Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

fairly common   (bastante común)

It is a fairly common condition, and often affects elderly people.

The St Kilda wren is a fairly common breeding resident on St Kilda.

This species is endemic to the Chatham Islands and is fairly common.

fairly large   (realmente largo)

The yellowmouth grouper is fairly large and robust.

They had fairly large fins similar to those on the V-2.

Women form a fairly large majority of the Dominicans in Puerto Rico.

fairly well   (bastante bien)

Friendly relations had fairly well cooled by 1914.

They typically do fairly well with social skills.

This idea can work fairly well when the Reynolds number is high.

fairly small   (Bastante pequeño)

The hoary-headed grebe is a fairly small dark grey and white grebe.

"Zoogoneticus" are fairly small fish, reaching up to in total length.

In most cases the boat is fairly small and will not require many crew members.

fairly good   (Bastante bueno)

The tramway still exists, in fairly good condition.

It is based on fairly good data for the entire period.

fairly high

There must be a fairly high level of precipitation.

Humidity is fairly high throughout the year.

In this case fairly high waterproof boots are recommended.

fairly simple   (bastante simple)

So, the syntax of EDIF has a fairly simple foundation.

AES has a fairly simple algebraic framework.

AARP is a fairly simple system.

fairly close

Transport problems meant that the slate was usually used fairly close to the quarries.

Usually, everything seen is fairly close to the viewer, and there are few distant views.

In contrast, Obama ran best in Eastern South Dakota, losing most counties by fairly close margins.

fairly successful

Despite its quick turnaround, the film was fairly successful.

"Last Scandal" recorded fairly successful ratings in the 19 percent range.

The edition was fairly successful and produced audio CDs and DVDs later on.

fairly quickly

Tchaikovsky got over the affair fairly quickly.

The materials usually dry fairly quickly.

This may be achieved fairly quickly by someone with practice.

fairly low

as the voltages are fairly low.

Unlike the previous two elections, both campaigns were fairly low key.

They offer a fairly low holding-power-to-weight ratio and generally have to be oversized to compete with newer types.

fairly easy

Even if it’s fairly easy, I won’t be able to do it.

The seals are fairly easy to replace.

In a clinical setting, these two ptoses are fairly easy to distinguish.

fairly typical

In most ways, KnightCap is a fairly typical modern program.

"Rhabdomys dilectus" is a fairly typical smallish murid, rather larger than house mice.

The plan of Cave 1 shows one of the largest viharas, but is fairly typical of the later group.

fairly new

"B. epica" is fairly new to cultivation.

Educational psychology is a fairly new and growing field of study.

Being fairly new, modern control theory has many areas yet to be explored.

fairly long   (bastante largo)

The five pairs of gill slits are fairly long.

It has a fairly long, pointed snout and moderately large eyes.

remained fairly

The NWSC remained fairly neutral.

In 1959 the town reached the population of 2,200 and remained fairly stable since then.

This part was developed in the Late Classic (500 to 800 AD) and remained fairly small, but impressive.

fairly open   (bastante abierto)

Their preferred habitat is fairly open country.

The larvae are found on the bark of trees, usually in fairly open country.

Although hilly, the island is overgrown with fairly open jungle and brush.

fairly short

There are five pairs of fairly short gill slits.

), most fairly short, but some of considerable length.

"Langenwinkel" is a village with a fairly short history.

fairly similar

Among land plants, the contents of the chloroplast genome are fairly similar.

Except for polonium, the chalcogens are all fairly similar to each other chemically.

The consonant system of Nafaanra is fairly similar to that of other Senufo languages.

fairly recent

Remains of a fairly recent house (presumably Hill's) were found, but no temple.

Expressways in China are a fairly recent addition to a complex network of roads.

These are fairly recent studies that need further research to back up and confirm.

fairly constant

The length of the jump is fairly constant.

Some sectors kept a fairly constant share of the work force.

Thus, at any given time, the total amount of ATP + ADP remains fairly constant.

fairly consistent

This account is fairly consistent with Herodotus's.

still fairly   (todavía bastante)

The mechanism is still fairly unknown, but it is believed that it involves hormones and/or polydnaviruses.

This still fairly small sect was making surprising inroads into the French Catholic community at that time.

The evidence for this assertion is still fairly scanty, although excavations at Dun Bharabhat, Lewis, may support it.