local farmers

These were supplied to local farmers and industry.

In 1926, Peng joined the local farmers association.

Several local farmers who knew West donated the animals.

tenant farmers   (テナント農家)

These Acts made it harder to evict tenant farmers.

It is a "Kleinhäuslerhaus", a house of tenant farmers.

The numbers of campesinos and tenant farmers rose considerably.

small farmers

Majority of them are small farmers and merchants.

Many small farmers also own cows, water buffalos, and chickens.

Until the 20th century Holzminden remained a provincial town of small farmers and holdings.

many farmers

The rich river bottom soil lured many farmers into the area.

Solheim is mainly an agricultural area and is home to many farmers.

In this Haat, many farmers of Delhua sell vegetables and human needs.

dairy farmers

They included butchers, cattle herders, shepherds and dairy farmers.

This created a kind of civil war between the two types of dairy farmers.

Consulting officers worked primarily with dairy farmers in Discussion Groups.

subsistence farmers   (自給農家)

Large numbers of Cameroonians live as subsistence farmers.

They are mostly subsistence farmers.

Most whites were subsistence farmers who traded their surpluses locally.

poor farmers

Yu was a child of poor farmers in Geumsan county.

after he was lifetime was poor farmers.

There were mainly large haciendas and some scattered houses where poor farmers lived.

peasant farmers   (農民)

Life for the peasant farmers was difficult.

Most of these migrants are peasant farmers, who cut forest to plant crops.

Wealthy Romans bought land from peasant farmers who could no longer make a living.


He was sent to Albany to represent farmers’ interests.

The documents granted the farmers’ wishes to decrease the tax.

While in Lautoka he met leaders of the Kisan Sangh and offered his services to the sugar cane farmers’ union.

white farmers

He visits besieged white farmers and the families of those murdered.

On a national level, farm subsidies that were afforded to white farmers were not afforded to black farmers.

At the beginning they were quite successful farmers but meanwhile a large part of the land is leased to white farmers with more money.

marginal farmers

6,000/- per hectare for small and marginal farmers.

2,000/- for small and marginal farmers in rain fed areas and Rs.

Most of the people in the village are small and marginal farmers having less than 5 acre of agricultural land and some people are Agricultural labour .

farmers market   (ファーマーズマーケット)

As well as a fitness gym TruSelf Sporting Club and a new farmers market Certified Allied Gardens Sunday Market.

On the second Saturday of every month a farmers market is held at Castle Donington Community Hub in the site of the former public house "The Tudor".

The airfield was decommissioned after the war and the land is now used as an industrial estate, a farmers market and for Ellough Park Raceway, a kart racing circuit.

farmers and ranchers   (農民と牧場主)

In addition to knowing iron, they were farmers and ranchers.

The "alguicil de campo" represented the farmers and ranchers outside of the cities.

Subsequent droughts drove away area farmers and ranchers, further isolating the town.