İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

false information   (yanlış bilgi)

All around us we can see the damage done by false information."

"She published false information about what was happening in the district," he claims.

In July 2011 Kifle was ordered to pay £175,000 in damages for publishing false information.

false statements   (yanlış ifadeler)

Sheriff Frank Cassell was convicted of making false statements to agents of the FBI.

In 2005, Patterson was convicted of making false statements to the FBI about an unrelated incident.

She requested and received a written apology from Senator Jon Kyl for his false statements about her.

false claims   (yanlış iddialar)

Hoover supported using false claims to attack his political enemies.

The text referenced other false claims made by Urechia, questioning his competence.

In March 2007, an additional fine of over $190 million was levied for 18,000 false claims.

making false   (yanlış yapmak)

They accused her of making false allegations against it.

Sheriff Frank Cassell was convicted of making false statements to agents of the FBI.

It is known that during the 5th century BC, the Phoenicians were making false teeth.

false positive   (yanlış pozitif)

He later testified at other "false positive" trials.

A 2018 study claims a total of 10,000 "false positive" victims between 2002 and 2010.

Chromatographic methods specific for amphetamine are employed to prevent false positive results.

false positives   (yanlış pozitifler)

However, Bloom filters suffer from false positives.

Such documents are called "false positives" (see Type I error).

However, it might lead to large number of false positives as well.

false start

After a false start towards the Red Sea, they sailed to the Strait of Malacca.

There was one false start when Ross Comm tried to bite the tape as it went to rise.

Crompton hit Jones on a 14-yarder before Tennessee was pushed back by a false start.

false accusations   (yanlış suçlamalar)

There were false accusations and attacks against suspicious people.

However, Lee denied the claims and countersued her for false accusations.

Jacobs argued that the Party repeated Segal's "false accusations," and that she had "never been a lobbyist."

true or false

There are two options: it is either true or false.

Not every conjecture ends up being proven true or false.

Then, the team decided if the statement was true or false.

false name

He had enlisted under the false name of Williams.

Kaltenbrunner claimed to be a doctor and offered a false name.

Billy borrowed money from Vic on behalf of Jake, using a false name.

false starts   (yanlış başlangıçlar)

After many false starts, the scheme was begun in 1901 by the London County Council.

In 1964 she finished fifth in the relay and was disqualified in the 200 m heats for false starts.

Among his recommendations for the sport is a new method of recording false starts in sprint races.

false imprisonment   (sahte hapis)

Mitchell Moua; the gang member, was wanted for aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and federal weapons charges.

Frey also alleged the police constable attacked him, although in court Frey mainly fought his arrest as false imprisonment.

Hespelt was charged with four felonies including assault, vandalism, maliciously throwing a substance at a vehicle and false imprisonment.

false alarm

38 minutes later, it was deemed a false alarm.

Carmel thinks she is pregnant, but it turns out to be a false alarm.

The fines would increase after with the fourth false alarm in a twelve-month period.

false identity

It was later learned that one of the two Russians, Magomedov, had been using a false identity.

To accomplish this, she is willing to go as far as marrying Julio Cesar under a false identity.

His superiors approved this plan and provided him with a false identity card in the name of "Tomasz Serafiński".

making false statements

Sheriff Frank Cassell was convicted of making false statements to agents of the FBI.

In 2005, Patterson was convicted of making false statements to the FBI about an unrelated incident.

In 2017, the company was sued for making false statements about the earning potential of its graduates.

false flag

Russia and Iran, the Syrian government's main allies, denied chemical weapons had been used, claiming it was a false flag operation.

Favored subjects include famous deaths and assassinations, morally dubious government activities, suppressed technologies, and “false flag” terrorism.

On 23 January 2020, Bellingcat published a report in which it argued that it is effectively impossible for the Douma attack to have been a false flag incident.

false allegations   (yanlış iddialar)

They accused her of making false allegations against it.

Kiffin also riled up Florida with his false allegations of NCAA violations by Meyer.

