İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

much faster   (Çok daha hızlı)

Sequencing is much faster and more efficient.

Progress on creation of a constitution came much faster.

It was highly durable and had a much faster setting time.

faster and more   (daha hızlı ve daha fazlası)

Sequencing is much faster and more efficient.

They provided drivers with a faster and more reliable travel option.

That's why the final ballot counting was much faster and more error-free.

times faster   (daha hızlı)

That is four times faster than the average human.

This is 10 times faster than the next-highest-measured wind speed.

The Z5 used the same principles as the Z4, but was six times faster.

faster rate   (daha hızlı oran)

Warm bacteria grows at a faster rate and multiplies so that the milk is spoiled.

As the number of rounds increases, the expected loss increases at a much faster rate.

They are more commonly observed on faster rate spreading centers (50 mm/year or more).

seconds faster

In winning he established a new Olympic record, some 25 seconds faster than the previous mark.

Ethan posted time 7.7 seconds faster than P2 and 11.4 seconds quicker than last years national champion.

Her time was more than two seconds faster than Djebel's winning time in the 2000 Guineas two days earlier.

even faster

Then they go off at the same time and even faster.

This contest moved along even faster than Game 3.

When the latter was out, Chapman began to score even faster.

slightly faster

The result was slightly faster ships with greater range.

Female chicks have a slightly faster feathering than males.

Portsmouth handicap numbers, however, place the Laser slightly faster.

significantly faster

Also, MUSCLE is significantly faster than Clustal, more so for larger alignments.

Led by Álvaro de Arriba, heat 1 turned out to be significantly faster than the final.

The reaction is significantly faster to the increase than decrease in the controlling current.

second faster

Each second faster or slower than the prescribed time is worth ±4 points.

Each second faster or slower than the prescribed time is worth +/-4 points.

faster pace

It is made at a faster pace in Russian folk dance.

Reporters came together asking authorities to respond to the abduction at a faster pace.

A faster pace for most climbers is said to be less strenuous than climbing at their normal speed.

run faster

People doing 'running' have to run faster than 'walking'.

This allows the simulation to run faster than real time (which could, in some instances, be hours, weeks, or longer).

However, if both cars run faster than their dial-in time, the car that runs faster by the least amount is the winner.

move faster   (daha hızlı hareket et)

Cold fronts move faster than warm fronts and can produce sharper changes in weather.

However, software can adjust the mouse sensitivity, making the cursor move faster or slower than its CPI.

Her argument for the propeller was that it allowed ships to move faster and smoother, while using less fuel.

grow faster   (daha hızlı büyü)

Tusks of bulls grow faster than tusks of females.

Animals have been engineered to grow faster, be healthier and resist diseases.

"Beta-convergence" on the other hand, occurs when poor economies grow faster than rich ones.