective teacher but failed to keep proper control over his house.

song failed

The song failed to enter the "Billboard" Hot 100.

The song failed to chart in the United States.

73", the song failed to get into the UK Singles Chart.

failed to prevent   (engellenemedi)

The sanctions also failed to prevent the Taliban for conducting terrorist acts.

The rebellion of the people took some lives, but failed to prevent enforcement of the law.

By April 10, it was clear the non-battle pole strategy had failed to prevent the genocide.

all failed

Several royalist uprisings were launched, but all failed.

The gang gives a few ideas to persuade Divya, but they all failed.

In the 1950s, many attempts were made to bring the town back to life, but they all failed.

failed to live

The game failed to live up to expectations and Cork recorded a relatively easy 3-16 to 1-12 victory.

The centenary-year final failed to live up to expectations and Cork recorded a relatively easy 3–16 to 1–12 victory.

failed to impress   (etkilemedi)

to go on trial for a week, but failed to impress the Scottish club.

However, he failed to impress, and Panathinaikos chose not to make the deal permanent.

Following that, he was loaned out to Slovak club FK Senica, where he failed to impress.

failed to sell   (satılamadı)

"Acteon" failed to sell on several sale dates.

The land failed to sell at first and was opened to pastoral leases.

However, the property failed to sell, and remained within AMP ownership.

failed to match

However, further singles and the album failed to match the success of "Runaway".

Colonization schemes were attempted, but failed to match the scale of American settlement.

"Midstream" failed to match the success of Boone's first solo album, "You Light Up My Life".

failed to deliver   (teslim edilemedi)

The killer failed to deliver himself to the grieving family.

The project failed to deliver on its goals and raised over $1.4M.

The leading Aleuts negotiated with the Russians, saying they had failed to deliver enough supplies in return for furs.

single failed

The album and single failed to chart in the UK.

(Question Mark)", the single failed to chart.

The single failed to chart on its release.

tried and failed

Wiles tried and failed for over a year to repair his proof.

The Soviet Union tried and failed in an attempt to make the Hui hostile to China.

Talisman of Alpha Flight tried and failed to teleport her back to their headquarters.

when he failed   (başarısız olduğunda)

The first signs that he was in declining health came when he failed to respond to moves in the allotted time.

John gave them the castles of Hapsal, Leal and Lode as security, but when he failed to pay they were sold to Denmark.

Despite the victory, Cook lost his European title before the bout when he failed to make the 135 lb lightweight limit.

failed to defend

1 singles ranking as Nadal failed to defend his title.

Later, Oman also failed to defend their positions after losing 0–2 to Iran.

In 1989, he failed to defend his title at Budapest, finishing 5th behind Saïd Aouita.

film failed   (film başarısız oldu)

The film failed to achieve favour at box office.

Burman, the film failed at the box office.

The film failed at the box office.

failed to respond   (cevap veremedi)

The UN failed to respond adequately to Dallaire's urgent requests.

Komala withdrew from the SRF on 6 October when it failed to respond.

The first signs that he was in declining health came when he failed to respond to moves in the allotted time.

company failed   (şirket başarısız)

The final attack mounted by the M113 company failed.

However, his company failed in 1856, and he died in poverty.

The company failed to exhibit at the Leipzig Spring Trade Fair.

both failed

Suffrage bills were introduced in 1855 and 1867 but both failed.

The two most recent coalition governments --- ÖVP & SPÖ and ÖVP & FPÖ -- both failed.

However, Rebecca Bross and Nastia Liukin both failed to qualify for the London 2012 Olympic team.

failed to convert   (dönüştürülemedi)

In the first 8 games, Murray failed to convert multiple break points.

He has 37 saves, but failed to convert three out of his last five chances.

Djokovic had 5 break points, but failed to convert any of them, as Murray won the 1st set.

government failed   (hükümet başarısız oldu)

The government failed to meet the conditions of the first four IMF programs.

The Károlyi government failed to manage both domestic and military issues and lost popular support.

The aim of the Bloc was to provide the army with everything necessary since the government failed to do it.

eventually failed

The collaboration eventually failed and two split.

But the marriage remained childless and eventually failed.

The foundry eventually failed and the family went bankrupt.

attack failed

The attack failed however, and Hermanus was killed.

The attack failed with many casualties.

failed to come   (gelemedi)

These prophecies also failed to come true leading to the death of many people.

In September 2013, Miller defeated Tobias Rice, when Rice failed to come out for round 3.

The union and company failed to come to an agreement, and management locked the union out.

failed assassination   (başarısız suikast)

Within three days of Shivaji Maharaj's failed assassination, Khan left Pune.

On 26 October 1954, Alexandria's Mansheya Square was the site of a failed assassination attempt on Gamal Abdel Nasser.

In 1957, Vincent "The Chin" Gigante shot Frank Costello in the lobby of the Majestic in a failed assassination attempt.

failed to report   (rapor edilemedi)

He subsequently failed to report at all.

Indelicato then failed to report this money on his federal income tax returns.

Appiah missed training in October and after leaving the ground, he failed to report back to the club.

failed to become   (olmadı)

Earlier, Czolgosz had tried but failed to become friends with Goldman and her companions.

Despite a 1927–1929 municipal reorganization, Velbert failed to become a county-level city.

Whereas the elder Agrippina's son failed to become emperor, the younger Agrippina's son, also named Nero, succeeds.

failed to comply

David was given multiple warnings to get on the ground and failed to comply.