The individual who made the false allegations, Carl Beech, was later charged in 2018, and jailed for eighteen years in 2019.

false statement

Aseemanand claimed that he was tortured to give a false statement.

He beats up Durva's friend who gave a false statement in the court, leading to his suspension orders.

On 20 February 2018, van der Zwaan pleaded guilty to one count of making a false statement to investigators.

false alarms

2 engine, but ignored them as false alarms.

This helps eliminate false alarms and unnecessary responses.

This leads to rampant false alarms caused by the men's insecurities.

false impression   (yanlış izlenim)

They give a false impression of the essential nature of Islam."

This may give a false impression that the U.S. is less peaceful than those nations.

The root word "" gives the false impression that antisemitism is directed against all Semitic people, "e.g.

false memories   (sahte anılar)

He rose to prominence for his work on the psychological aspects of false memories.

is a criminal technique wherein the victim's entire memory is replaced with false memories.

Tyrell explains that she is an experiment who has been given false memories to provide an "emotional cushion".

made false

"What a disgrace for Marlborough," exulted Villeroi, "to have made false movements without any result!"

She explores how evolutionary biologists made false assumptions as to the function of the female orgasm.

Monica embarked on an affair with Dr. Pierce Dorman, which predictably ended in disaster when Dorman made false allegations of sexual harassment against Monica.

false advertising

The commercial gained negative publicity and Casio was accused of false advertising.

The FTC has enforced false advertising claims against companies that sell such products.

However, false advertising and so-called "quack" advertisements became a problem, which ushered in the regulation of advertising content.

false testimony   (yanlış tanıklık)

You were captured innocent, giving no resistance, condemned by the impious with false testimony: protect those you have redeemed, O Christ.

On 7 January, prosecutors in Japan issued an arrest warrant for Carole Ghosn on suspicion of giving false testimony during a court hearing in April 2019.

Later re-investigations by the Crime Suppression Division found evidence of false testimony by a key witness, and that the men had made forced confessions under duress.

false sense   (yanlış anlam)

Lulling Dawn into a false sense of security, Rob proposes and she accepts.

"My great-grandfather taught that safety nets offer a false sense of security", he explains.

This can provide a false sense of security when illicit drugs are deliberately adulterated to fool reagent tests.

false pretenses

In it, George d'Hout, a website designer from the United States is lured under false pretenses to Guayaquil.

He was the first person to successfully export a large and fresh enough batch of Brazilian rubber seeds to the British Empire under false pretenses.

Although he was simply a contractor, he was charged along with the directors of the project with raising money under false pretenses and misappropriation of funds.

false charges

A number of suspects were also arrested on false charges.

Leaving aside the false charges, the piece polarized critics.

The police again get hold of him and try to book him on false charges.

false reports   (yanlış raporlar)

The government based its decision on allegations that the newspaper published "false reports and false statements .

This, however, caused the waters to be muddied as many false reports and offers of information were made by people seeking a share of the reward.

A series of disputed discussions and decisions, followed by several confusing and false reports of air attacks, delayed the authorization of the sortie.

false cowries

Primovula Primovula is a genus of sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Ovulidae, the false cowries.

However, these shells are sometimes called "cowries" in the British Isles, but are more widely known as "false cowries".

Primovula roseomaculata Primovula roseomaculata is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Ovulidae, the ovulids, cowry allies or false cowries.

proven false

Yet those assumptions have since been proven false.

Channel 5 and other media houses had been fed the same story, proven false.

This was proven false.

false report   (yanlış rapor)

On October 21, a false report of an unguarded Confederate camp at Ball's Bluff encouraged Brig.

In 1951, he managed to launch a false report in several newspapers, a so-called "canard" (germ.

He sends back the servant and instructs him to spread a false report that the young prince is dead.

false accusation   (yanlış suçlama)

I am certain that the people are trying to stir up trouble by making such a false accusation."

In one case, a false accusation of Rommel's supposed mistreatment of Italians made by Goering was refuted by Mussolini himself.

During the Damascus affair of 1840 the false accusation of ritual murder was brought against members of the Jewish community of Damascus.