Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

fashion designer   (diseñador de moda)

Their son works as a fashion designer in New York.

Outside of football, Leeser was a fashion designer.

Her brother is the fashion designer August Getty.

similar fashion   (moda similar)

The rest of the tree is built in a similar fashion.

The body operated in a similar fashion to the WTA for tennis.

Other lower metal hydrides polymerise in a similar fashion (c.f.

fashion model   (modelo)

She worked as a fashion model for a year and a half.

Takaya is married to Japanese fashion model Maho Miura.

Marjan Jonkman Marjan Jonkman is a Dutch fashion model.

fashion show   (desfile de moda)

She notably closed Prada's F/W 2017 fashion show.

(Largo has always been nicknamed "a fashion show").

They performed at a fashion show of Kansai Yamamoto.

fashion industry   (industria de la moda)

She is one of the Antwerp Six in the fashion industry.

This defense is generally seen in the fashion industry.

She is versed in communication, journalism, and the fashion industry.

fashion shows

This also involved organising fashion shows.

She has walked for fashion shows in Vietnam and overseas.

The recording was also played during Stefani's fashion shows.

fashion designers

The 12 fashion designers competing in the first season were:

Charles Evans became one of the first celebrity fashion designers.

It is known for championing avant-garde fashion designers in the 1980.

fashion design

She has an academic degree in fashion design.

He started a degree in fashion design, but found it too academic.

She then studied fashion design at the Marangoni Institute in Milan.

fashion house

Antonelli founded her eponymous fashion house in 1930.

By the end of the 1970s the fashion house was struggling.

She is currently the head designer at the fashion house that bears her name.

same fashion

A deputy leader is elected in the same fashion.

The character names are generally switched in the same fashion.

2 furnaces were remodeled in the same fashion at the end of 1881.

fashion magazine

In April 2012 she posed for fashion magazine Maxim in Portugal.

On May 10, Takahashi modeled for "Vanquish Venus" fashion magazine.

BASIC Magazine BASIC Magazine is a fashion magazine based in Beverly Hills, CA.

fashion photographer   (fotógrafo de moda)

Kadi later became a self-taught fashion photographer.

Cover art was by fashion photographer Willy Vanderperre.

Weber is a portrait and fashion photographer, based in London.

fashion brand   (marca de moda)

Pelle Pelle Pelle Pelle is an urban fashion brand designed by Marc Buchanan.

The fashion brand Baum und Pferdgarten is based on the first floor of the building.

Agnes, her mother Mena, and her sisters ran a local Samoan fashion brand called MENA.

fashion magazines

Cole has modeled for fitness and fashion magazines.

She also worked as a model for fashion magazines and posters.

She studied fashion magazines and interpreted the latest fashion trend on her clothing.

high fashion

She then founded her namesake high fashion label in 1999.

Camouflage started to appear in high fashion by the 1990s.

In 1935, they were raised to the level of high fashion by "Vogue" magazine.

fashion label

In 2016, Outdoor Voices and French fashion label A.P.C.

She then founded her namesake high fashion label in 1999.

He also modeled in runway shows for the fashion label Heatherette.

fashion line

He first managed a steakhouse, before founding his own fashion line.

In 2016 Sydney announced a collaboration with Hollister for a fashion line.

Her sister is Elisabeth Findlay, founder of Zambesi, another New Zealand fashion line.

dramatic fashion

The game ended in dramatic fashion after a back and forward 4th quarter.

They were also the Regional Champions and MSL Conference Champions, beating Fremd in dramatic fashion 485-480.

They won the Senior Final in dramatic fashion with a Ronan Kennedy goal with the last kick of the game beating Glencar/Manor 1-4 to 0-6.

fashion world

Her eclectic and vibrant avatar of Kalamkari took the fashion world by storm.

It is a satirical art house movie spoofing the fashion world and its excesses.

The Bengali ethnic fashion industry has flourished in the changing environment of the fashion world.

fashion houses

Giorgini had planned to present 18 models from 10 Italian fashion houses.

By the mid-1970s, we see the reemergence of “unstructured design” from the fashion houses.

Deacon chose to travel and gain experiences at fashion houses, before starting his own label.

fashion trends   (tendencias de la moda)

Modern invitation design follows fashion trends.

Along with being an actress, Viva is a model who influences the fashion trends of the time.

KakaoTalk users are able to check various fashion trends with app and see what their friends are also interested in.

fashion editor

Arroz became the fashion editor of "BBW" magazine after her stint with Spiegel.

In September 2011, they hosted a mutual book launch together with fashion editor Carine Roitfeld, at Colette in Paris.

The museum was established in 1984 by Jackie McMahan, a longtime collector, and Eleanor LaVove, a former fashion editor.

fashion week

It is the largest fashion week held in Canada and the second largest fashion week in North America, after New York Fashion Week.

She has also participated in the Blenders Pride Fashion tour, the goa beach fashion week and is a member of the fashion council of india.

own fashion

He first managed a steakhouse, before founding his own fashion line.

Sapna created her own fashion line in collaboration with fashion designer Sukriti Grover.

In the 1960s Norell became the sole owner of his own fashion house on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan.

fashion brands

Several fashion brands and designers are based in Amsterdam.

The mix of tenants includes over 100 national and international fashion brands.

For high-end fashion brands, increasing sales without sacrificing margin may be critical.

international fashion

Lardini, the international fashion company, is based in Filottrano.

The mix of tenants includes over 100 national and international fashion brands.

His work attracted many international fashion labels, including Hermès, Pierre Cardin, Krizia and Emilio Pucci.

fashion similar

of objects in a fashion similar to most OO languages.

The grains can also be popped in a fashion similar to popcorn.

They are densely layered in a fashion similar to Phil Spector's Wall of Sound production.

fashion sense

Meanwhile, his aunt deeply influenced his fashion sense and style.

Japan was also greatly influenced by the American fashion sense after the Second World War.

His fashion sense was unique and he usually wore expensive suits, flowing neckties, and capes.

fashion company   (empresa de modas)

Lardini, the international fashion company, is based in Filottrano.

Wandia left employment and started a fashion company in Kenya in 2011.

Chilcompton is the headquarters of the fashion company Mulberry Group plc.

fashion photography

In the early 1950s, he became noted for his fashion photography for the French edition of "Vogue".

He is known for applying an "arrestingly controlled and sleek sense of style" to art, portrait, erotic and fashion photography.

In 1990 Kadi decided to pursue fashion photography, as a result of being influenced by fashion through his previous modeling career.

first fashion

Montana’s first fashion job was a Givenchy campaign.

His first fashion shows in this field were held in Shanghai and Tokyo.

Pam Hogg launched her first fashion collection in 1981 while still just in her 20s.

timely fashion   (de manera oportuna)

Cross-functional teams are important to the effective sharing of information in a timely fashion.

Individuals then step forward to take on the responsibility of accomplishing the work in a timely fashion.

The intent of the map should be illustrated in a manner in which the percipient acknowledges its purpose in a timely fashion.

new fashion

"The Spanish Singer", painted in a "strange new fashion [-] caused many painters' eyes to open and their jaws to drop."

In January 2011 it was announced that they and Alexandra Burke have worked together to create brand new fashion line, "2KX".

The first "Kurhaus" of the new fashion was not the existing one in Wiesbaden by Christian Zais, that was built from 1808 to 1810.