İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

fails when   (ne zaman başarısız olur)

The book fails when it comes to the text, though."

His plan fails when the two clerks slash their prices by 75%.

However the plan fails when Data suddenly moves out of the attack area.

plan fails   (plan başarısız)

However, his plan fails, and the Heike are captured.

The plan fails, and the guys have to kill the bandits.

His plan fails when the two clerks slash their prices by 75%.

fails to meet   (buluşmamak)

Adulteration is a legal term meaning that a food product fails to meet the legal standards.

The European Union lists the Bahamas as one of several Caribbean "uncooperative jurisdictions" because it fails to meet tax fairness and transparency benchmarks.

The school continues to criticize ABA standards that it fails to meet, and encourages the Department of Education to strip the ABA of its authority over other law schools.

fails to make   (yapmamak)

Stefano fails to make amends with his son, EJ, and heads to Europe for business.

Venugopal fails to make out the reason for people's angry reactions on seeing him.

She is distraught when she fails to make the squad, being only the third alternate.

player fails   (oyuncu başarısız)

If the player fails, they lose one of four lives.

If a player fails to match the notes, their performance meter drops.

The virtual band members are not booed off the stage if a player fails a song.