If they failed to comply, they would be expelled from the educational system of Dahomey.

In 2007, he failed to comply with bail conditions imposed when he missed an immigration hearing.

efforts failed   (çabalar başarısız oldu)

These efforts failed to generate any significant leads.

Colson's efforts failed, however.

Since it was already flagging, it did not matter if his own efforts failed.

then failed

The dam overtopped and then failed.

Indelicato then failed to report this money on his federal income tax returns.

then failed to win the league again until the 1923–24 season following Prince of Wales F.C.

failed to materialise   (gerçekleşemedi)

However the Kannada remake failed to materialise.

However the film failed to materialise again, and Surya postponed production work.

Despite pre-production works being carried out, the film also failed to materialise.

failed to turn   (dönemedi)

Later, a thorough search failed to turn it up.

A dig at the site failed to turn up any bones.

Sorwathe FC failed to turn up for the game".

failed to agree

The Court, in its ruling, refused or failed to agree with that argument.

A meeting of the Competitiveness Council on 5 December failed to agree on the final text.

Notwithstanding, Blackburn failed to agree terms with Spearing, and the deal fell through.

failed to follow   (takip edemedi)

Unfortunately, PSS Sleman failed to follow up on this good result.

Schneiderman's office alleges Zipcar failed to follow this requirement.

Conversely, MI5 bizarrely failed to follow up some of the leads they had been given.

several failed attempts

After several failed attempts, he enrolled at Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts.

After several failed attempts at seizing each emplacement, he eventually succeeded.

After several failed attempts to kill Greene, it became evident that Licavoli's outfit needed outside help.

failed to regain   (geri kazanılamadı)

Though it was a comedy relief it failed to regain its budget.

Several Confederate counterattacks failed to regain control of the ridge.

They failed to regain any seats in the 1993 elections, and did not contest any further elections.

project failed

The project failed to deliver on its goals and raised over $1.4M.

The project failed because the region was only marginally suited to agriculture.

The project failed, but links of Fiume with the Banat of Temesvar remained strong.

failed to bring   (getiremedi)

The bombardment force failed to bring its torpedoes into action, and turned back.

He set up the Cripps Mission in 1942, which tried and failed to bring the factions together.

Later, a hungry Jake lies in bed, and remarks that the figure has failed to bring him good luck.

attempts failed

All attempts failed and reinforcements were not sent.

Later attempts failed in the same way.

Salvage attempts failed and her wreck was abandoned after it broke in half.

failed to register   (kayıt başarısız)

Davis was arrested in 1599 because Barley had failed to register as a bookseller with Oxford University.

He failed to register for official league match due to transfer slot limit and played for reserve team instead.

Before 2004, it was common for police to fine those having failed to register within 3 working days at a place of stay.

failed to earn

He failed to earn a contract and Beck retired.

He however failed to earn himself a contract.

He later went on trial at FC Halifax Town but failed to earn a contract.

effort failed   (çaba başarısız oldu)

The effort failed despite an intensive lobbying effort.

The strenuous effort failed and the War started in April 1861.

In October, a combined Franco-American effort failed to recapture Savannah.

failed to prove   (kanıtlayamadı)

However, it failed to prove a commercial success.

The idea was abandoned after feasibility studies failed to prove it was possible.

But the government prosecutors failed to prove the charges and Sirisena was released with a fine.

failed to arrive   (gelemedi)

"Stonewall" Jackson, but Jackson failed to arrive on time.

William Monahan, failed to arrive.

On August 10, 2011, Llanas failed to arrive in Colorado for BoDeans performances in Denver, Boulder, and Winter Park, CO.

failed during

Boni Paper Books failed during the Great Depression.

On 29 September 1997 a PSLV C1 rocket failed during launch of IRS-1D.

The fuselage ruptured, and the structure of one wing failed during the crash.

failed to recover   (kurtarılamadı)

The Knights attempted an onside kick, but failed to recover.

Doricles remained in training as a four-year-old but failed to recover his best form.

He must have failed to recover Malwa but nonetheless recovered the Khetaka (Kheda) region.

failed to explode   (patlayamadı)

The grenade failed to explode, and she was caught by the French authorities.

Many failed to explode on impact, and remained dangerous for days afterwards.

Although the detonators caused two small explosions, the bomb itself failed to explode.

failed to retain   (alamadım)

In all four by-elections, the incumbent party failed to retain the seat.

In the 2011 general elections he failed to retain his seat, finishing fourth out of eight candidates.

Na Piarsaigh failed to retain their title, while the club also faced defeat at the hands of Erin's Own in 1992.

failed to properly

It was the commission's impression that the captain failed to properly monitor the approach, and crew resource management broke down.

During the task, Billy is comfortable with the material, but his team receives no score because he failed to properly log his calls for review.

Residents planned to sue the city and federal governments over the green space demolition, challenging that NYCHA failed to properly assess the school's impact on the development.

failed to give

These vending machines were faulty and often failed to give change.

Lur however, failed to give a fatal blow and was quickly killed by Shah Rukh's servant.

The Stoics, according to Galen, failed to give a credible answer for the localization of functions of the psyche, or the mind.

failed to convince   (ikna edemedi)

He failed to convince prime minister Palmerston.

However, Touré failed to convince, appearing only in two games.

By August Germany began a bombing offensive on Britain, but failed to convince the Britons to give up.