fast food   (ファストフード)

One very common fast food dish is fish and chips.

Was is the world's largest McDonald's fast food restaurant.

All restaurants and fast food joints serve Nargila (Shisha).

very fast   (とても早い)

He is also very fast in tuning his instruments.

She was very lightly built and was reputedly very fast.

Bit arrays are very fast, requiring only formula_153 time.

fast enough   (十分に速い)

7.01 would have been fast enough to win the final.

They tried to evacuate Đồng Đăng but were not fast enough.

If the light is green, the contestant is rowing fast enough.

fast bowler   (高速ボウラー)

At the peak of his career, Gilligan was a fast bowler.

He is a right-handed batsman and a right-arm fast bowler.

too fast   (速すぎる)

paper hinted that it was moving too fast (i.e.

"Eagle" was traveling too fast.

However police later denied the report and said he was simply driving too fast.

so fast

He recalled of the limited time frame, "it went by so fast.

It came so fast that she wasn't sure that she had done her best job.

It all happened so fast that no one on land fully understood what had happened.

fast pace   (速いペース)

The CFM moved through the country at a fast pace in the 1950s.

A fast pace indicates expectation of something good for oneself.

Younger people are leaving the town at a fast pace to find employment.

how fast

At last, Gordon is allowed to show how fast he is.

It shows how fast electrical energy is consumed.

The rates at which such processes act control how fast a surface is eroded.

fast track   (ファーストトラック)

Belinostat has been granted orphan drug and fast track designation by the FDA.

It was built on a fast track basis starting in June 2005 and opened 6 months later.

The album features the fast track "Fire & Forgive," which was also released as a single.

fast moving

There are fast moving rivers and jungle vegetation.

In fast moving markets, margin calls may be at short notice.

Dolphins use their conical shaped teeth to capture fast moving prey.

fast food restaurant

Was is the world's largest McDonald's fast food restaurant.

is a fast food restaurant chain based in the United Kingdom, established in 2004.

In order to survive, Satan takes a part-time job in a fast food restaurant named MgRonald, while Alciel serves as his houseman.

extremely fast

New technologies allow extremely fast underwater travel.

They sometimes appear slow, but they can be extremely fast.

At high levels of play, doubles rallies are extremely fast.

fast growing

This village is under fast growing development.

At this time, Maple Heights, Ohio was fast growing with development.

Wang Guangyi's successful career and fast growing wealth have drawn criticism.

fast bowlers

Imran Khan was described by the BBC as, "One of the finest fast bowlers cricket has ever seen."

When the West Indies toured in November 2011, the Indian selectors opted to change the team's fast bowlers.

Agnew began the 1985 season vying with the established England fast bowlers to get back into the Test side.

fast food restaurants

In the 1920s, freezing methods, cafeterias, and fast food restaurants emerged.

He also had a job working for Taco Bell, along with other fast food restaurants.

Starting in the 1960s, more fast food restaurants have been using frozen french fries.

fast as possible

German troops sought at any price to complete the occupation of Donbass as fast as possible.

Turn around in port have to be as fast as possible because the time spent in ports is very expensive.

In so doing, he warned repeatedly that media companies must adopt new business models as fast as possible.

fast bowling

It was one of the most brutal displays of fast bowling ever seen.

Only a week after this match, Henriques took 5/17 against Queensland with fast bowling.

He batted low in the order, and tried to score quickly, particularly against fast bowling.

fast growth

The golden shower tree is a medium-sized tree, growing to tall with fast growth.

However the airline's fast growth allowed BoA to commence operating international routes.

The difficulty here stems from the extremely fast growth of formula_4 along the positive real axis.

fast attack

The U.S. currently operates three classes of fast attack submarine: the , , and es.

The Navy has 29 ships, out of which five 60-80 metre fast attack craft are used in offensive capabilities.

These ships were formerly used by the South Korean Navy as Chamsuri/Wildcat (PKM-200 series) class fast attack crafts.

fast friends

They become fast friends and grow a corn farm together.

Florinda is very grateful and she and Garnet become fast friends.

They become fast friends, and Van Allen offers Eve a ride to her new house.

fast flowing

Due to the fast flowing waters in the Firth of Lorne minke whales may also be viewed occasionally.

The terrain is mostly mountainous and flat, with fast flowing rivers and few forests but with many trees.

The creek is often encased in a concrete spillway to contain the fast flowing water that occurs during rainstorms.

fast becoming

Namchi is fast becoming a tourist spot and pilgrimage centre.

Menji products are fast becoming a staple on many dollar/discount store shelves.

The UAE is fast becoming the capital of Brazilian jiu-jitsu or Jiu Jitsu in the world.

fast food chain   (ファストフードチェーン)

O'Tacos O'Tacos is a French fast food chain founded in 2007.

Tarantino-invented fast food chain Big Kahuna Burger appears on a billboard.

In 2016 an organic farm was restarted on the island by a local fast food chain.

twice as fast

Altogether, these enhancements allowed the code to perform twice as fast as before."

Why are parts of the Southern Ocean warming twice as fast as the rest of Earth's oceans?

In terms of overall performance, the RISC I was twice as fast as the VAX, and about four times that of the Z8000.

fast paced

Then it quickly turns into a fast paced march.

For style, "Horn Book Magazine" said, "The fast paced action propels the plot."

Sify said, "fast paced action and never a dull moment make Sirithal Rasipen an interesting watch".

fast start

This time it was the Cowboys who got off to a fast start going up 21–0.

They got into a fast start, leading by 15 in the first quarter and 19 after the half.

The Eagles got off to a fast start and the Cowboys were unable to catch up, losing 33–10.

fast tempo   (速いテンポ)

Russ music is characterized by its fast tempo, synthesizers, notable bass and explicit lyrics, often combined with rapping.

The opener takes us to the fun life of the city with many fun jazz riffs and fast tempo wood wind, brass, and drum line features.

As per the sheet music published at, the song is set in common time with a moderately fast tempo of 154 beats per minute, and switches to half time during the chorus.

relatively fast   (比較的速い)

Because of its relatively fast current, it was used to clean skins, and rinse chemicals from the processed product.

Making his first-class debut on 14 August 1890 in a match against Sussex, he scored 108 runs on a difficult pitch in a relatively fast time of two hours.

This caused a major alarm in the European Union, but due to relatively fast response and slow accumulation of dioxins in humans there were no health impacts.

not fast

They tried to evacuate Đồng Đăng but were not fast enough.

The station began to gain some ratings, but the growth was not fast enough.

And not fast enough!

fast carrier

With an underway replenishment group, she refueled units of a fast carrier force headed by the on 27 December.

Early in September she refueled ships of the fast carrier task force during sweeping, hard-hitting strikes from the Palaus to the southern Philippines.

"Chepachet" returned to Subic Bay for operations in the Luzon area, for example, rendezvous with a fast carrier task group at the end of August under escort of .