İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

failing health   (sağlıksız)

In 1960, in failing health, Sweet took his own life.

Edington, however, declined on the grounds of failing health.

Due to failing health, she was unable to continue her career.

failing to qualify   (kalifiye olamamak)

In 2010 they were third, failing to qualify to the Champions League.

She competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics failing to qualify for the final.

She retired in 2004 after failing to qualify for the European Championships.

failing to make   (yapmamak)

The studio was finally shut down in 2013, after failing to make a profit.

Though failing to make much of a name, he ended up a support act for Steve Martin.

He also swam in the 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, failing to make the final in either.

failing to win   (kazanamamak)

LGD disappointed heavily in the first week, failing to win a single game.

Higgins had a quiet start to the match, failing to win a possession the match's first quarter.

After failing to win election in 1884, Chalmers left politics, returning to full-time practice of law.

failing to reach

The group released two singles in 2003 both failing to reach the top 30.

From 2009 to 2015, the team struggles, failing to reach the final phases.

Zambrano was fired after the 2002 season after failing to reach the playoffs.

failing to meet   (buluşmamak)

Many Congolese were killed by Leopold's agents for failing to meet production quotas for ivory and rubber.

However, the company found itself in trouble with the government for failing to meet its contractual obligations.

In 2009 the Chair of the Trust, Richard W. Bourne, was removed by Monitor because it was failing to meet clinical targets.

failing to complete

The number of patients failing to complete their course of drugs was high.

Cars failing to complete 70% of the winner's distance are not awarded points.

failing to advance

Romania lost 0–2, thus failing to advance further from the Group Stages.

He finished the tournament with 3 win and 4 loses, failing to advance to the finals.

On December 25, he lost to Chris Sabin, failing to advance into the finals of the tournament.

failing to pay   (ödememek)

Laurence A Hislam was summoned for failing to pay 2s 3d.

However, Khanna filed a case against Supertech for failing to pay as endorsement fees.

They were folded by the league on May 11, 1976, after failing to pay a $75,000 league assessment.

due to failing

Patriarch Maximos resigned in 2000 at age 92 due to failing health.

He retired in 1910, due to failing health, and died two years later.

He took his seat in 1861, but resigned in September, due to failing health.

failing to secure   (güvenliğini sağlamak)

After failing to secure sanctioning of the charges, they were released.

He left Stevenage after failing to secure a full-time contract with the club.

It folded in 2006, after failing to secure status as a degree-granting institution.

failing to score

With Exeter failing to score, Newport were confirmed in the play-offs.

His entry, "Venedig im Regen" () came in last at 22nd, failing to score a single point.

While failing to score, Ross started many plays and proved an important part of the team.

failing to find   (bulamamak)

After failing to find a chef to work there, he returned to the kitchen himself and became head chef.

However he left the club in January 2016 due to the side folding after failing to find local ownership.

A few Khmer Rouge loyalists were even killed for failing to find enough 'counter-revolutionaries' to execute.

failing to provide   (sağlanamıyor)

Sahaphum Party particularly accused the government of failing to provide peace and order.

He blamed Giovanni Trapattoni, Cesare Maldini and Dino Zoff for failing to provide him with the call-up he felt he deserved.

He believes that too much money is given in subsidies to those who don't need it, whilst failing to provide support for family farmers.

failing to get

After failing to get the sperm, Boyle handcuffs Jake and tries to intimidate the pedestrian.

She represented her country at the 2012 Summer Olympics failing to get a legal mark in the qualification.

His widow Helen Newlove condemned the Government for failing to get to grips with youth disorder afterwards.

failing to take

After failing to take Auxerre, Balkany opened a surgery in Levallois-Perret.

He was used almost entirely as a batsman, bowling just seven overs and failing to take a wicket.

He would remain manager for two years, but resigned in 2004 after failing to take Atlante to a final.

thus failing

Romania lost 0–2, thus failing to advance further from the Group Stages.

Romania drew in the final match against Ukraine, thus failing to qualify for the play-off.

AZ also finished third in their Europa League group, thus failing to qualifying for the competition's knockout round.

failing eyesight   (başarısız görme)

He was also suffering from asthma and failing eyesight during this period.

In 1835 Dease requested a leave of absence due to ill health, probably failing eyesight.

He retired to Gullane in East Lothian due to failing eyesight, but retained an Edinburgh property.

failing to report   (rapor vermemek)

The conviction of a felon in ko would incur a ‘negligence’ fine on all household heads for failing to report the suspect.

On April 16, 1981, Lombardozzi was indicted on charges of failing to report his loansharking income in his federal income tax returns.

failing to gain

In 1997/98, Birr maintained Division 3 status, narrowly failing to gain promotion to Division 2.

However, after also failing to gain the UPND nomination for Kapiri Mposhi, he returned to the PF.

However, after failing to gain traction with networks, it was retooled for a younger target audience.