Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

wind farm   (Granja eólica)

It has a wind farm called Alltwalis Wind Farm.

Aralvaimozhi is near the Muppandal wind farm.

The wind farm has a capacity of 75 megawatts of electricity.

farm near   (granja cerca)

Nicholson was born on a farm near Struble, Iowa.

He was born on a farm near Acton, Maine June 24, 1843.

Al Bramlet was born on a farm near Jonesboro, Arkansas.

family farm   (granja de la familia)

He was buried next to his wife on the family farm.

He later took over the operation of the family farm.

He lived on the family farm until he was 18.

farm buildings   (edificios de granja)

It consists of four related groupings of 19th century farm buildings.

The farm buildings are of somewhat younger origins and are not listed.

The surviving ruins of Howtel Tower are now surrounded by farm buildings.

farm system   (sistema de granja)

In 2002, he managed the Frederick Keys, a team in the Orioles farm system.

In addition to acquisitions, Dombrowski developed a productive farm system.

They were a member of the New York Giants (San Francisco Giants) farm system.

dairy farm   (granja lechera)

Built in 1874, the house was part of a dairy farm.

She also owns her own dairy farm called 'Shabri'.

Of Dutch ancestry, Dejager grew up on a dairy farm.

farm team   (equipo de granja)

He then played with Maccabi Darom, which was Maccabi Tel Aviv's farm team at the time.

He played for the Padres top farm team, the Hawaii Islanders, in 1971 and before retiring.

He was however again unable to break into the NHL, playing with farm team the Chicago Wolves.

farm workers

In January 2010, after an attack on immigrant farm workers by local youths, rioting broke out.

After receiving her B.A., Byron volunteered for Gene McCarthy and the California farm workers.

Monning authored a bill to protect California farm workers from sexual harassment and violence.

farm animals

There is a working historic farm with farm animals.

In addition, the foliage is a nutritious fodder for farm animals.

The food waste is turned into slop for pigs and other farm animals.

farm land   (tierra de cultivo)

Rockcliffe–Smythe was mostly farm land during the 1800s.

of farm land to the Ramjanki Temple, established in 2009.

A significant amount of the farm land is set aside for student plots.

small farm   (pequeña granja)

Atop the plateau are TV antennas and a small farm.

His father owned a small farm and worked another one.

"Near the desolate village is a small farm.

farm house

The men lived with the family in the big farm house.

A farm house on the west end of Main Street is still occupied.

Hope Hall was built on the site of am old farm house and building.

farm fields

US 33 passes through farm fields and urban areas.

M-188 turns back due east on VFW Road to run through farm fields.

The road heads through wooded areas with some farm fields and homes.

farm equipment

In 1965, Louden's line of farm equipment was discontinued.

He sold farm equipment.

Following their wedding, Nutter entered the farm equipment business in Sidney.

farm located

The second location is out at a farm located in Carlton, Oregon.

From the 16th century there was a farm located in the area of Przedmieście (the Suburbs).

Van Niekerk was born in Pretoria and grew up on the family farm located in the Orange Free State.

working farm

The custom mill was built as part of a working farm.

The mill was built as part of a working farm.

farm complex

The main farm complex is located on the north side of Woodbridge Road.

The farm complex includes a sauna building with an attached chicken coop.

A farm complex south of Hickory Grove road had damage to a number of structures there.

stud farm   (semental)

Horse stud farm Ljubičevo is located near Požarevac.

He then retreated to his stud farm in Cork, Ireland.

He also gifted him a stud farm in East Prussia, and Rheinsberg Palace.

farm machinery   (maquinaria agrícola)

A farm machinery dealership lies opposite the town across Highway 2.

In about 1910 he began selling tractors and farm machinery; and in 1912 repairing them.

Indirect consumption includes the manufacture of fertilizers, pesticides, and farm machinery.

historic farm

There is a working historic farm with farm animals.

Thomas Fanning Farmstead is a historic farm property at 1004 Shewville Road in Ledyard, Connecticut.

Jacob Voigt House The Jacob Voigt House is a historic farm located in Mequon, Wisconsin, United States.

farm work   (trabajo de granja)

Slaves acquired for farm work were often prisoners of war.

It is a Dure related to farm work.

Generally, men do the plowing, tilling, and other heavy farm work.

large farm

Mattocks maintained a large farm in Baldwin, Maine.

The camp property became a large farm.

Lastly, Piye built a large farm, which was also decorated with columns.

home and farm   (hogar y granja)

To escape the smelter's fumes he built a home and farm between Thorndale and the aerodrome.

Roberts Inn Roberts Inn, is a historic home and farm located at Cooksville, Howard County, Maryland.

James Owens Farm James Owens Farm is a historic home and farm at Bristol, Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

collective farm

By 1930 the family property had been turned into a collective farm.

He received an elementary education, after which used to work on the collective farm.

The chapter tells of Auntie Mame's and Patrick's time on a collective farm in the USSR.

farm club

From 1985 to 1990, he was the head coach of RASMS Riga, the Dinamo Riga farm club.

In 2012, he was appointed as head coach of Pakhtakors farm club, Pakhtakor-2 Chilanzar.

They served as a farm club for eight Major League Baseball (MLB) teams across 29 seasons.

old farm

An old farm cowshed was not yet demolished in 1954.

Hope Hall was built on the site of am old farm house and building.

To top it off their new home is nothing like one would expect from a simple old farm.

farm houses

It includes the hamlet of Landikon and numerous scattered farm houses.

Eglisau is first mentioned in 892 as several independent farm houses known as "Ouwa".

There at least 97 different hamlets and individual farm houses scattered throughout the municipality.

farm called

She also owns her own dairy farm called 'Shabri'.

It has a wind farm called Alltwalis Wind Farm.

This location was in reality a public farm called "Airfield".

farm owned

Glen Innes gets its name from a large farm owned by William Innes Taylor that was here.

The Cookhouse is located on what was the Roodewal farm owned by Frans Johannes in the 1770s.

Floyd had wanted to buy a farm owned by one of his brothers, but could not agree on a price.

farm property

It was built on farm property on the east edge of the City but is now fully within the city proper.

Thomas Fanning Farmstead is a historic farm property at 1004 Shewville Road in Ledyard, Connecticut.

Woodbridge Farm The Woodbridge Farm is a historic farm property on Woodbridge Road in Salem, Connecticut.

solar farm

It will incorporate the UK's densest solar farm.

Land acquisition is a challenge for solar farm projects in India.

In addition to the natural gas plant, there is a 1 MW solar farm on site.

bought a farm

In 1861, they returned to New Berlin and bought a farm.

Afterwards he bought a farm in New Jersey and engaged in agricultural pursuits.

He bought a farm at Hawea in April 1910 but ended up selling it in September 1910.

farm worker

He was educated locally and employed as a farm worker.

He was a farm worker during the 1940s Nazi occupation of Norway.

Ed King offered to give his seat to a more representative farm worker.

farm products

Moremen crops and farm products were valued at $19,000 in 1870.

Livestock, dairy products, and wine and spirits are also important farm products.

farm produce   (Productos agricolas)

Prowse exported dried fish, canned lobsters and farm produce.

The biggest problem of farmers is the low price for their farm produce.

In return for essential supplies from Carl Christiansen, settlers bartered farm produce and lumber.

owned a farm

Meeks was married and owned a farm.

Mulikita was married with four children and owned a farm at Chilanga.

McGregor later owned a farm in Kenton, Manitoba and became a freemason.

farm outside   (granja afuera)

His farm outside of Boston became the campus for Boston College.

Mather was born on a farm outside Chicago, Illinois, to John A. and Ella Mather.

He's married to the writer Thisbe Nissen and they live on an old farm outside Battle Creek, MI.

farm bill

The 2018 farm bill was sent to conference committee in mid 2018.

Its provisions were incorporated in the 2018 United States farm bill that became law on December 20, 2018.

On December 20, 2018, President Donald Trump signed the farm bill which descheduled hemp, making cannabis under 0.3% THC legal once again.

local farm

During his first year, he begins establishing his territory, and learns evasion techniques from being hunted by local farm dogs.

Griffiths comments that it not only improved life for local farm workers but also led to increased competition against Danish dairy imports.

Its name is a direct consequence of the fact that it was formerly the beach of choice of the rich cocoa “colonels” (local farm owners, caudillos).

farm implements

The bullwheel began use in farm implements with the reaper.

Ellis was also interested in co-operative manufacturing of farm implements.

The Society has a large collection of farm implements on display in the horse barn.

farmhouses and farm

Most of the other listed buildings are houses, cottages, farmhouses and farm buildings.

Most of the listed buildings are houses and associated structures, farmhouses and farm buildings.

In the surrounding countryside are farms, and a number of farmhouses and farm buildings are listed.

nearby farm

Holmes writes a message—in dancing figure characters—and has it delivered to a lodger at a nearby farm.

The movie was filmed in a glass home in Poughkeepsie, New York, along the Hudson River, and a nearby farm.

James and Alda Hopkins Clark lived at Keewaydin, a farm located near Ellicott City, Maryland, and also owned a nearby farm known as Elioak Farm.

farm labourer

At the age of 16, he became a farm labourer.

He worked as a farm labourer before beginning a career in horse racing.

(Until the 1930s, £50 was a substantial sum, usually more than the annual wage of a farm labourer.)

own farm

An Ohio farmer, Roscoe Filburn, was growing wheat to feed animals on his own farm.

Every person in village has his own farm and the main food grain is rice they produce in.

The following year the couple created their own farm on virgin land, which was named Kapundi.

purchased a farm

In May 1843, he purchased a farm in Harvard, Massachusetts.

The club purchased a farm on the west side of Hampden Park and built a pitch and stands.

He fought as a Union soldier during the Civil War and purchased a farm after serving his country.

other farm   (otra granja)

The food waste is turned into slop for pigs and other farm animals.

On this land they began raising pigs, chickens and other farm animals as an added means of income.

The Tramway was primarily used for the transportation of fruit and other farm produce to the main line at Wisbech.

horse farm

He grew up on a horse farm in Tolland, Connecticut.

It was a horse farm in the Antebellum Era.

She grew up on a horse farm that catered to children with special needs.

former farm

Lewsey Farm takes its name from the former farm on the site of the modern suburb, 'Lewsey Farm'.

Belt Woods is part of the former farm of semi-reclusive banker and gentleman farmer, Seton Belt (1870–1959).

Lewsey Park takes its name from the former farm on the site of the modern estates, land owned by the Lucy family (who owned the manor from 1305 to 1455).

sheep farm

A one-time shepherd, Alexander Gunn ran a sheep farm of 27,000 acres in Central Otago.

European occupation began 1830s with a whaling station, and bush was cleared for an early sheep farm.

Hogg grew up on a sheep farm in Williams, Western Australia and is a former pupil of Aquinas College, Perth.

organic farm

He is a managing partner in an organic farm in Tillac, France.

In 2016 an organic farm was restarted on the island by a local fast food chain.

Chamlong then established an organic farm and a leadership school in Kanchanaburi Province.

offshore wind farm

The first of the two ships, is servicing the Gemini offshore wind farm.

In 2001 a large offshore wind farm was built just off the coast of Copenhagen at Middelgrunden.

A nearby area in the North Sea is also called Borssele, and is scheduled for offshore wind farm development.